Allegiance of Spirits: Realm of Beasts

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Chapter by Kathrina Csernis

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Episode 1: Heed the Guardians' call!

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018



It was another boring, eventless day within the Ethereal Dimension, home to one of the many Guardian Watchers. The three suns were burning brightly in the sky, one blue, one red and the other orange. The sky was an assortment of colors, the galaxy visible with thousands of shimmering starts scattered across it. The land was covered in vast forest and fields of flowers, islands floating in the air with castles and palaces sitting upon them, all made of pure gold. Huge dragons were flying through the sky carrying their riders on their backs, growling as they effortlessly floated through the sky.

In a small palace atop one of the many floating islands, a small snake-like dragon curved and made its way into one of the windows, floating through the long, empty halls, twisting and turning through the palace, a small scroll tied to its tail. As the dragon came to a closed door, it closed its wings and flopped to the floor, groaning quietly as its jelly-like body made it stumble around, struggling to stand up. After a few moments of struggling, it finally climbed to its feet, squeaking quietly. It pressed its muzzle against the bottom of the golden door, opening a small flap. The dragon skipped inside the room, setting its eyes upon a large bed.

Chirping quietly, the dragon scurried over to the bed, dragging to scroll along the floor. Reaching it, it struggled, but climbed up one of the posts. Then, reaching the top of the bed, it scurried along the white fluffy blankets, setting its bug-like eyes upon a lump in them. It circled around, approaching the pillows, a few locks of long red hair smothering them. Then, it sat down on one of the pillows, staring at the lump, titling its head slightly. Leaning forward, it chirped quietly, prodding the lump in the blankets with its muzzle.

Suddenly, the irritated moan of a girl came from beneath the blankets – startling the dragon, the girl below yanked her arms from the blankets and slammed them down atop them. She gripped the blanket and pulled it from over herself, turning her head and glaring at the small dragon as it chirped again. The girl was none other than Guardian Watcher Kathrina, her long red hair having grown even longer since the last time she had been seen by anyone other than this same dragon. She stared into its big yellow eyes, glaring at it.

Rolling her eyes, she sighed and sat up, ‘’what?’’ she growled, looking at the dragon.

Chirping, the dragon swung its small tail around, revealing the scroll it struggled to carry to her.

Frowning as she yawned lazily, Kathrina pulled the scroll from the dragon. It stared at her as she started to unroll it, a tired look on her face. However, as she glanced at the first few sentences, her eyes widened in shock –

Frantically, she dropped the note and reached down to the floor, picking up a black laptop, pulling it into her lap and opening it, typing in its password at lightning speed, panic wiped across her face. She then opened a small messenger app, hitting the keys on her laptop so aggressively, typing: ‘AJ, wake up, stop what you’re doing, we got a problem’, and as the message sent, she sat there staring impatiently at the screen, waiting for the small read message to pop up, but it never did.

‘’Ugh, that damn asshat is probably out cold from smoking too many damn joints again’’ she growled, reaching over to a small bed-side cabinet and grabbing her phone. She then unlocked it, tapped on the screen and found AJ’s phone number. Clicking it, she held her phone to her ear, tapping her fingers on her lap impatiently.

Just then, the answer dial beeped, ‘’uh, yo… yo, wassup?’’

‘’AJ!’’ Kathrina yelled into her phone, ‘’wake your damn ass up!’’

She heard him shake his head through the phone, yawning, ‘’I’m up, what is it? Finally gonna confess your love to me?’’ he snickered.

Moving the phone from her ear and holding the microphone area right to her mouth, she yelled at the top of her voice, ‘’bitch, I swear, say that one more time and I’ll destroy you!’’

AJ laughed, ‘’relax babe, I’m just playing. Really though, what is it that’s bothering you so much that you had to call me this early? Not that I’m complaining, I’d love to wake up to your sweet, sexy voice every-‘’

‘’Shut the fuck up!’’ she snapped, ‘’we have a problem’’

Gaining a serious tone, AJ spoke clearly, ‘’what’s up?’’

