Allegiance of Spirits: Realm of Beasts

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Chapter by aaron.austin

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Episode 8: The Smoker Chooses Sakura!

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Angel Kalila- “Lord Zexal, isn’t it about time you sent somebody to aid Lady Kathrina and the rest?”
Zexal- *meditating* “Wait...Was I supposed to?”
Angel Kalila- “The Most Highest already told you to help her, did he not? Were you influenced by the smoke again, my Lord?”
Zexal- *blowing his nose* “Nah, I was sick that day, and I hardly listen to the Highest Being anyway; like I remember something about her Universe 444, and Demons...I don’t know, I don’t really care, but she said it meant something to her...Much like my Universes, I suppose.” *drinking water* “Hmm...Why not ask a God or Goddess?”
Angel Kalila- “We shouldn’t bother the Divinity; the fleshly will do, but who?”
Zexal- “Just one?”
Angel Kalila- “Yes...We could pick anybody...But, what about the children of Sakura?”
Zexal- “Hmm...I haven’t really watched them. Will they die?”
Angel Kalila- “Gray and Yugi? Well, they are eight and nine, however they have the Spirit of Lindsey who is their God blessing above them, so I am doubtful of that.”
Zexal- “Oh yes, that is right; Sakura is newly created, and not from the creation of Anme, or the Most Highs, but from a Spirit from within the Generation’s Universe...Yes, bring Gray and Yugi to me, for I may address them for I am the Watcher above them. After I judge them, I’ll consider them, and if I accept them, I’ll watch over them as well. Bring them to me, Kalila.”
Kalila- *nodding with a babyish giggle* “I’m so going to cruise my way there, my Lord. I shall return.”
And with a blast of blinding light, Kalila is Teleporting from Zexal’s Watcher Stationary Kingdom to the Planet Sakura, for Gray and Yugi. 

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