Tournament of Spirits!!! (Chapter 18)

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Chapter 18 of the Tournament of Spirits!

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018





The battle raged on, the heroes fighting each other across the arena. Half of the arena was already torn up from Elijah's winged form, and a large crater sat on the other side from his lightning beam.

Lydia, Aoi, Luke, Rin and Kathrina sat on the small picnic blanket, eating their snacks out of the basket.

"More cake Kathrina?"

"Oh sure!"

Aoi pulled a large chocolate cake out of the basket, but before she could cut out a piece Kathrina ripped it out of her hands. She took a large bite out of the side, smearing chocolate on her face and causing the rest of them to stifle their laughter.

Luke slowly began to move his hand towards a large cookie sitting next to Lydia, but his hand was immediately impaled by a knife. He screamed as Lydia dug the knife deeper into his palm, stabbing into the ground.

"Touch my cookie and die. Actually, I still need to pay you back."

"F-for what!?"

"You touched my friend.... you slit her throat.... so why don't I return the favor?"

With a single move she kicked him in the stomach before pulling her other knife and going for his throat....



Kathrina, Aoi and Rin watched in horror as Richard appeared, swinging his scythe and impaling Lydia in the abdomen. She fell to her knees, coughing blood down onto the blanket.


Kathrina swung her sword, slashing into Richard's arm. He quickly removed his blade, grabbing Luke and making a run for it. Kathrina was about to chase after him, when Aoi grabbed her arm.

"We still have more cake.... also Lydia's kinda bleeding out."

Kathrina knelt down at Lydia's side, Aoi and Rin there as well. Kathrina felt a need to save her, but wasn't sure how. Rin then pointed out a roll of bandages by her side, which Kathrina immediately took. She pulled up Lydia's shirt and began to wrap it around the wound, Aoi guiding her.

"Thanks.... but why didn't you kill me?"

"Because if you die then your stuff disappears with you... right?"

"Uh no."

"Oh....... um.... let's just keep eating."

They looked to the battlefield to see a large explosion, another fight going on.

Slowly, Tsunami faced Richard. He had returned to fight him after saving Luke, who laid right behind him. Tsunami swung his blade at Richard, who countered with his scythe. But Tsunami was fast, and managed to cut downwards at Richard's leg. With Richard still injured from Kathrina's attack... he may not make it out of this.


Slowly, Tsunami turned to see Anikan and Axel. Anikan was holding his sword, his clothes stained with blood. Axel was next to him, his leg wrapped up in bandages.

"You ready to fail?"

"Do your worst. In your realm, all you have is guns. Your people rely too much on technology."

"A bit of insight for you... my world is gone. It's been gone for a year, my home and country destroyed. The most technology i've been around is a lighter."

"Whatever, either way you die."

"May the best man win.... I think."

Anikan charged at Tsunami, holding his shortsword in an attack stance. Tsunami turned away from Richard, charging back at Anikan. They both jumped into the air, slashing at each other.




"F-fuck..... Ah..."

"Shit.... damn..."

Anikan noticed the large cut going through his shoulder, Tsunami seeing the one going across his waist. They turned back around to face each other, charging each other once again.

Tsunami stopped, firing a large wave of water. Anikan quickly jumped to the left.... then the right... he was dodging the entire beam!


Anikan swung his sword downwards, but Tsunami caught it with his own. He then kicked Anikan in the stomach and threw him backwards, firing a second beam of water and pushing him away.

"Now..... you will fall!"

As he rose his sword to cut down Anikan, a large strike of pain hit him on the back. He turned around to see Axel, aiming his glock at Tsunami. Tsunami then summoned a large tornado of water, sending it right at him. Axel wasn't fast enough, the water knocking him to the ground.

"Hey aquaman.... touch my kid again.... you'll regret it."

Tsunami had forgotten about Anikan, turning back around only for Anikan to bring himself up and slash into his chest. Tsunami gasped as the blade cut into his skin, but managed to swing his sword and graze Anikan's arm.

Anikan caught his sword, the two becoming intertwined in bladelock.

"So.... you wanna win this right?"

"Well duh."

"You wanna impress Kathrina don't you...... you know she's not leaving Elijah, even if he is an asshole."

"Shut up."

"Hey..... if Elijah ends up dying sometime in your universe... gimme a call. Create some portal or something and I'll come talk you up to her."

"Alright.... thank you Anikan."


Anikan broke the bladelock, leaping back and firing his revolver. Tsunami blocked both shots, jabbing his sword forward at Anikan's side.


Tsunami fell to his knees, two more shots from Axel hitting him in the back. 

"Huh... thanks son."


Anikan rose his sword, ready to strike down Tsunami. But.... he couldn't. He just couldn't bring himself to cut down this man.

"You really are weak..... you can't even-


Anikan and Axel both looked up, seeing a large blade digging into Tsunami's chest. Freya stood above them, floating with her valkyrie wings.