‘’I just got a note from Kasumi – he says Realm 444 is falling apart!’’ she said anxiously.

‘’Hmmmmm’’ came AJ’s voice, ‘’remind me who Kasumi is again’’

‘’My Angel… ‘’

‘’And what’s Realm 444 again?’’

Kathrina frowned angrily, ‘’the fricken futuristic one where I sent those Angels…’’ she growled.


‘’444 literally means ‘the Angels are with you’, you know’’

He laughed nervously, ‘’sorry… well, falling apart how?’’

She grabbed the note and quickly read through it, ‘’the Angel I sent to protect the Realm… she died’’

‘’Died? How? When?’’

Reading through it again, she frowned, gasping quietly, ‘’well, shit’’

‘’What?’’ AJ asked, slightly panicked.

Kathrina dropped the letter and shook her head, ‘’Demons’’ she sighed, ‘’nasty ones’’

‘’Can’t you just write them out and fix it?’’

She shook her head, ‘’444 is one of the Realm’s I gave control to by one of my Angels, but obviously, that was a bad idea now that the Angel is dead’’

AJ sighed loudly, ‘’well, shit. What do you wanna do?’’

‘’I can’t just leave it’’ she said, irritated, ‘’I’m gonna have to do something’’ she sighed sadly.

‘’Anything I can do to help?’’

Sitting there, Kathrina fell silent for a few moments. For some reason, the previous tournament came to mind… some of the Watchers had come together to watch a battle royal between their characters, so what if they were to come together again… this time, to send their characters on a mission to rescue Realm 444 from destruction?

Holding the phone back to her ear, she gasped excitedly, ‘’AJ, I have an idea!’’

He laughed in excitement, ‘’ooooh, tell me’’

‘’What if we were to form a team using characters from our Universes? Us Watchers can’t physically enter the Realm, we have no control there since I detonated an Angelic device there… so, we could send in our characters and have them retrieve it’’

‘’Yes!’’ AJ yelled excitedly, ‘’then they can fight to the death afterwards!’’

Kathrina deadpanned, ‘’no, Zexal, this time there will be no battle royal. This will be a mission solely to recover the device’’ she said sternly.

He laughed slightly, ‘’I love it when you use that strict tone – do it again’’

‘’Be serious, AJ!’’ Kathrina insisted, ‘’this Realm means a lot to me’’

He sighed, ‘’I’m just messing lol’’

She frowned, ‘’so, will you help?’’

‘’You don’t gotta ask babe, course I will’’

‘’What about the others?’’

‘’Guess we need to ask them’’

Again, she sighed and leaned back against her pillows, the little dragon chirping quietly, ‘’alright, guess we should ask around’’

‘’Yeah, about that’’ AJ laughed nervously, ‘’I gotta go do some stuff, so… you do that’’

She sat up, ‘’wait, you can’t just-‘’

‘’Sorry babe, duty calls, see ya later!’’

‘’But I-‘’ her phone beeped, the call ending. She threw her phone down onto her bed in frustration, ‘’stupid fricken AJ’’ she mumbled.


She sat there for a few moments, thinking: who could she ask? She didn’t know how many Guardian Watchers existed, and she only knew a few of them personally. There were those she had met during the tournament, those that she had been acquainted with before, but five weren’t going to be enough. A mission like the one she had planned would need an elite team of at least eight people – should she just ask a few Guardian Watchers to send two or three of their characters? Yes, that could work-


Frowning, she turned around and looked down at her phone:


New message from AJ the dumbass pot-head:


So, I had an idea. Why not find six other Guardians and have them summon one character? I think it’ll be cool to have a team of eight completely different people. Love ya, your much loved Zexal xoxox


She growled quietly, glaring at his message, but she couldn’t deny that his idea was a good one. So, that was what she was going to do – she’d find six other Guardians that could help her and have them summon a single character from any of their Universes to form a team.

