Chapter 8: The Run

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 75

Maxwell ran and ran and did not stop even after he heard the scream of the lady inside. He was determined to make the most of his escape. Luckily, the news of him being a criminal and the scream of the lady were not heard, because the bustling city people felt like they had no time for that.

Maxwell thought of a plan. An easy escape vehicle but a really hard to maintain one was a small dingy, or sailboat, but he would need some supplies to keep himself alive and afloat. Anyway, he decided that he really needed to go shopping and so ran to the nearest department store and started to make work with what money he had. 

He managed to get some food and other living supplies, and then left the store and boarded his hover-bike and rode to the coastal area. This would be the hard part. Getting a boat. That was nearly enough to make him reconsider, but he was done with that. He needed a boat, and he didn't care what happened to the world while he was gone.

Maxwell carefully got to a boardwalk and walked out to a part where there were boats moored. He looked around for signs of an unattended boat, and he found one that was being left. He dashed onto it just as the owners were out of sight, and although he heard some yells, he was totally focused n getting to the boat in time.

"What the ruddy heck do ya' think you're doin', mate?!" yelled some sailor.

A woman standing next to him said, "That's my friend's husband's cousin's boat! Don't you touch it!"

The same woman rushed forward to try and stop Maxwell, but Maxwell pushed her aside and she fell backwards while Maxwell locked the gate, making it harder for anyone to stop him.

"What's going on?" yelled a man, "This is all very strange, and I wish to know what has happened."

Maxwell nearly froze. It was one of his friends who lived here, Harry Sherbert, a policeman. But he couldn't worry about him. This simply made him more determined to leave as quick as possible. He rushed to the top of the small ship, which had a really nice engine room. Maxwell quickly got the hang of the controls, knowing a lot about mechanical devices, and got the engine going as soon as  you could saw 'Tech-savvy criminal record'. 

But there was a slight problem. Maxwell had left the ropes on, and the boat was struggling against them. Along with that itself, the people down at the bottom were pulling, with Harry the policeman at the very front.

"Pull! Put everything into it, the engine's running strong, this ain't no sailboat!" he yelled, as more and more people crowded up the remaining rope to pull back the boat. This forced Maxwell to go down and deal with the problem.

Maxwell grabbed whatever sharp thing he could find and rushed down with a large saw and some knives that he had found. He began to slice the rope, but just as he was getting deep into the thick rope, Harry grabbed it and flung himself onto it, carefully moving forward. This didn't work well, and he barely hung on. The rope was attached quite high, so Harry would have to swim if he fell.

Last Maxwell had seen him, only a few months back, he couldn't swim. Why, oh, why did he of all people, have to ruin his record with so many murders? Maxwell kept sawing, and slowly, Harry got the strength to look up and say, "Max?" before falling to his death. Maxwell's stolen boat moved away rather quickly with nothing holding it back, and before long, Maxwell could no longer watch his old friend drown.

Maxwell turned his back, which not only took his eyes off of the world, but took his mind off as well.

Submitted: March 12, 2019

© Copyright 2021 faizyrooma4. All rights reserved.


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