Chapter 6: The Alert

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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A man burst out of the crowd yelling, 'Sir! Sir! Oh, it's him, it's him, it's him! We thought you were dead!'

Everybodyexcept the man wnet into an awkward silence there.

'Well, that's all better now, I knew you could survive! Please tell me you didn't wake up because of an alarm?'

'Ummm... I did,' I answered, and he yelled, 'Aw! Well he's your $100, Trixie.'

Some smirking lady recieved the money for what was probably a bet.

'Anyway, I hope you know what's going on, actually - of course you do!' said the man, 'Oh! Of course! My name is Daniel Gunderson, head of safety department! I love your amazing work!'

I could guess that that person probably was a fan, but that wasn't important. The issue was that the fire was on the 'kill zone'

'Well, safety head, if you truly are, where is the fire brigade?' I said.

'Ooooooh... Right? We were going to do that if you didn't show up sooner or later. We were just wondering... How did it span the desert?' asked some other man.

'It was an emergency breakout. The barriers were already weakening, and I knew that perhaps it was inevitable. The thing can eat up pretty much anything save a few couple compunds and reaction substances that I have stored in my hoverbike. But it's only a quick slow down, and it dosen't do much. I really don't know what happens after it crosses the oceans-'

'What what what what- and what? It can also span water?' said some other man.

'Do not be so surprised about it. Our normal fire is worhtless, but this one had style and deadliness over the normal.' My eyes glinted as I spoke almost maniacly.

'I'm extremely concerned,' said a woman as she finally got up from her desk, 'This fire seems unbeatable. We've launched some stuff into it to make it just stop, but it just keeps going.'

'Well, I'm fairly certain that there is no way that this stuff can be stopped,' Maxwell responded, and he waited for the crowd's gasps to stop before speaking again, 'This invention is probably capable of burning the whole country of Australia to the ground, but it may - just may not spread past the ocean. We could contain it by escaping.'

Maxwell thought of how sad that sounded. He remembered hearing about an oil-filled sinkhole in India that accidentally caught fire and burned on and on for 40 years before calmiing down. He wondered if he'd take the title for person to cause the most effect on the planet Earth. Then he thought of what would happen next. 

Would the world governments throw him into jail? He was basically guilty of arson. He might have to pay a large - not just large, reeling huge fine - a price so big that it gave Maxwell veritgo. He was a murderer, too. A bunch of people had died because of him... He couldn't let this happen. Justice wouldn't take him. He'd have to convince people of an enormous lie, that if they believed, might save his life for just long enough to let him escape.

Of course, he never confided these thoughts with anyone, although he made a mental note to ask them later what they thought just as he was escaping.

'Hello? Helllooo? Are you still there? Don't tell me you've fainted or something?' asked the Head of Safety.

Maxwell thought of his plan and sadly looked at Gunderson.


Submitted: March 21, 2018

© Copyright 2021 faizyrooma4. All rights reserved.


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