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Here's a little peek into the hell I hide inside... just a small glimpse of the monsters and demons I must deal with and defeat on the daily at times at best I have to fend off doubt at least once
a week at worst... let's not talk about that right now.

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018




Kill yourself

But I want to live my live

But you’ve hurt so many people

I feel bad but can’t I make amends

Are you able to… What happens if they’re all right. What happens if you’re a failure

What happens when I’ve heard it so many times that I start to think so

I think you have the key…

The key to were

To escape…

You have many ways to end it all

But I’d hate myself more than I already tend to do if I carried out more than half of those

But what are you going to do then

I’m going to deal with these thoughts

I’m going to live in this hell I’ve made… inside my head.

What happens if one day you cave and you come back to reality to see the knife you’ve placed inside yourself?

Will you still have the will to live



Because I have people I love and care for here…

Are you sure you can deal with all this?

I think I can manage

With everything?

I dunno if I can but I will try

Without running away?

I’ll make sure I don’t run away again


I’ll deal with my thoughts

I’ll deal with all of my thoughts, urges, temptations and I’ll continue to deal with my madness and insanity.

Am I sure?

I dunno what to think

I know how to think and I know of the terrible thoughts and feelings that my mind will throw at me.

It’ll be really bad at the beginning

I know.

I’ve pent up so many feelings and then abandoned my brain.

I’ve stopped thinking to escape before but that wasn’t the right way out

I have the key but I need the right door to be free

I need to right door to escape the right exit

No short cuts

I know that already

I need to take the long way

Not the long way back

Nor the long way home

I need to take the long way out

Killing yourself might be the right way out

But I want to live


I’ve told myself this already.

I think it’s time you shut up.

But I’m just one of the many thoughts flowing through your mind

Now that you’re thinking again you’re going to have to deal with even more than just me. You’re going to have to once more… Deal with yourself. I bid thee adieu.

I...I think this is a good enough glimpse at the hell I hide inside… A bit more tame at least… I don’t want to make myself look any worse… Thank you. See you soon.


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