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The last thing I saw was a hanging rope, I closed my eyes, I could feel my face was being covered with a bag of cloth, I was not having the courage to open my eyes, it was pin drop silence, I moved
a bit & I heard the noise of my hand-cuff and the chains on my feet.

A story of love, belief, trust, sacrifice and respect for belief.....

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



“The Red Moon “

The last thing I saw was a hanging rope, I closed my eyes, I could feel  my face was being covered with a bag of cloth, I was not having the courage to open my eyes, it was pin drop silence,  I moved a bit & I heard the noise of my hand-cuff and the chains on my feet.

I felt the knot of rope around my neck, my heart beat became fast, I wanted to rewind the life… rewind every moment and live it again

…..I think Arash, I have brought all the ill fate in your life, see from the day we met I see you are having trouble, this is my belief & I will not change –

Mahin  will you please stop this, you create your own stories & you live in that world, stop this please, I really get upset

No Arash … I will not, You have to agree with what I am telling you.

Mahin …. Will you stop this please, it’s enough of the story making now, am I the only boy in Esfahan who is not getting a job? there are other hundreds of men searching job every day.

…. I will… when I will not be in this world.. you can’t change my belief

Mahin.SHUT UP ….

She smiled ….. Arash,  let's go near the pond, fish are waiting for us..

Sitting near the  pond and feeding the  fish was very special moment for both of us, It seems to me that even fish were aware of our relationship, they used to come out to have a glance at us & the moment either me or Mahin threw the food.. they would go deep into the pond with a smiling face…… doing all this for a reason …. Just known  to both of us….

We were living in Esfahan (Iran), the most beautiful city in the world, situated on the banks of Zion Darude river, our city was full of beautiful mosques & gardens.

 Pillar Holes mosque, Palace Que el Chacal saloon, SaviorCathedral, Imam square and Friday Mosque are some of the places where people visit & spend time with their family…but for us there were only two places “Qeysarie bazaar or you can call Soltani Bazar and the famous Katya bridge – the bridge which is 132 meters long 12mtr wide and has 23 arches “ Each and every number had significance in our life..

“Mahin” means related to the moon,  was studying in college, I first saw her at  Qeysarie bazaar, sorry I am wrong, I first saw her eyes in the bazaar…

Mahin always wore a blue headscarf covering her face, and the only visible portion was her eyes, she was purchasing dry fruits and I was standing just next to her …

Her eyes saw mine & she went back…

To find a girl by looking just at her eyes in Esfahan was not easy, I came back home but was unable to forget her eyes, lying on the bed I was trying to recollect the eyes which I had seen today…

I started visiting the market every day, not looking for someone but for a pair of eyes, which I would have recognized at the first sight …but provided I meet them.

It was Friday, after visiting the mosque, I once again came to the Soltani bazaar, as it is the worlds biggest bazaar, so it is always very crowded,  I was standing near a jewelry shop, I saw a piece of paper thrown by someone passing by near my feat…

I picked up, unfolded it to see “ Mahin” and when I turned it was written “Katya bridge tomorrow at 3 ” since it was very crowded I could not see the messenger… but this piece of paper made my heart beat fast.

“Sleep” this word was out of my dictionary that night….what will I say first? how will I recognize her ? how to start? what will she ask? I was trying to prepare question bank first and then the most suitable answers to them…

In the perfect dress, a bit nervous I reached the Katya Bridge at 2.30 pm, but it was a large area, not so easy to find someone, the best option for me was to stand somewhere near the entrance and wait for her to come, it was 3.30 pm, my mouth was getting dry because of nervousness…

“As- Salaam- Alaikum, sorry I got late… heart was about to stop the moment I heard her soft voice…..” yeah the same eyes”

“No, it's alright I had just come five minutes back, even I was also late”

“esm e shoma chist ?” (what is your name)


“esm a man Mahin est” ( my name is Mahin) she said

Come let's walk …I said.

No, will sit somewhere….

“Arash what are you doing ?”

I am about to complete my studies, what about you?

“I am still studying”

Both of us were nervous and all the preplanned questions were out from the heads. Just after ten minutes, she said “I have to go”

I never knew how to stop so I said ‘ok, but will meet again”

She replied “yeah, the same place after ten days”

From here the counting of days started in my life….which never ended.

I was once again before time and was waiting for her, she came right on time and the only thing which makes her recognize was her eyes  which of course is only possible when she is close, but the way she wore headscarf was different from others, hence today I was able to spot her from a distance.

