a Flash in Time

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15 year old Quad does not know what to do when he knows he can stop and travel time, what do you think he will do with his new power? Find out in A Flash of Time

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Hi, my name is Quad, yes I know it’s a funny name but yes, im Quad. As you probably guessed or didn’t, my life is a mess. I have a big brother who is 21 and is really annoying, his name is Ridge. We live in a small modern apartment with a loving mother and father and everything is going good, but until today.


Today: I woke up this morning and got breakfast eaten and then I took a shower, but in the shower I saw something strange, a bunch of cloth on the bathtub floor, which was very unusual. Then, I went along with my day and at lunch, we went to a restaurant that was called Billy’s Diner and was a lot of strange folks in there, and then my brothers cousin walked in with a gun, and I did not know what to do and I was frightened to death and then I held my hand up and then...  I woke up in the shower with all the cloth on the floor, I thought it was all a dream until I went to the same diner, at the same day, at the same month and year. I said “What is happening mom?” and Mom replied “Nothing, why? Is everything ok?. I just looked away with no respond. And then my brothers cousin stepped in again, with a gun. I held my hand up again and time just stopped, nothing was moving, nobody was talking, and everything was quiet. I walked around but, nothing moved. Nobody’s eyes were moving and no one was talking. Since time was not moving, I decided to pull the gun out of his hand. I threw the gun outside and it fell into a pit of fire not moving at all which was weird. I pulled my hand up again and time went back to normal, everything was moving, the jukebox was going, and police went through the door and arrested him. I went back to my seat and said to myself  “What is happening?.. I think i’m a human time machine”. I had so many questions about my new power that I didn’t know what was happening. I went outside with my mom, dad, and brother and thought “I'm dreaming, I know I am..”. I kept banging my head and suddenly I woke up in my bed and I said “It was all just a dream..” I smiled. I went back to sleep and everything was ok.


 to be continued...


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