Picking up her phone, she scrolled through her contacts, passing so many names that she didn’t care to consider. But then, she thought back to the tournament; she could ask the Guardians that were there, they’d most likely be up for it. Selecting the other three Guardians that were there, she sent them a group text asking for help. She waited, and a few moments later, she received a reply from two of them. Erick, the Watcher of the MTD Universe agreed to help, as did Antonio, Watcher of the Omega Event Universe. That was four including herself, so now, she needed to find four more. But who?

But then, she remembered that a few new Guardian Watchers had joined the Alliance and had not yet had to chance to meet anyone, Watcher and Characters alike. She smiled slightly – this was a perfect time to introduce the new comers to everyone she was familiar with. Scrolling down her phone, she found the numbers of the new Guardians, asking them if they wanted to participate. Just a few moments later, Wyn, Watcher of the Wraith Universe agreed to take part, as did Allen, Watcher of the Fade to White Universe. A few moments later, she received a reply from Hiro, Watcher of the Mortal Odyssey Universe and Silje, Watcher of the IGSFA Universe, and at that, she had her help. All that was left to do was to get them all here and explain what the mission entailed so they could pick their perfect candidate character.

Typing on her phone, she instructed everyone to teleport to the Hall of Guardians within the Ethereal Realm’s main castle. Everyone agreed to meet there, and now, all she had to do was make her own way over there. Also, she had to decide herself who she was going to send on this mission. It was a tough choice seeing as she had a large selection of characters, but she also had to consider the recent events that had taken place within her chosen Universe.

She sat on the end of her bed, pondering. She wanted to send Elijah, but there was the chance he would cause issues with the other teammates, and there was no way he’d leave Kathrina. There was Alpha, but then again, he, too, would cause issues, especially if any of the other Guardian’s decided to use female characters. She sighed quietly. This Realm was very low in its capacity for magic, and the only people that would be allowed to keep their abilities would be those of either Demon or Angelic blood, but even then, there was no telling what would happen to them if they were to enter Realm 444. This Realm was highly advanced, set in the year equivalent to 3000 in Earth years. Those that entered would lose all their supernatural abilities, and those with wings would lose them… this mission was going to be a whole lot trickier than she had hoped.

Sighing, she climbed to her feet and slipped her laptop into a case, carrying it with her as she walked over to the door, the small dragon hopping along the floor, following her. Now, she had to make her way over to the hall and hope that everyone was there.




Within the Hall of Guardians, Antonio and Erick were already present, staring up at the huge stained-glass windows. They had never been here before – they had never even been within the Ethereal Realm. It was something of Guardian Watcher Kathrina’s creation, a place they had only heard about. However, it felt rather lonely. She was the only one that lived here besides the strange abundance of Dragons and other mythical creatures. It seemed as though Kathrina created everything she came up with here first, as if this world of hers was some kind of idea storage – and that’s exactly what it was. This was where Guardian Watcher Kathrina placed all of her creations before using them in her works.

Staring out through a small window, Antonio watched as a strange snake-like dragon wriggled past, flying through the air like it was made of jelly. He frowned in disgust, but his curiosity wouldn’t let him look away. Several more flew past, chirping quietly – after a few moments of staring, he decided that they looked rather cute.

Erick was also staring outside, watching as a large blue and purple feathered dragon glided past, a rider on its back. He smiled slightly, intrigued by its bright appearance. He knew that Kathrina was creative, but he had never thought brightly colored fathered creatures were her thing.

Just then, Antonio sighed and walked over to him, ‘’you think that muffinsack Zexal came up with another idea to make our characters beat the living daylight out of each other?’’

Looking down at him, Erick shrugged, ‘’perhaps – either that or Kathrina really does need our help with something, she seemed pretty hasty’’

Antonio nodded, ‘’yeah, she did. Do you think something happened?’’

Before Erick could answer, a loud whistling startled them. They turned their heads and stared over at a tall pillar, watching as a blinding white light appeared, the shadowed figure of a man shimmering from within. It quickly cleared, revealing none other than Zexal. He had a grin on his face, dressed in a tuxedo, his bowtie hanging loosely from his neck. He strolled over to them, and as he reached them, he pounced forward and held out his arms, welcoming them to hug him, but they didn’t.

