AWP #3: Garnet vs Wonder Woman

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No plot, no dialogue, just action. Enjoy :)

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018



After warping onto the warp pad, Garnet stepped off to look around the seemingly baron island. As she walked, she starred at the stiff looking pillars as well as the view off the island coast which expanded for eternity. She then stopped at the coast and looked down at the water crashing against the rocks.

Garnet turned her head slightly before catching a sword with her gauntlet just before it could graze her. She then spun about and kicked her opponent in the shield, leaving a dent as she backed off. Garnet blankly starred at the woman before her; as Wonder Woman did her, whilst tossing her shield aside.

Wonder Woman kicked herself forward and raised her sword to Garnet, who wasted no time before catching the sword with her gauntlets. Wonder Woman than kicked the Gem fusion in the abdomen, knocking her off the coast of the island. Quickly thinking, Garnet grabbed the side of the island and threw herself upward till she was well above Wonder Woman’s level.

Garnet aimed her fist at the Amazonian warrior as she charged toward her; Wonder Woman leaped forward toward the Gem raising her sword. Once sword and gauntlet made contact, a shockwave bounced them both backward. Garnet back flipped before landing firmly on her feet while Wonder Woman rolled backwards into a pillar; her sword broken in two.

Quickly standing to her feet, Wonder Woman lunged herself at Garnet before slamming her fist into the fusion’s back hand. Garnet retaliated with a powerful uppercut to Wonder Woman’s gut, shooting her upward into the sky. Wonder Woman stopped herself before rocketing down at Garnet, who was quick to shield herself from the impact.

With all fists combined, they created another powerful shockwave, whilst making a small crater in the island. Garnet then grabbed Wonder Woman by the arm before slamming her into the ground. Wonder Woman than kicked Garnet dead in the face, knocking the Gem’s shades off her face before standing to her feet.

With an agitated look, Garnet slammed a powerful punch to Wonder Woman’s bracelets before landing a punch to her side. Wonder Woman, in return, punched Garnet in the face, knocking her back into a pillar. Wonder Woman jumped before running towards Garnet with a fury of punches. Garnet blocked as many as she could before eventually finding an opening and landing a powerful punch to Wonder Woman’s abdomen, knocking her backward.

Garnet slammed a gauntlet into Wonder Woman’s bracelets before making impact with her face with the other. The Amazonian flew into a pillar, causing it to crumble on top of her. Wonder Woman pushed the rumble off of her but was then subdued by a gauntlet to the face. Garnet turned to the warp pad and phased in new shades before taking her leave.

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