"Well well, looks like this one's out."


Anikan jumped into the air and sliced forward, cutting at Freya. She blocked and swooped down at Axel, ready to take him down.


Richard came in, going to the other side of Anikan and Axel. They were surrounded.

"Axel, if you please."

Axel fired his pistol, shooting Tsunami in the chest.




Freya grabbed Axel by the neck, holding her sword up to cut him down. Anikan attempted to stop him but was grabbed by Richard.....


"Dad.... just keep fighting."

He wouldn't be able to. Andrew is off doing whatever, Lydia is hurt.... and the two of them were at swordpoint....


From afar, Salada stood near Pharaoh and Elijah. They were dueling intensely, though Elijah seemed to be gaining the upper hand. 

She then looked to the others.

"Time for some death...."

Her hands began to glow and she pointed her palm towards the sky, slowly making a fist. Shadows and smoke began to cover her wrist, moving across her body.


Four strikes of lightning came down on the battlefield. One of them smashed between Elijah and Pharoah, which gave Pharaoh a chance to slice at his stomach. Elijah stumbled back and kicked Pharaoh away before attempting to cut her down with her sword.

Meanwhile the other lightning strikes seemed to be having... interesting capabilities.

Anikan fought against Richard's grip, him and Axel held captive.

"Eliminate them!"

Before either of them could make a move, Salada's lightning strike came down. It smashed into Freya's body, shocking through her armor and sending her spiraling backwards. Axel then fired at Richard, who dodged and jumped away.

Anikan and Axel went for Richard, who blocked Anikan's sword attack with his scythe. Luke fly towards Axel, who was defending using Anikan's hatchet.

But Axel managed to cut down at Luke, who was too late to "phase through" and was sliced through the chest. He fell back, rolling across the ground and clutching at his wound. It wasn't fatal, but was pretty bad and he had to let Richard fight both of them alone. However Freya came from behind, ready to strike down them both...


Freya hit the ground, Andrew sitting on the other side of the arena. He holstered his deagle with a smile, staring at his first "kill".


"That was for Jaxi. Screw you Erick."


From the stands Erick was attempting to take Antonio's colt python, annoyed at Andrew's asshole attitude. Kathrina was attempting to hold him back, Zexal just laughing at the situation.




Zexal just snickered in the back, sitting next to Ma'am Joan.

"Loli-chan! Do you have any more popcorn?"

Finally Kathrina grabbed Anikan's colt python herself and smacked Erick on the back of the head, throwing him back in his seat.


The next lightning strike came down at the picnic.

Lydia, Kathrina, Aoi and Rin sat there, continuing to chomp down on food while they waited. Aoi was eating a large chocolate covered pretzel, Rin next to her nibbling on a cupcake. Kathrina was still attempting to eat that chocolate cake whole, but so far had only gotten two layers down. Lydia was laughing, eating a cookie while she watched Kathrina.


They all looked up, and immediately Kathrina got up and made a dash forward. Aoi followed, Rin and Lydia right behind. But they weren't able to get away fast enough, the lightning strike hitting the area. 

Lydia flew across the arena, rolling towards the edge of the arena that had been broken. The floor began to crack, Rin lying next to Lydia as well.

Kathrina and Aoi watched in horror as the platform Lydia and Rin sat on broke, the platform spiraling out of the stadium. They immediately rushed to the edge, Lydia and Rin's bodies turning to white before fading away....


Ren and Karen ran over to the two, Ren grabbing Aoi and keeping her away. Kathrina stood her ground, facing the tree of them.


Kathrina dodged the flames Ren fired at her, and jumped right over to get behind them. She then slashed, Karen's eyes widening. She fell forward, Kathrina cutting through her back.

Ren fired a second blast of fire, burning at Kathrina's arms. She managed to swing downards, knocking out Karen before diving away. She clutched her arm in pain, the burns scarred across her wrist.

"You will regret that. I will make you pay...."

"You and what army?"

She pointed towards Elijah, who gave a thumbs up in the distance before continuing his duel with Pharoah.

"Uh... he still have those wings?"

"Won't need em."

Before any of them could fight, two figures approached. Lindsey and Alexis.

"Shall we eliminate them?"

"Hmmm....... alright!"

Lindsey rushed past Kathrina, pulled her knife, and stabbed the weapon into her arm. Kathrina countered, grabbing Lindsey by the arm and throwing her away. Kathrina then drew her sword, Lindsey going to fight Ren and Aoi while Alexis took her on.

"Prepare to lose."

"Aren't you a little young for this stuff?"

"Uh, aren't half of us?"


Kathrina went on the offense, trying to cut her down. She dodged and stabbed her gladius, which went right between her arm and side. She then grabbed her blade, the sharpness of the gladius cutting into my fingers.

She swung her gladius and Kathrina stepped back, swinging her sword at Alexis. Kathrina managed to graze her leg, slicing into her skin and spewing blood onto the ground. But Alexis got the better at her, sending a furry of attacks in her direction. 

