Allegiance of Spirits: Realm of Beasts

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Chapter by AnikanDarkness

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Episode 2: Pancakes, Pants and A Hasty Farewell

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



I could see it all. Their bodies.








Their bodies laid around me, all covered in injuries. Coty's arm was ripped off and his face was covered in blood.

"You won't last."

Then Maddie's. A single bullet hole through the skull and a ripped open wrist.

"Give up Anikan."

Julian, his body was similar. A bullet hole through his heart and a ripped open leg.

"I died for Andrew. Who's died for you?"

Isrreal, who's skin was grey and his veins a dark purple. A large wound was sitting on his waist, looking to be dead.

"You forgot about me. About all of us."

Spencer, who laid there with several bullet holes going through his abdomen and chest. He was smiling.

"Game Over. For real now. For everyone around you."

Space's body. It hurt to look, the young girl still smiling at me through tears. Half of her body was burnt, covered in black soot and burn scars.

"I believed in you Anikan. You let me down."

Andrew's body. A single bullet hole through the side of the head and a half-hearted smile on his face. 

"Won't be here forever. You'll have to go alone."

I turned around, seeing them all. The bodies... all hung from the ceiling. Lydia's body... Axel's body.... Jaxi's body... Ryan's body....




I jumped up from my pillow, breathing quickly. My body was cold and covered in sweat. Everything from that nightmare was seared into my brain....

But someone had called my name.

Slowly, I stepped out of bed, grabbing my revolver from the nightstand. Lydia was still asleep next to me, the blanket covering her naked body. I approached her, kneeling and giving her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled in her sleep, warming me on the inside.

The door shook, someone was outside.

I slowly went for my white shirt that laid on the floor, and watched as a shining light appeared from under the doorway. I grabbed my revolver and aimed it as I slowly pushed the door open.

"Hiii Anikan!"


I looked to the table to see Daisey sitting at it, nibbling on a pancake. Daisey was the guardian angel sent here last time, for the Tournament of Spirits. The place where I had fought...

A smile came to my face as I looked to the side, seeing the small slip of paper sticking out of my brown jacket on the wall. 

"Um Anikan. Did you forget pants?"

I looked down and my face turned red as I walked back into the room and grabbed a pair of black sweatpants and boxers from the top of the dresser. I slipped them both on before walking back out, annoyed from the 3 AM wake up call.

She gestured for me to come close, so I sat down across the table from her.

"Something go wrong? That Alpha guy blow up a dimension? Or did you let that grim reaper Richard kid loose?"

"Neither. I have come back for one of you. There is a new tournament starting."

Another chance to fight.... but only one of us?


"Um... well I don't have all the details yet, but I know that one person from every dimension will be transported to a place called... I actually have no idea. It's a large city though, futuristic and stuff."

"Like Star Wars?"

"Don't know. Anyways you have been called on to go on a mission to this realm, and free it from the demons plaguing it."

I sighed. I didn't really have a choice whether I could leave or not. A place was in trouble and it needed my help.

"Who else is gonna be there? Please don't say Elijah."

"Oh no he's not coming. I think. But I think that white haired guy is."

"Oh... um… wait here."

I quickly ran into my room, looking around. I grabbed my stealth jacket from the bed and slipped it on, zipping it up. A large brown cloak laid on the dresser, which I took as well.

Next to the bed laid my crossbow, which Stephanie had forgotten the other day.

"You won't need many weapons. You'll be able to choose from different ones when you get there."

I sighed, grabbing a small brown backpack before walking out of the room. Inside was medical supplies, Lilitha's freshly baked cookies, lots of ammo and clips, my hatchet, some comic books and a GameBuddy.

Before I forgot, I walked over to the bedside table and took my black hat as well. I came back into the room, Daisey spinning around and looking at everything.

"You're forgetting something else."

Realizing what it was, I ran over to the kitchen and dropped in several Gatorade bottles. She giggled and pointed her finger to the doorway, where a large shining portal appeared.

"Do I really have to go?"

"If you wanna save a realm then yeah. Actually I’m basically making you."

"Fine... but give me a second."

I walked over to the table and grabbed several slips of paper and a pen, scribbling down several words.

Dear Lydia,

I have been called on my Daisey the Guardian Angel to return to the other realm, and has to assist several others in an attempt to save a realm from demons. I'll be fine, I think Tusunami is coming so I’ll use him as a human shield if needed. Make sure Axel and Jade are safe, and I’ll be home soon. I love you.

Dear Axel,

I'm gonna be gone for a few days, leaving to go assist several others from the Tournament of Spirits in freeing a realm. If anything bad happens you know where to hide and you know how to survive. I've taught you everything I know, so I think you can survive through all this. I love you son.

Dear Andrew,

Andrew I’ve left to assist several people from the Tournament of Spirits in freeing a realm from demons. Would've brought you, but there was a limit. Tell Lili and everyone I’ll be okay and be back soon. Yes, I’ll bring you back a futuristic lighter if I find one. Keep Lydia, Axel and Jade safe.

Dear Space, 

I'm leaving for a few days, damn guardian angel showed up so I'm off to save a realm from demons! I trust you and Andrew to keep the island and everyone else safe, so please do. Fight to the end and remember... save the kids first and the anime second. But so help me if you let my box set of Sword Art Online burn, I swear I will sho-

Daisey yanked me away from the table before I could finish, pushing me towards the portal. I turned to face it, knowing it'd be facing almost certain death.

"Is it possible to die?"


"If I die will you tell everyone here."

"I will."

Slowly I pushed my hand through the portal, feeling a sort of tingly feeling in my fingertips. I stepped forward... and was submerged by a bright white light.

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