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On Thursday, November 22, 2020, the moon glitched.

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



The night was a risky one, the air was coated with thick smoke. The scent of tobacco stuck to the breath of whoever dared to breathe. A dark night lit up by humanities ways. The streets weren't crowded, that she could remember. Most were home thanking their god for what they have and what they're about to be. Thanking God for what is clear. So the people on the streets wore their stories on their backs. With mother Russia in their system, people wandered the streets like any day and some might say that that's what caused it but those people didn't see didn't feel. On the 22 of November, the world went dark. Not just the sky but our minds as the little we knew as truth disappeared along with the moon. We watched, we felt, we breathed the truth and we held its gaze as it stared down at us. As the street went as silent as a dead men heart the stars left us, took away, abandoned our reality. As violent cries filled the stoned streets a wind stole the smoke from the air we breathed, took its familiarity and hugging warmth away from us. There we stood in complete darkness and in that moment we all could read minds, for we all knew what hit us as the darkness fell, as the bottom slapped us in the face, what now? 0.390 seconds, that's all it took to divide the world in two. Many say that the mind is easily fooled and they are not liers, but something hit us so hard that night that there wasn't a point to getting up. All the people with imprints in their mind went home a new person. They were told that it was because of the weather, then that the moon just was out of place for a second but it felt wrong...

- are you done?

- no-

- your time is up

stone cold eyes scummed through the words, stone cold eyes met mine,

- you could have cut out all the unnecessary parts, we only want facts

- this is what you get

stone cold eyes left mine and wandered out the door.

- the chair is ready

My name is Nila and I am the last fo the believing. 

© Copyright 2019 Alijjan. All rights reserved.

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