Allegiance of Spirits: Realm of Beasts

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Chapter by rickybelmont

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Episode 4: Another Shenanigan?!

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Previously, before Guardian Watcher Erick joined the others in the Ethereal Realm…


Erick lied down at his bed, computing his student’s grades. He felt a little bored and sleepy, but it was his student’s grades, so he needed to stay up for it.


“Still, Emerald’s the best student in my class” Erick said, holding his chin with his hand and looking at Emerald’s grade. Suddenly, he got a notification on the lower right side of the screen. It was from Guardian Watcher Kathrina.


“Hmm” he mumbled, clicking on the message.


Dear Erick,




Sincerely, Guardian-Watcher Kathrina


Erick frowned going to a website and private messaging Kathrina. He swiftly typed something up, adjusting his glasses so they didn’t fall.



Erick: You know there’s this thing, right?

Kathrina: Yeah but you’re like a formal guy, I think

Erick: I look formal yeah and ok you’re right. So, what’s the problem

Kathrina: I need you to help me on something, I’ll explain when you get here. All you need to know is, I need to borrow one of your students


Immediately, Erick frowned and glared at the screen. Kathrina was asking too much. He had this feeling that this would either hurt his students or get them killed which is something he always disagreed to.


Suddenly, he got another message. It was from Zexal this time.



Zexal: YOOOOO! We need to help Kathrina

Erick: No

Zexal: Aww don’t be like that! C’mon, help us out here.

Erick: She wants my student and you know how strict I am when it comes to that

Zexal: FINE! Don’t help, I’ll just give Luke a tormenting vision


Zexal: Then join

Erick: FINE


Erick angrily placed his laptop at the side of the bed and sighed. He was getting pulled into another one of their shenanigans again.


“I should have never befriended that asshole” he mumbled, face-palming himself.



The next day


It was noon and everyone living in Erick’s house stared at Angel Eurie as he stood before them outside Erick’s house.


“You again?” Luke called, scowling at Eurie.


“Yeah, well, Erick needs one of you to come into this Avengers type thing” Eurie explained, rolling his eyes. “He needs someone who can use their powers without magic” he continued


“That’ll be me” Ryan said, walking past them. Eurie frowned at the black haired boy with a red streak. He had bright red and dark purple eyes. He wore a casual gray jacket and black jogging pants along with army boots.


“Okay, come with me” Eurie said, opening a portal. Luke, Katejina, and Kathrina immediately blocked Eurie’s way.


“What? What is it?” Eurie asked irritably, glaring at them.


“Where are you taking him?” Luke growled, pointing his finger at him.


“Can’t say” Eurie replied, shoving past him and entering the portal irritably. Luke growled and pulled him back.


“TELL ME!” Luke demanded, punching him in the face. Eurie growled and punched back, then grabbing him by his shirt.


“You really want to know? I’m sending him to a realm where he is needed. He’s needed there so that the realm could be saved” he replied angrily, throwing Luke in the ground.


“So why not me then?” Luke asked, getting up and wearing a smirk.


“Because you use magic and that place has little to no magic” Eurie explained, scowling at Luke.


Luke spat blood down at the ground and wiped his mouth, still glaring at Eurie. Eurie walked again at the portal, no one stopping him.


“Come on, Ryan, let’s go” he said, offering his hand. Ryan looked at his classmates all of them nodding.


“Be safe, okay” Kathrina said, smiling as Ryan wave them off.  Katejina and Kathrina waved him off while Luke remained glaring at them.


The portal soon closed and the three went back to the house, all wondering what the hell just happened.


“So, any one of you actually trust that guy?” Katejina asked, looking at them. Kathrina and Luke both shook their heads in disagreements.


“I don’t trust him. He trusts the other me more than Erick so of course he’s determined to do this” Kathrina said, opening the door and taking a seat at the sofa.


“Yeah, that guy’s an asshole to us and to Erick” Luke growled, sitting in the couch as well. “I mean, he never once helped Erick in anything!” he continued.


“True. But let’s forget about it now, Erick’s there anyway so he’ll be safe” Kathrina agreed, turning on the TV. Katejina nodded but Luke didn’t.


“Sure, let’s forget about it” he lied, going upstairs and heading to Katejina’s room.

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