The Lost Soul

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Chris finds his transition to the afterlife is full of surprises.

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Chris could not restrain his jubilation. Finally, after so many trials and tribulations, he had arrived before the pearly gates of heaven. He jumped up and down laughing hysterically. "Yippee! I made it! Oh, thank you Lord!" he shouted. He was so deliriously happy. At last he was free of the burdens of life. Glory awaited.
The three angels who were there to greet him were almost equally as happy. Two white-robbed angels hovered over each side of the heavenly gate. Another angel hovered in front of the gate."Glory! Hallelujah!" they sang harmoniously.  The sound of their wings provided a rhythm for their chorus. Chris added his voice in celebration. He was delighted that his own singing sounded beautiful. Everything was improved. He could jump higher than ever. He had gained the ability to perform back flips and cartwheels.
Chris was allowed as much time as he needed to express his his joy. After all, time is no concern in eternity. Eventually he paused to look around and take in the sights and sounds. He sat down on the street of gold with his legs crossed. One of the angels took advantage of the lull to approach the new arrival. "Welcome to heaven, sir." His wings twitched a little as he walked. "We are your heavenly hosts. It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Peter. I am the gatekeeper here." He turned to introduce the others. "This is Horace and Joseph. They will be your servants throughout eternity."
"We want to make your stay here as comfortable as possible," Joseph said. he bowed respectfully.
"Yes." Horace agreed. "It's my pleasure to serve you, sir." He bowed and straightened his halo.
Chris was impressed by their enthusiasm. "Thank you." he said as he stood up. "That's very nice." He shook hands with each of them. He was not the least bit tired even after such a display of exuberance.
"How was your trip, Chris?" Peter asked politely.
"Oh, it was really a very pleasant experience. I felt myself being drawn up through a long, dark tunnel toward a beautiful, glowing light. Somehow I ended up here. I suppose I had no reason to fear death after all."
"That's what all our arrivals say," Horace said grinning.
Chris looked all around. "Wow! This is more beautiful than I'd ever imagined, and I feel great! The rheumatism and arthritis are all gone."
"You have a new body now," Peter explained. "See for yourself." He snapped his fingers and a full-length mirror appeared before Chris.
Besides being surprised by the angel's magic, Chris was delighted with his own reflection. "I used to be bald," he thought. He combed his dark hair with is hand and struck a pose. "I look like I'm twenty again," he said.
"You're very handsome," Joseph said. "Radiant!"
"Not too bad for a dead guy," Chris quipped. Everyone chuckled.
Peter waved his hand and the mirror vanished. "You have many pleasures awaiting you." he remarked. "The Lord has prepared an exceptional mansion for you. Your reward for having lived a moral life."
Chris blushed at the compliment. "I did my best," he said modestly.
" You have loved ones here," Horace continued. "Your mother inquires about you  frequently."
That statement brought on another outflowing of joy. "My mother! I haven't seen her since I was a child." He jumped and clicked his heels. The angels sang hallelujah.
"Please take me to my wife, Anna," Chris requested. We prepared to meet here all our lives. I know she will be happy to see me."
Peter frowned. "I'm afraid your wife did not make the trip," he said glumly.
Chris became serious. "That's ridiculous," he declared. "She was a virtuous person. I'm sure she's here."
"I'll check, sir," Peter snapped his fingers. A black book appeared in his hands. He flipped through the pages. After a few moments of research he looked up an said, "I'm sorry. Anna is not listed in the registry."
"There has to be some kind of mistake. "She had a heart of gold. Who can I talk to about his?"
"Mistakes are not made in heaven, sir," Peter said.
"That's not fair!" Chris shouted. He stamped his foot indignantly.  We had faith that we'd see each other again."
"It is unfortunate." Horace interposed. "I suppose she never actually received God's grace." He bowed sadly as he spoke. "You  can never be sure about these things. Only God knows the true condition of one's soul."
"Yes," Joseph said. "Only the lord knows all. He is the one true judge. I'm sure your wife had the same opportunities that everyone else has on Earth. You should just be glad that you're here."
"Glory! Hallelujah!" the angels sang together.
"Oh shut up!" Mike snapped. His disappointment had turned to anger. "How am I supposed to be happy without Anna?"
"Don't pout," Horace said patronizingly." Everyone can't come to heaven."
"Why not?" Chris asked testily.
The angels shuffled their feet and exchanged questioning glances. "Uh...Well..."Joseph began. "That's just not God's plan." He shrugged his shoulders.
"Why would God have a plan like that?" Chris persisted.
The angels were shocked that Chris could be so rebellious. "We would never think about that," Peter said sternly. "Our minds are finite. We could never question his motives."
"That's right," Horace agreed. "We only work here."
"It's not fair," Chris whined.
"You'll forget all about her after you've been here a while," Peter stated. He clapped his hands and the pearly gate opened. "Perhaps the Father will explain everything to you later on. Everyone is meeting to sing praises. Let's go inside."
"But I don't feel like singing," Chris complained. He bowed his head in sorrow. Tears stained his white garment. Horace and Joseph took him by each arm. They flapped their wings and lifted the newcomer off of the golden street. His legs dangled as they led him to his final destination. 
"It just isn't right," Chris sobbed. "It's just not fair."
The gate closed behind them.

© Copyright 2018 Rick Starbridge. All rights reserved.

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