when the world ends

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this brief poem is about a girl that's by herself. she hasn't realized that the world has come to and end. the only thing that is with her are crows. the world is now a people less place.

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



As I sit in the fire with my legs crossed,

I think about all the lies I've been told.

Smoking on smoke with my thirty-six

Inch hair while drinking Hennessey

From a tea cup


As the fire starts to go out, and evrything

Turns to ash, I see a bright light. And I think

"Is this God?"

Was it my time?

The light goes out.


It wasn't God.

Islowly walk on the ashes on my tiptoes.

Into the hallway and out the door.

The polluted air hits my face.

An unkindeness of crows swarms the sky.


I stand there intrigued wondering where

All these birds could've come from.

I look around for people.

It seems the world has come to and end.

No animals but the crows to be seen.


No people to be seen.

For once the world is something it's

Never been before.



And people-less.


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