Chapter 2: The Idea

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I had invited a friend over a year after moving into my new labaratory, the first non-family visit that had occured at my labratory. It was real personal too, because I was inviting one of my oldest and best friends, named Forester Alcatraz. Yes, I also think that he had a name problem, but that's a sad story for another time. Forester had been wanting to come to the location for long before I even seriously took the idea of building a lab.

?'If the 'Darstan Labs' ever exist, you are definitley inviting me there,' he used to say.

?I had long agreed, but the tricky thing was that I really didn't want to build one at the time. But things changed and I eventually really loved the idea, leading to this. i had been anxiously awaiting this arrival for a long while and was really excited for a familiar yet different face to arrive at my plce at long last. I had been pacing my bedroom for a few minutes when the warning light turned on. I knew who it just had to be. It was my friend!

I ran over to my door and came rushing to the porch, crashing down on him and bringing us both down the porch.

?'Oof! Well, at leastI know that this is the same weird person that I left last time. Heh, heh... Been a while, straggler,' he said.

?I replied with,'Ah, well if it isn't the first 'outsider' to visit. Come on in and snoop around. I think that you'll do fine, especially with your keen and careful eye.'

?Oh, how I treasured that moment. It was wonderful, and even with a few words being exchanged, I still felt like a whole lot of information had been transfered between the two of us. we were one of those long lost pairs that could practically read each others' mind because of how intense our bond was. We could probably make it out of the toughest situations with our 'power'.

He came in, and we had a little bit of talk for a few hours inside. I had had a whole? lot of catching up to do on the outside world, and I hadn't realized how severe my isolation had been until he had arrived and talked with me. Once we had exchanged some talk, I decide to take him over to the lab that he had long desired to see. After all, most of his earliest fantasies after getting to meet me was to see a lab of our or my own. When I finally managed toget the stream of words to stopflowing from his mouth, I mentioned the lab, and Forester sprang up in wonder and excitement.

'Ooh! Ooh! I want to see it now!' he exclaimed, 'When do we get to see it?'

'Right now, my dear friend. And let us go,' and so we were on our way.

We walked out with me trying to calm down Forester as I patted through my pockets for the emergency keys to my car. I had an obbsession with using the emergency keys, though I guess that made them less of an emergency type thing. We got into the car and had no talk while we were in the car. Forester was giggling with so much excitment that I thought he might have a heart attack, and I was mostly nervous to finally get there. Truthbe told, most of the talk that had taken place during our time atthe house had gone over my head because I was mostly interested in finally getting to show off the labs!

We arrived at last to the secret location because my car's tracker said so. We couldn't wait. I ran to the door and forgot to lock my car. I then remembered that the location had to be kept secret and so I immediately sent the car back home on autopilot and remembered to lock it. Then I wandered around for a few seconds before finally finding the entrance with some thought. It was under the cactus on the left edge of the back-right tire in the parking spot. Please don't reveal that fact to anybody else or I will have to kill you.

I hit the trigger switch for the gateway to the lab to open up, and then I got the ladder up. It was run on hydraulics to lift it up from its current position at the bottom to the top. Once it had emerged from the hole, with me in the lead, we both quickly climbed down and arrived at the security checks. Of course, I had all of the quick-pass passes stored with me, and so we got through pretty quick. Once we had gone through all of those, we made our way down the hallway and into the waiting sort of room that I had. There were some trays and whatnot lying around the place and then beyond it was a split of corridors and other things.

Once we got there, Forester's curiousity was fully unleashed, and he began a torrent of questions like,'How long did this take to make?' 'How much does this probably cost?' 'What projects have you got going on right now?' 'What was the reason for so many security measures?'

I slowly got the answers through and grabbed some papers for the more complicated qustions all the way until I answered the security questions.

'This is where we're getting a bit serious, so you've got to swear to secrecy and make sure that the word dosen't get out hall. You can't in any way store the passes or passcodes that I'll tell you here, and you can't make any mischeif in the public or private of these topics and anything of such sort. I know that I make it sound serious, but for good reason, because-' I was interuppted by Forester:

'Yes, yes. but what is all of this for?? I don't get it all!' he whined.

'This is all because my love of destruction has harboured with me,and I am still testing through several ideas for power. There are way to many things to count, and you can check my database in a second if you want.' I explained.

Forester's ears pricked up, 'What database? Just how big is this place?'

'That even I can't tell,' I said.

'Okay, but what main things have pricked your interest recently?' he asked.

I responded with, 'I've been looking for a Renniscance of an idea to use  and publish, but I'm not sure what's to be made newly. If I'm going to look back in time and take something, what would I use?'

'? Look back in time,? my friend! You've literally just said the answer! Why not simply look back at it all for inspiration?' said Forester.

'Oh, genius! let me think... Well, such scientific revolution and paradigmm shifts have happenned before, but what to choose? Ah! Perhaps I could take something, legendarily old, something that if I modified, I could make a giant leap at!' I thought aloud.

Forester grinned, and out came, 'Yes, yes; mmm... I know it!'

'What?!' I asked, excitedly.

"Fire! Modify fire!' he dissapointingly yelled.

'But... that's worthless... You can't invent somthing original off of that! Every bomb or gun almost throughout history is just fire! Fire! Fire!'- I waved my hands around -'Every combustion factor ever to be was...'

My thoughts trailed off. I had always been raised to and had inherintly believed that the future was never predictable or a 'always would be' case. These things simply did not happen. And it had been that mentologythat had drivenme to do this inventing thing in the first place.

'Yes! YES!' I shouted shockingly loud,'I shall follow this idea and change the way people see combustion!'

'Yeah! Yeah! That's the spirit! I can't believe that I've just inspired a genius!' encouraged Hal.

'But really, by the wind and the willow,  your the genius! Forester, thank you! A great thanks!' I complimented.

'Thank you?!' he replied, and we simply sat back and thought to ourselves about how proud we were of our idea. Then came the time  for him to leave, as all of the questions and chat had taken a few hours each out of the day, and it had already been noon when Forester had made his gracious appearance.

'Bye bye, good old friend1 Enjoy and keep me on your fingertips!' I said as I had him off.

A simple wave and that was it. Now, it was time to really ?get cooking.

Submitted: March 07, 2018

© Copyright 2021 faizyrooma4. All rights reserved.


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