‘’Yo, wassup guys?!’’ he grinned happily, ‘’long time no see, huh?’’ then, he started looking around, but didn’t find what he was looking for and frowned, ‘’yo, where’s the cute little red-head?’’

‘’Kathrina-loli?’’ Antonio asked.

Zexal nodded.

‘’She should be here soon’’ Erick said, looking around.

Just then, the door at the end of the hall opened, creaking loudly, the sunlight from outside flowing in.


As Kathrina approached the huge doors at the front of the castle, they started to slowly open, creaking loudly. The small dragon was still following her, pouncing along the floor, chirping quietly. The doors swung open, clicking loudly, revealing the room within. It was a bright, shimmering gold, a red, blue and purple rug stretched along the hall leading to the end where a large table stood. There were stained-glass windows lined along the left wall, tall pillars stretching up to the ceiling. The right wall was covered in large paintings, all written in Kanji and other languages, all of which she had written herself. There were several doors lined lone the right wall too, all of them wooden.

Upon entering, she set her eyes upon those that were already there. She smiled at them and waved, but as Zexal stretched out his arms and blew a kiss towards her, she frowned angrily. The small dragon climbed up to and sat on her shoulder as she made her way over to them, holding her laptop under her right arm, a small cake in her left hand.

‘’Where’s everyone else?’’ she asked, looking up at them.

‘’Should be here soon’’ Antonio said, staring at the small dragon on her shoulder.

‘’Who’s actually coming?’’ Zexal asked, reaching to pat the dragon, but Kathrina harshly smacked his hand away.

Kathrina then looked at the three of them, ‘’well, for some reason, ma’am Joan didn’t respond, so I invited some new comers’’

‘’New comers?’’ Erick asked.

She nodded, ‘’they go by the names of Wyn, Silje, Allen and Hiro’’

‘’You know them well?’’ Erick asked curiously.

‘’Hmm… I guess kinda’’ she answered.

‘’Well, they’re kinda new here’’ Zexal said, rubbing his hand, ‘’you sure they know how to get here?’’

Looking up at Zexal, Kathrina frowned, ‘’I’m sure. Anyway, I didn’t pull you guys away from anything, did I?’’

‘’Never too busy for you, babe’’ Zexal grinned, leaning forward – Kathrina kicked his shin, growling at him as the small dragon on her shoulder hissed quietly – Zexal hopped around on his left foot, gripping his right shin, wincing quietly as both Erick and Antonio laughed.

‘’Nah’’ Antonio answered, ‘’wasn’t doing anything really’’

Erick shrugged, ‘’I hope my students don’t get into any trouble while I’m absent’’

‘’I’m sure they’ll be fine’’ Zexal mumbled, placing his foot back down onto the floor.

Just then, the distant voices of people echoed towards them. They turned around, watching as a group of four people walked into the hall led by a rather large grey wolf, a small backpack attached to its back. They were talking quietly to each other but fell silent and looked around in awe as they entered the hall.

The wolf looked up at them, ‘’this way please’’ she said, her voice sweet and rather quiet.

The small group followed as the wolf led the way over to where Kathrina, Antonio, Zexal and Erick were standing.

Staring at the incoming group, Kathrina smiled. The first was very tall, his hair long and black in color, his eyes a dark blue. He was dressed in a black hakama, resting his left arm inside it. He had a katana at his left side, its hilt blue, its scabbard black. He looked like a Samurai, the type that existed in Kathrina’s Universe, and this instantly grabbed her attention. He looked to be in his late twenties, a vacant look on his face. That was Hiro, Guardian Watcher of the Mortal Odyssey Universe.

The next was a little shorter than Hiro, dressed in a white T-shirt and blue basketball shorts, wearing nothing on his feet at all. He looked quite young, his hair very short and black, slightly curly. His eyes were a dull brown. He held a laptop under his right arm, a tired look on his face. That was Wyn, Guardian Watcher of the Wraith Universe.

