Allegiance of Spirits: Realm of Beasts

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Chapter by S.H.Heggholmen

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Episode 6: A sudden, Early Awakening

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Flarenda was asleep in her orb. How long had it even been? She had needed a rest; she had wanted a 50-year long rest.


She woke up. Something had begun to create movement in her gas. She was getting outside the orb. Had 50 years gone already? She fell unconscious as her gas leaked out of the orb.


She regained consciousness and used a couple of seconds to adjust her balance. Then she saw who had called her out. Lucki.


“Why? What? Why are you here?” Flarenda asked.


“The realm of Beasts is in trouble. I have been chosen to be an angel, yay!” Lucki said excited.


“Greyn was right, you never disappoint in being you…”


“I’m always me, yay!”


“Yeah, I’ve noticed. But anyway, what is Realm of Beasts? One of the dimensions of the sjas?” Flarenda asked.


“I must honestly say I was very confused by the words of the sja. But they gave precise instruction on how to get us there. We will teleport there,” Lucki explained.


“Of course,” Flarenda rolled her eyes.


“We’ll leave when you’re ready. Silje told us to be quick,” Lucki said, inviting Flarenda into a hug.


“Don’t tell me this is one of Lurai’s many games…”


“It isn’t! Lurai wouldn't joke about orders from the sjas.”


“Lurai is responsible in contrast to some sjos I can mention…”


“Let’s just go!”


Flarenda walked into Lucki’s hug. She shivered from Lucki’s cold body. Lucki held her tightly as she said many phrases of the sjo language. She recognised one or two words of them. As Lucki spoke, yellow sparks and streaks appeared all around them. Soon she could only see these strange “objects”.


The yellowness began to disappear.


“Wow,” they both said, amazed.


“I’m younger. I’m like 30,” Flarenda smiled.


“You have turned into a hu-human,” Lucki said wide eyed.


“That can’t be,” Flarenda laughed and looked at her arm.


Her orangeness had turned to brownness and there were some kind of advanced Stone tech on her wrists. Tubes going to the inside of her hand. Oh, no. Were her wings gone? She let her hands follow to her back. And she discovered two things. She had mechanical wings like the prosthesis from her world and she was naked.

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