Wheat Kings

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A Canadian perspective on Gord Downie and his death.

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Wheat Kings
Published October 19th 2017 Blogger

Wheat Kings

You were a voice in the Canadian consciousness,
the wake in which you lead rippled through our society, our souls, 
and made us think what it means to be Canadian. 
This is the essence of being an artist,
of being a wheat king,
to face the challenges of cultural adversity,
and not be afraid to bring it forth in a stylistic melody.

Storytellers hold an audience under the midnight skies,
as the warmth of the fire seeps into the soul,
this is our passage, our right into Canadiana history,
and when the sun sets we shall inherit your essence,
we shall inherit your spirit beside the evening glow.

For some it may bring a tear of sadness,
and for some a grimace smile,
for some a tender jump,
in the heart of absence. 

I see you on the plains,
a shadowy image upon the wheat fields of gold,
heading away with the sunset,
heading home with the other wheat kings.

You never wave goodbye,
nor turn around one more time,
no last glance here,
just you being Canadian.

Legacy shall transpire,
in the heart of sincerity,
and we shall all rise,
to the status of Wheat Kings.

A Tribute To Gord Downie
Husband, Father, Composer and lead singer of The Tragically Hip.
A Voice Of The Canadian Consciousness.

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