The “question bank today was working and we came to know each other”. Life started moving, we started meeting more frequently near the bridge, This “Katya bridge” became the part of our life.

I started coming in the morning to drop her to college and in the afternoon to pick her up, we had two options either to walk or to travel by pony cart – my choice was always to walk but she always wanted pony cart so that she could reach home early..

“Sit on the left side and make space for me” – this was my statement to her every day when we used to sit.

“Arash, what about your job, ?”

“Yeah I am trying but things are not getting matured” I replied

“ok, I will pray for you in the Mazar, I have a lot of faith in it”… Mahin said.

“Don’t worry, I am working on it will share the good news very soon..” I replied

“But when “ Mahin asked again.

Days were passing in the way we always wanted, some routines were very fixed like feeding the fish.

“ Mahin you know – “what Arash” I heard somewhere that if you feed them while holding the hand, love increases….and no one can separate them, not even death…

She smiled (I could make out from her covered face) & extended the pack so that I should feed them the remaining last pieces..

Come let's go I said,

“ Arash I will ask something from you  one day,” Mahin said,

“What….” I asked ………“I will tell you at the right time “ I am sure you will obey……

Let me know what do you want from me “ I will obey everything except …..”

“What except ?”  I know my man, he will obey me, Mahin told while looking into my eyes.

We had celebrated five Eids so far, time was passing by, we were so used to each other that if we don’t talk to each other our day was incomplete.

“My search for a job was killing her, she was visiting Mazars and was praying for me”

“Mahin, got the letter by post today” I texted her a message.

“So my mannat is complete now Arash”

“Mannat,” I texted

 Yeah, day has come…she replied

“Day” I texted again

“Yeah, will tell you if we meet again”

These lines took away everything from me

“Have you gone mad, What are you writing all this” I texted her.


This was the last message of the day from her side..

I went to bed and was staring at the fan, recollecting the first day and entire night traveled the journey which we had traveled so far.

In the morning I tried to reach out her but was of no use…..

I decided to meet her.

“I am coming “ I texted

“I am busy” she replied

“I will reach near the bridge and wait” I texted

“ I am not sure” she texted

I decided to move and reached the “Katya bridge” which has witnessed our love.

“I had reached and I am waiting” I texted

After fifteen minutes she replied..

“ So you had not listened to me, tell me if I don’t meet you again in life what will change”

“what’s wrong with you, please come I am waiting near the 11th arch “ I texted

The same headscarf, face semi-covered and wearing a dark blue dress ( dark colors always suits her) I could see her coming…

“Yeah tell me – she asked”

“What is the issue Mahin, why are you behaving like this.”. I asked her

“Let me tell you something  Arash today…..I had taken a Mannat at the Mazar”

“Mannat….what Mahin”

“ The day you are settled and you get a job I will release you & will not keep any relations with you, you know with such a good education  you were not getting a job only because of me, somewhere my coming in your life brought all these disturbances….so dear friend this is the last meeting of us in this life….we will not meet again… I had committed this to almighty and I will keep my promise…..”

My heart stopped….. hands were cold….it was a death like feeling….

“Mahin…will you listen to me…….”


I told you that I will ask something from you & you will have to give it to me…so today I am asking you to obey me once again & go back to your life…….do not keep any expectations from me please, begin a new life and just leave me in my world….never try to meet me again, I am so happy that you going out of Esfahan to pursue your career….

For the first time, she extended her hand to shake and said ..”Bye Arash..hope we never meet again”

I kept standing, unable to understand that what has happened in my life… she was going away from me….each step of her was taking something from my heart, I was experiencing a very different pain…how can I make her understand that she has no role to play in this, how can she decide all alone? How can she end a relationship like this? …

I sat near the bridge started looking at the sky ..recollecting each and every moment we had lived togther.. night was getting dark today……never ever it was so dark  .it is an eclipse today ……I could see a red moon….deep red moon……

“This Red Moon has taken my Mahin today” I was cursing the moon….pain was getting unbearable, I….

The last thing I saw was hanging rope, I closed my eyes, I could feel that my face was being covered with a bag of cloth, I was not having the courage to open my eyes, it was pin drop silence,  I moved a bit & I heard the noise of my hand-cuff and the chains on my feet.

I felt the knot of rope around my neck, my heart beat became fast, I wanted to rewind the life… rewind every moment and live it again…

But…..time was merciless …..I just heard a noise…and the rope suffocated my throat, I lost breath..



……………..Wake up son go home ….its lunar eclipse today




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