She leaped backwards, Alexis throwing her sword. Kathrina swung her blade and blocked it, the gladius smashing into the ground. Before Alexis could retrieve it Kathrina fell to the ground, rushing forward and plunging her sword into Alexis's chest.

"Huh.... you won.... but I won't... go down... without a fight.."

Alexis stabbed her sword into Kathrina's arm, causing her to scream in pain before Alexis turned white and slowly faded away.....

Kathrina fell to her knees, pulling the blade out before tossing it across the arena. She was weak... but she needed to hold out. She scanned over the entire battlefield, seeing the despair....

Richard was sitting in a corner of the arena with Luke, slowly regaining their strength. After Luke barely escaped Lydia, he went to Richard who was forced to heal him. Freya was out, so there wasn't much else they could do.

Anikan and Axel had escaped Richard, and were slowly moving towards the corner of the arena where they left their bags. Anikan was injured, his fight with Tsunami leaving him scarred.

Ren and Aoi were dueling Lindsey, trying to stop her. She was dodging most of Ren's fire attacks, but finally Aoi sent a large beam of fire at her. Lindsey flew backwards, hitting the floor before Ren grabbed Alexis's gladius from the ground and plunging it into Lindsey's side.


Then, she saw it. Two figures approaching each other on the opposite end of the battlefield. Pharaoh and Salada were fighting Elijah, but someone just walked right past them.

"Hey Pharaoh... let me have him."

"Uh... sure man."

Andrew pulled up his hood, hiding his face as he faced Elijah. He kept his hand on his belt, knowing he'd have to use his knife soon.

The two stared at each other, every other team stopping to watch. Anikan knew why Andrew wanted this, they were too similiar. Both emo, both assholes, both determined to win.

"Anikan! May I borrow your sword?" Andrew shouted from across the arena. Anikan shrugged and revealed his silver blade, which disappeared and reappeared in Andrew's grasp.

He then pointed it at Elijah, who drew his own sword as well.

"This is how you wish to fall?"

"I ain't never gonna back down from a fight.... and If I do lose here... it's at least an honor to fight someone like you."

They were both smirking, but stopped as they drew their weapons.

Everything was silent.

No sound.

No wind.

Just..... blood.

Andrew lunged at Elijah, jabbing his sword forward. Elijah blocked, but Andrew pulled his combat knife with his other hand.



Andrew was thrown backwards by Elijah, skidding back onto the ground. His knife flew into the air and landed several feet away, but out of reach. Elijah charged at Andrew, who did the same back.

Their blades met, though Elijah had the advantage. Andrew watched as Elijah's blade burst into flames, the flames dancing across the metal and slowly going down Andrew's blade as well.

The flames were raging across the swords, both Andrew and Elijah caught in bladelock. If one of them tried to break away or even let a hand off the hilt of their sword, the other would be able to strike them down.

But the flames were getting too close, too good. I could see the flames moving down the hilt of Elijah's blades....

But Elijah couldn't burn.

Elijah was watching Andrew's every move. He knew what Andrew would do, what he couldn't. If this was in different circumstances, say, if that combat knife of his was a sword instead of a knife.... he could've won. But the knife was too small, it wouldn't hurt that much....

Andrew was taking the fire too, the fire starting to create scars all across his hands. Andrew would never lose to fire..... because that's what he is.

Andrew closed his eyes and concentrated. He needed a way outta this. He knew Anikan or anyone else wouldn't intervene, or else Elijah would eliminate them too. Now he have limited options. Going for his gun could greatly damage Elijah, and he could maybe be weak enough for one of the others to kill. But he'd strike Andrew down before he even touched the holster.

He had no choice. Andrew was going to lose here..... but not before he caused some damage. 

The fire grew, burning across his arm, across his entire body. 


Andrew swung Anikan's blade into the air, breaking the bladelock and charging forward. With one hand he held his deagle, firing three times into Elijah's stomach. Andrew finally sent a single punch into Elijah's chest... right before a sword impaled him.

Elijah held the blade as he breathed heavily, Andrew doing the same. 

"Good game. Got a bit close there," Elijah muttered.

"Yeah... yeah... next time... I'm not losing," Andrew said back.

"Hopefully next time we're on the same side."

"Yep.... now can you like take this sword out of me? This is painfule enough."

Elijah yanked the sword from Andrew's chest, his body falling to the floor. But as Andrew blacked out, he gripped his deagle. He aimed it up at a nearby figure... and pulled the trigger.

Andrew's body turned white, slowly fading away into sparkles. But the bullet....

We all turned to Karen, seeing her clutching her neck as blood dripped down onto her chest. She fell to the ground, eliminated. Her body turned white and exploded into sparkles... slowly fading away....

"Andrew and Karen have been eliminated!"

Two left from each team. Who would be the last one standing?

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