Looking at the next, relief washed over Kathrina – Silje, another female. It was a relief to have another female Guardian here, hopefully now Zexal would leaver her alone and try his luck with Silje, but that was going to end just as badly as his attempts with her had. Silje was very, very tall, a little over three meters, towering over everyone. Her hair was chocolate brown, falling just past her shoulders. Her eyes were moss-green, and she was dressed in a one-piece made from texts, notes and what looked like scrolls. At first glance, her height startled everyone, even Zexal who seemed to cower behind Erick.

The last was Allen, Guardian Watcher of the Fade to White Universe. His eyes were a strange golden color, his hair short and black. He was dressed in a grey T-shirt and black trousers, a yellow line cutting vertically down each side of them. He wore a black jacket over his shirt, the sleeves long, covering half of his hands. Just like everyone else, he looked rather tired, and he, too, had a laptop under his arm.

As they all stood in a small circle, they eyed each other slowly.

‘’Kat’’ the wolf suddenly said, walking forward, ‘’I found them at the west gate… they say you asked after them?’’

Kathrina nodded, patting the wolf’s head, ‘’yes, they’re our new Watchers’’

The wolf looked over her shoulder and stared up at them all, but then, she turned around and walked towards the exit, leaving the hall.


Zexal then walked forward, holding out his hand, ‘’I’m Zexal’’ he said, ‘’I gather you’ve all heard of me’’

‘’No’’ Wyn replied simply, a vacant look on his face.

‘’Oh…’’ Zexal frowned, pulling his hand back, ‘’I’m the one who organised the Universal Combat’’ he explained.

Hiro held out his hand and smiled, ‘’pleasure to meet you’’

Shaking his hand, Zexal grinned, ‘’I like this guy already’’

Kathrina rolled her eyes, ‘’guys, this is Wyn, Allen, Silje and Hiro’’ she said, pointing to each of them, ‘’and this is Antonio, Erick and Zexal – aka, the dumbass pothead’’ she explained, pointing to them.

Allen grinned, ‘’pothead?’’

Zexal also grinned, ‘’she loves me really, don’t ya?’’

She turned around and slapped his face, ‘’no, I do not!’’

‘’Looks like love to me’’ Wyn muttered, looking around slowly.

Antonio then sighed, ‘’so, what’s happening this time? Another battle royal?’’

Looking back at him, Kathrina shook her head, ‘’we have a problem – well, I have a problem, and I need your help’’

‘’What is it?’’ Hiro asked curiously.

Kathrina turned around and started walking towards the table at the end of the room, expecting everyone to follow, and as they did, she frowned, ‘’one of my Realms has been overrun by Demons’’

‘’Can’t you just alter that yourself?’’ Wyn called.

‘’No’’ she replied, reaching the table and placing her laptop onto it as the little dragon pounced down from her shoulder and sat on the table.

Silje frowned, ‘’why not?’’ she asked, her voice sweet and rather angelic.

Looking up at her, Kathrina sighed, ‘’I gave control of that Realm to an Angel, but the Angel has died and the Realm is now infested with Demons. The Realm is one of my most precious, and I cannot leave it to fall into their hands’’

‘’So, what do you need us for?’’ Allen asked.

Opening her laptop and typing in the password, Kathrina uploaded an image of a small purple, blue and pink colored gem, ‘’I need this’’ she said, pointing to the picture.

Erick leaned forward, holding his glasses as he examined the image, ‘’what exactly is that?’’

‘’A time stone’’ she answered, turning back to face them, ‘’as Watchers, we cannot physically enter this Realm as it has little to no magic, and deities like us would not survive materialization. We must assemble a team and send them into the Realm to retrieve the stone which I will use to reset the Realm, regaining my control over it’’

Zexal grinned, ‘’nawww look at you, you’re so cute when you’re worried’’

Kathrina pointed harshly at his face, ‘’don’t make me slap you again’’ she growled.

