my first hero

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this short story titled “my first hero” is written by a non-resident indian living in gulf based on few true events happened in his life.

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018



This short story titled “MY FIRST HERO” is written by a Non-Resident Indian living in Gulf based on few true events happened in his life.



By Rajan V Kokkuri, Attoor


I awoke early, as often did, just before sunrise to walk by the side of the flower


garden. I felt cold and cool breeze touching my face. I was wondering where this


the place is, slowly I realized we are far away from hometown. I was in deep 




I thought if I sleep more I may deprive me the chance of seeing this wonderful


place Kohima. 


Giri was already awake. He was going through the other side garden along with


Ani. Guards were standing near the gate with guns. Giri was a top Civil Servant


Of Government of India. Guards were very friendly and wished me when I


passed  my eye on them.


As I was about to get up driver Limbesh appeared and wished me good morning.


"Sir what is the plan for today" I recollected the reason for my trip all the way


for the Middle East. I was reluctant earlier when my brother called me to visit him.


It was my brother's mention of the significance of this beautiful North


Eastern state of India that gave me the interest to plan the trip. Our dad


served Indian Army in Kohima.


Several years back closer periods of 2nd World War. Indian troops and


British  Troops were together. We were so curious to hear the real stories of





My dad was the first hero in life. He used to narrate the Army stories and it


made the everlasting memory for me. Once by mistake, he had crossed the


border to  Pakistan and luckily was able to return to our soil. Sun was about


set, we reached our main destination Army cemetery & memorial site.


There were slight raindrops. We walked inside and saw much stone


memorials. As we


entered we saw a stone board with so many familiar names of our community


with many names ending our surname Nair and was sure my dad's name not


listed. But eyes filled with tears when I read the writing on the big stone in front of


the memory.






 When I saw these words I couldn’t stop thinking of my beloved father.


We reached home. I lied down to relax. Father’s thought was keeping on coming


 to me. Sleep did not come to my eyes, I was just lying down. I felt fortunate


being born and lived this life, slowly my eyes embraced sleep. The dream took


me to back to long years. I used to work in Gulf.


 It was one early morning on a Friday.


We used to have a holiday on Friday. Telephone calling to India was not easy


those days. Coin phones were away from our accommodation. I walked towards


to telephone booth with a lot of anxiety. It was an early morning without much


traffic.  These small calls were some relief from the lonely life. The telephone bell


rang. I expected daddy to attend phone, but mother answered. After a moment


she gave the phone to the father. He was finding difficult  to talk to me unlike


in the past. I just wondered what is happening. Is he


suffering more? I couldn't sleep that night. A silent slight pain was going through


my chest. That day was dull. Those days I was working in Saudi and used to go


for vacation once after every year. My inner feeling started worrying will father


survive till I make next vacation. I made up my mind somehow I should leave this


place and go to a place from where I can travel often to India just to see my old


parents often. After a long struggle, that day arrived. I got the final offer for a new


job in Oman. God has heard my prayer a job is offered to me. The long 13 years


Saudi life is going to end soon. Suddenly a fear came to my mind how


to get out of this place with full clearance. I was hopeful that my boss Gopal


will help me. But my ideas went wrong. He threw my resignation and told.



 "Absolutely no chance”  “You cannot leave” “I cannot accept your resignation," I


thought for a while, it is not the right time to argue with him. Let me give some


time. I thought I can  convince him later. Two three days passed. I prayed to god,


he should help me. I  pleaded with him and told. "Sir, my father is ill. It is difficult


to reach India in time in an emergency. My parents are old. I have told him I am


not leaving for money.


He used to like me a lot. Maybe due to my sincerely and frankness. He gave me


a lot of room to do a good job with confidence in the past. It is difficult to explain


my state of mind. Maybe he felt sorry for me and my good name and hard work


paid back. With very hard heart I left that Saudi leaving behind a lot of


good memories. It was so nice meeting father. I thanked God. He was not able to


speak well. Poor daddy, I felt. He was coughing too much. I slept side of him on


the wooden cot. Even though I didn't get proper sleep due to his cough, I was


happy I am with him. Mother was very happy and hugged me. "Raja" call


reached my ears. It was so nice. I felt very happy. God helped me to be beside


them during his tough days. It was very hard leaving them behind in Kerala and


left to Bangalore with a lot of pain. I had few days to leave to Oman for a new job.


The formalities went on well. All of a sudden the telephone rang. Mother was


on-line. "Daddy in the hospital” “come fast". I didn't know what to do? It was


difficult to get sudden train tickets.


Ani asked how I can leave. I said 'I have to go". I packed a small bag and hurried


to the bus station and caught the 1st available bus to Coimbatore and reached


Trichur hospital early morning. I felt happy; I reached in time with few Saudi


Riyals in the pocket. I was wondering, short of money in the pocket. My friend


appeared and took Indian Rupees from him in exchange for foreign currencies.


Soon an ambulance was arranged to leave at Trivandrum hospital. My


brother Giri was my strength always and was there to support me. We landed in


the hospital and then I thought it was nice we took him to a better place. I and


mummy stayed in a small hospital room side of dad. I discussed many things


about dad. My mother was a strong person and always stood with us. There


were not many days left for me to leave to Gulf for joining a new job.


One day dad called me by the side of the hospital bed, He was struggling to


speak. "Raja you go”. I didn't understand his words. The mother told me that he


was telling me to leave for a new job without delay. I was worried. I told mummy.


How can I? Leaving him like this? Finally, with hard feelings, I was leaving. I saw


the tears in his eyes. It was telling me whether he will be able to see me again.


Dad was such a nice person didn't want any hardship for anyone. If it is in


 the case of children it was much more affection and care. I assured


him I will come back after a month by then, he will be recovered. I knew 


that his days are numbered from what I heard from Doctor. He was


suffering from some pancreas disease. I didn't feel the thrill of joining for a


new job. My mind was still with dad in a hospital bed. Then all of a sudden


a telephone call came. Giri told me dad left us. I couldn't do anything for


some time. When came to sense manager offered  me to return to India without


delay. The visa formalities were there. But I  remembered dad's last words and


his wish. Brother told not travel now. You can come late. Days passed, the


festival time arrived in Gulf. I thought it is time to see mother. Seeing mother


alone at home, it was very hurting for me. We all cried for a long time and


consoled each other.


 We had many stories of our hero to narrate. Mother went to the room and


bought me a small Astrology book called Panchangam. I asked her what


that was. She told me just go through. I was turning pages then suddenly


something struck me. "10 Oct 2005" in RED ink. It was the handwriting of


father. I was stunned. It was the date my dad left us from this world. I


couldn't believe my eyes. I always felt father was just wonderful. My eyes


filled with tears.  Oh, my  God. He knew he was going to die. Even then he


forced me to leave India for the job. I thought what a wonderful dad. Even at


the time of death also, he wished comforts and happiness for children. Can


anyone have such a  nice father? I thought “What a rare person he is”


Ani touched my shoulders. "Get up we have to get ready to leave to Airport".

© Copyright 2019 RAJAN V KOKKURI. All rights reserved.

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