Allegiance of Spirits: Realm of Beasts

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Chapter by Wyn.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Episode 3: No Questions Asked

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Previously, before Guardian Wyn’s arrival to the Ethereal Realm…



“Says the girl wearing a dress. It's a combat skirt…”


A television plays in the background while a dark-skinned man lays on his futon covered in a green and blue sheet, typing into his laptop.


Meanwhile, a white hole opens up in the sky and a black ball of feathers rains down, crashing through the roof and collapsing a coffee table sat in front of him.


It spills a large cup of water over the Bluetooth speaker, controllers and games that sat on it.


He instinctively pulls the laptop away, scrapping the wall of the bed with a thunk accompanying it.


The wings open up to reveal a short, platinum blood woman, with blood splattered over her torn skirt and bandaged chest accompanied by a tattoo sleeve down her arm. She backs away stepping around a small, wooden chair, resulting in everything returning itself to its previous state before the hole closes up over them.


The woman shakes off the shock of the fall “Owww…” She flips off the sky.


“Hey, Terra.” He greets as he moves the laptop back.


She ignores him and continues to flip off the ceiling, leaving him to patiently wait. “Wyn.” she responds frustrated.


“So, you heard me.” He focuses on the screen.


“I didn't have to respond.” She vies for attention. “Stupid human.”


“That attitude is why you fell, you know?” He clicks.


“Like I care.” She scoffs.


“I know you don't. I wrote you remember. Although, that is a pretty Tsundere response.”


“Well you just said you wrote it.”


“I'm not going to need two of you doing that.”


“Then become a better writer.”


“I made you a nudist. Don't expect too much from me.”


“Whoever wrote the bible made me a nudist.”


“My statement stands.”


She jumps forward to slap him, but her sleeve glows a scarlet red and she stops dead, floating in the air.


 “What?” It surprises her.


“I didn't give you those tattoos just because I thought they looked cool.”


 “That's why I got them.”


“You can't kill anyone while you're here, actually…” He quickly types something. “You can't so much as move without my permission. That's the safer way to do that.”


“Hmm…” it frustrates her more.


“I knew you wouldn't be able to hold back the urge, so I had to do something.” He closes the laptop and grabs his phone. “Let’s get this done.” He walks out a glass sliding door to the left of the futon, pushing her out the way.


She falls to floor behind him and follows. “What about after we get there?”


“You can't kill anyone there either. You break the rules anyway.” They walk through a pool area, exiting through a gate to a fenceless backyard exposed to the empty suburbs.


“Shouldn't we wait until we get there?”


“That would be the smart thing to do, but I would rather not just drop her into a fantasy world, then explain things to her.”


She walks to the middle of the yard “Okay then…” She claps her hands together and jumps around a bit.


She stands firm and shifts her hands into the two signs for life. The ground beneath them begins to shake, juggling the dirt in a circle around her, all the way up to her thigh.


The harder clumps and rock become large cracks before the ground collapses underneath her creating an abyss, the pressure throwing some excess above them.


Terra floats in the middle of the circle as the ground can be heard climbing back up.


Eventually a sleeping, young girl with a black shirt, jacket, knife belt, tights, and shoes with a orange pendant hanging in the middle of her chest accompanied by two swords with a purple and black dragon scale pattern climbing the sheaths to the handles.


The ground returns to where Terra’s feet were placed as she now stands on the girl's body.


“Wake up, Crystal.” Wyn walks over and steps on her chest, pushing his weight on it.


She gasps for air as she is forced awake, looking up to see the two.  “What's happening?”


 He takes his weight off. “Long story short, you were summoned to go on a special job.”


“Slade set this up?” Wyn steps away and brings attention to Terra’s wings.


“Does it look like he did?”


She sits up, easily pushing Terra off.


“Here.” He hands her his phone, with the rules and details of the competition laid out. “Read that, it will tell you everything you need to know.”


“Okay, I get it.”


“That's it?... No further questions?” Terra asks confused.


“I love how accepting I made your characters, but you sure you don't have any questions?”


“It's not hard to understand. You picked me to fight in a competition featuring demons and crap. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, why me?”


“I didn't have anyone better.” He answers simply.


“And here I thought I was something special.”


“I think that still means you're pretty special.” Terra inflates her ego.


Crystal starts to walk towards the front of the house.


“Where are you going?” Wyn asks.


“To look around. It’s another world, right?”


“Well, technically, but it's more boring than yours.”


“Another world is another world.” She moves to the edge of the house and finds a white tC parked next to black Passat with a flat tire on the back. “These yours?”


“Yes!” He meets up with her.


“You're a lazy writer, aren't you?”


“It's coincidental.”


“Like how Slade just so happens to be the same name as deathstroke’s” Terra mocks.




“And how her story is called wraith.”


“I did that one on purpose.”


“There's also how they’re called Hunters.” She continues to list off.


“Okay, I'm going to stop you there and prove I’m not just a lazy writer.”


“But you admit you’re lazy.” Crystal replies.


He takes his phone from her and starts typing. “Hey Crys, what's your birthday again?”


“August 26th.” she tries to figure out what he is thinking.


“And when did you get your tC?”


“I don't know.”


“Okay...Do you remember what salesmen told you about it?”


“Something about tires?”


“I'll take that as a no.” He turns his phone away from him and the two crowd around the screen. “What does that say?”


“it was released in June 2004.” Terra summarizes.


“Of course not; everyone gets a car as soon as it's released, and the one you went to had a custom room set up for it. You got one out of the first batch or rather on your birthday.” he bows bringing the phone to his chest.


“You’re stretching things to make yourself seem better.” Crystal sighs.


“Plus, that’s Wikipedia.”


“I had other reasons too… Fuck it, let’s just go.”


“Where? I wanna explore,” Crystal replies with smile.


“You can explore when we get to where we need to be.” He visibly just wants this over with. “Terra, portal.” he demands,


“I think we made him mad,” Terra whispers into Crystal’s ear as she walks forward and creates another abyss.


Wyn picks up Crystal in his arms and jumps in. Terra collapses the signs before the ground begins to refill and plunges in behind them.

© Copyright 2019 Kathrina Csernis. All rights reserved.


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