‘’To be honest,’’ Wyn sighed, ‘’it seems as though he likes it’’

She sharply turned her head and glared at him, but rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the laptop screen, ‘’anyway, this Realm is unlike any other’’

‘’In what way?’’ Hiro asked.

‘’As I said a minute ago, there is little to no magic, which means, whoever we send into the Realm, they will lose all, if any, supernatural abilities’’

The Guardians instantly started muttering to each other in worried and confused tones.

Antonio frowned, ‘’so… say if someone was a Demon, they’d lose all the power they’re granted as a Demon?’’

She shook her head, ‘’no, I think Demons would be the only ones unaffected – it is a Demon Realm, after all’’

‘’What about an Angel?’’ Silje asked.

Kathrina shook her head again, ‘’they’d lose all abilities they receive as an Angel. Basically, no matter who we send in here, they will become Human’’

‘’How are Human’s supposed to fight Demons?’’ Wyn asked.

‘’With these’’ Kathrina said, loading up another image of several different weapon blueprints, ‘’these Demons can be killed just like any other Human – all it takes is the right amount of firepower and the right team’’

‘’Guns?’’ Antonio asked, almost amused.

She nodded.

‘’Sounds fun’’ Zexal grinned.

‘’There’s an armoury through that door’’ she said, pointing to the centre wooden door on the right wall, ‘’we will choose a single character from any one of our Universes, and upon arriving, I will explain the mission, and we shall send them to the armoury. After that, they shall proceed into the Realm and begin the mission’’

Before Kathrina could say anything else, Zexal held up his hand like an eager child.

She frowned, ‘’what?’’

‘’So… we rewarded our peeps after the tournament… will we reward them for this?’’

‘’Of course I will’’ Kathrina snapped defensively.

Erick tapped his fingers on his chin, ‘’what is this reward?’’

Scrolling back through the pictures in her laptop, Kathrina reloaded up the image of the time stone, ‘’if they successfully retrieve this, I can replicate it as many times as I want – everyone who takes part will be given one’’

‘’A time stone?’’ Silje asked.

Kathrina nodded, ‘’they won’t be as powerful as the real thing, but they will allow whoever you give it to to reset one event that happened within their Universe’’ she explained – she turned to Antonio, ‘’say somebody died – you could give the time stone to someone who witnessed the death, and that person can undo it’’

‘’Sweet!’’ Zexal cheered.

‘’But it will only work once’’

‘’Aww’’ he frowned, disappointed.

‘’Also,’’ she said turning to face them again, ‘’its up to you whether you want to give the stone to a character of yours or keep it for yourself to use in another Universe’’

‘’Great’’ Wyn said tonelessly, staring at the laptop screen.

Looking at each of them, Kathrina sighed, ‘’well, you’ll need to send an Angel to bring whichever character you want to take part in the mission here’’

‘’Just like we did for the tournament?’’ Antonio asked.

Kathrina nodded, ‘’yeah, just one this time, though’’

Everyone nodded, separating. Kathrina watched as they all summoned their angels, all of them uniquely different. While they decided who to summon, she had to do the same – but it didn’t take her long to finally come to a decision. Holding out her hand, Kasumi, the blinding light, appeared before her, shimmering brightly.

‘’You summoned me, mistress?’’ he said quietly.

She nodded, ‘’I need you to travel to Alvenguard and collect somebody, bring them here’’

‘’Another summoning?’’ he asked, ‘’will it be for another battle royal?’’

‘’No’’ she replied, leaning back against the table, ‘’a mission to save another Realm from destruction’’

‘’Who is it that you would like me to collect?’’

Kathrina smirked, ‘’the last person anyone would expect me to pick’’


As Kasumi disappeared, everyone else’s Angels slowly followed, traveling to their respective Realms to collect whoever the Guardian Watchers had chosen. All they had to do now was wait until they returned, and then, the mission would begin.

© Copyright 2019 Kathrina Csernis. All rights reserved.


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