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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A horrifying and sad tale of a person's mental breakdown. Enjoy y'all... BLEEGHHH...

Day 1

I'm sad, actually, I'm not sure what I'm feeling. Iguess a loved one's death really is the worst pain. Huu... I'm really and truly lost, and I don't think that I can go any longer. The death was only yesterday, but I'm not sure if i can get over this. He died. I can't name him, don't ask me to name him. I'm too fretty to sleep, but I'm fine otherwise. Maybe I really will grow out of it.

Day 2

I'm kind of awaiting the funeral, because i hope that more company of other people will help me. I really hope that it helps me. I'm not getting any better and am probably getting worse. The cost of the funeral is whopping, if you want to change the subject? Never mind, your just a blood-red book, and I'm another meat sack that has a bunch of electrical impulses flowing through me until I await a complete stop.

Day 4

The funeral, and I don't think, I feel much better, even with the company of other people. A whole lot of my relatives are sitting in the other room nearby and i'm not sure what I'm writing. I can't tell if your coloured or painted in blood. I see death and threats wthin even my mother and siblings. I can't tell a blade apart from a hug. What did this do to me?

Day 5

I had a funny dream. it was hilarious, in fact. I saw him with blood running down his cheeks from his forehead. There was a slash from where the blood dripped. It looked like a puppet covered in tomato juice. he didn't say anything, and simply stood there in a strange, sad way. I'm not sure whether it's good to still mourne him or not. Continuing, the blood all around him suddenley turned black, and a scream of pain and then an image of a surgeon flashed in my eyes. Did a doctor kill my- him.

Day 6

Why do these dreams keep coming? I'm screaming throughout the dream, and a sense of darkness is looming around me. I feel light-headed and I'm drowsy and blind. i want to stumble towards another place, towards light, something to drive the darkness away, but I'm as limp as a dead body. There's nothing in me, and the last thing that I think of is bloodshot eyes.

Day 10

The same drem is replaying with slight differences every time, but that's not important. I can't leave my house. I'm trapped. I want to stay. SoI'm staying here; alone. But should I? I don't know. I can only drink red liquids becaue my mind is steering me clear of consuming anything else. What do I do, what to do!?!?!?!

Day 11

I don't know what's a dream and what's not. I seem to occaisionally stumble into dreams without knowing and then end up sleep-walking away to some place and running back through the night. Nobody has seen me in ages and they have no idea about what's going on with me. I don't know what I'll do if people come looking for me. This is MY problem! Don't they see what is MINE?!?! Do you know, oh, Book of Blood, as I now call you?

Day 20

I'm not writing this am I? It's a dream, I'm lost, aren't I? This can't be real, true, acceptable. Why did the original die? Why did death's cruel hand manage to grasp at only him? Why did it not take one of the low and foolish ordinaries, who live and die normally and unimportantly amongst us. The ones that are stupis and unlikable and the ones that I don't care for. I GET WHAT I WANT!!!

Day 25

What time is it? What day is it? Who will die next? I had a dream, oh recorder of events. I had a dream vision of someone dying at my hands. My precious in my arms; my rage burning through me. I can tell that these are the meanings, but I do not understand the context. I have no idea what your visions mean, but i really need help. Please, save me... save... me... smoenoe...

Day 30


Day 31


Day 404

 Antenath Fahim Galkis Dafghanat Gasirahum Gah Gjah Resdac'!!!!!

Submitted: March 03, 2018

© Copyright 2021 faizyrooma4. All rights reserved.

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