Allegiance of Spirits: Realm of Beasts

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Chapter by Allen Darkmyst

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Episode 7: The Mysterious Rift

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



“Milord Darkmyst, Everything has been prepared for summoning.” Said a figure that was cloaked in black. His red eyes peered to the other male in the room, who stood at a height greater than the one who just spoke.


“I see, thank you Scaith. We shall begin at once, accompany me to the summoning chamber.”  The male, named Scaith, nods his head as he follows his master through the corridors of his domain, which contained many alternate paths which could easily make anyone unfamiliar lost if they wander too far. Eventually, they reach the large, towering doors of the chamber, which slowly open once the owner of this castle nears them.


They enter the room as several lanterns light themselves and provide the light to lead the two through the expansive hall, toward the very  heart of the chamber. They reach the heart of the chamber and the Master of the castle moves his hand out to stop Scaith from advancing any further. Scaith silently nods and stays behind as Master Darkmyst advances towards a large-scale magic circle that glows to life when he approaches, an electric red light filling the room.


“Awaken, Gate of the Realms.”

The glowing circle hums lowly in response, the red light fluctuating in brightness with every passing second.

“My will and my power commands the Seals of Foundation to blur, connecting my domain to the very heart of the Multiversial Plane.”

The circle begins to spark as the light starts to brighten more and more with each word he speaks.

“I, Allen Darkmyst, Shape the Gateway that forces through the Foundations! I command thee one more…!”

A single point of energy spirals in the centre of the circle, sparking violently as he nears the end of his incantation. The circle reaches its peak of brightness as Allen extends his arm to the circle and finishes his incantation


“...Open! Gate of the Realms!”


The sphere inside the circle expands barely a second after Allen finished his incantation, sending large surges of red lightning around the room as the rift opens. The resulting energy release from the opened rift blows Allen onto the floor as the rift stabilizes, humming lowly as the vortex slowly rotates in space.


“There…” Allen said, out of breath from the amount of energy he expended, “Now… Go get him, Scaith.”


The Shadow-based familiar nodded to his master and took a few steps back. He charged for the rift and leapt into it, almost taking a dive in as he slipped through the realms. The swirling walls of the rift transitioned through the color spectrum as Scaith made his way toward the target destination. The echoing sounds of gunfire began to be heard, growing louder as he got closer to his interdimensional landing zone.


With a  thundering boom, akin to a thunderclap, the rift forced itself open. Scaith emerges from the rift and immediately has to go on the defensive as a bullet flies past his black head, and his red eyes move to left to see the aggressor; A tall male, pale skin and black hair, though the ends of them seem to be red as if they took a dip in some blood. His eyes were blood red and in his other hand he could see what appeared to be a scythe based almost entirely on energy.


He darted forward and behind a stone, only to be met by a large machine that had the head mimicking that of a… Cat? The large machine slammed it’s fist down onto him, but with his exponentially smaller size he was fast enough to slip away before he could be crushed.


“I don’t mean to cut in so suddenly, but I need the one known as Azazel.”


A chuckle is heard ahead of him, as a male steps forward from the other side of the rift, Scaith’s right upon his entry into the realm.


The male slowly advanced forward into the light generated from the rift. He dressed himself in a sort of tuxedo, the coat colored a dull navy blue color, with the collar being black. The chest pocket on his left side had the design of a bright red heart, standing out against the dark blue of his coat. His pants were the same color as his coat, obviously and his shoes were black to match the dark colors of his suit. He wore white gloves over his hands, matching the white shirt that was visible under his coat through the little gap near the highest part of his coat. As for his head, he had short, crimson hair that was swept to his left side and covered that eye. The visible eye was a light blue, and had a small scar that went down a small bit of his cheek. On the top of his head was a dark grey hat that had alternating patterns of the four suits of a deck of cards, and the side that faced Scaith was a large, red heart, To either side was a black Club and a black Spade.


The male wore a smirk on his pale white face as he stepped forward, a cane in hand even though he very obviously didn’t need it.


“So… Who’s asking for me? Though, to be honest, I really don’t go by that anymore. Call me Reiner.”, said Azazel, or Reiner as he stopped walking and stared at the Pitch black humanoid.


“My master wishes to meet with you.”


“Hmm, your master? Well, as you can see little one, my hands are just a bit full at the moment. Tell your master that he can wait, ‘kay?”


Scaith growled a bit as he said, “I was told to bring you, no matter what. Besides. Where you’re going, you can cause as much havoc with little to know repercussions, as I’ve heard.”


Reiner’s face lit up when he heard this proposal and slowly did a smile begin to creep onto his face, twisting into a grin as he began to laugh.


“Oh, why didn’t you say that before, little one?!”


He turned to the other male who had been standing there and said, “Look Vincent, honey. Nothing personal, but I’ll have to finish this later. Bye bye now!”


Before the other male, Vincent, could react, Reiner turned to the rift behind him and dove right into it with little to no hesitation. Vincent, now very confused by this whole thing, turned his attention to the other one who had involved themselves in this and had already leapt into the rift.


Vincent began to run toward the rift, but by the time he got close it forcibly shuts. His face twists a bit in annoyance as he yelled out to the sky, “JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON TODAY?!”


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