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Just some rants about computers and cell phones by an old fart

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018



Back in my day if you wanted to read a book you had to pick one up or go to the library and borrow one.  Back in my day if you had to learn to do something you found somebody to teach you now you just watch a stupid YouTube video.  Back in my day if you wanted to meet somebody you went to the bar now a days you just sign up for some dating site and can meet ton of people.  Back in my day people knew how to write now a days you have some fancy program that will do it for you.

Computers are great things, you have the world at your finger tips and what do people do they with it?  Watch porn and cat videos.  I can understand watching a little porn, but not as much as most of the youths today do.  A dog video would okay, but cats should not even be considered a pet.  They are so obnoxious and rude.  You walk into the room and they look at you before getting up and walking out like they find you offensive.  Dogs are loyal obedient and trustworthy, look into a cat’s eyes and you can see they will kill you.  But I digress

If computers are bad these new cell phones are even worse.  Back in my day if you went out you did not take your phone with you because you did not want to be talking on it.  Now a days if you do not have a cell phone people look at you like you are a crazy old white guy.  Worse is the messages, my grandson sent me a message last week which was nothing but pictures.  Damn pictures no words.  I asked my wife if she understood it and she had no clue.  I ended up having my neighbor’s twelve-year-old son translate it for me.  All my grandson wanted to say was hi and ask how I was doing.  Five words and he had to use pictures for it.  If this keeps up language is going to devolve back to pictures and I pray to God I am not around to see that.

If it is a phone it should be simple, but now a days you get games and camera on your phone.  It can tell you the weather, like you can not just stick you head out the window and see what the weather is like.  I am an old guy and I forget things but I do not need no damn phone to remind me of things I have to do, that is why I have a wife.  You go out and relaxing when that things goes off and if you do not answer it the person calling will call back five or six times wondering why you have not answered.  Worse then family is those damn tell marketers.  Was bad enough they would call you during dinner back in my day, but today they can call you anywhere at any time.  

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