The Tube Fed Nana

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Horror. Humour.

Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



The Tube Fed Nana


  Veronica was a big girl, and a bit of a control freak as well.

She had always thought it was cruel to prolong someone's 

misery by tube feeding them. To force a tube up their nose,

and down into their stomach, so they wouldn't have any say

in whether they lived or died, and the stuff that they fed them

looked awful! 

  It was really cruel Veronica thought that her parents should

want her Nana kept alive like this, especially when she was

worth a lot of money, and some of it was supposed to come

to her. Such a long lingering existence Veronica thought, 

such a waste of time, she could be enjoying her Nana's money

now instead of watching her decompose cell by cell. If only

her parents didn't think life was sacred, Veronica thought,

if only  they realised money was.

  The next time Veronica went to visit her Nana at the nursing

home, she rode her bike. Her parents were to busy today,

they told Veronica, who concluded, " It's one thing to keep

someone alive, it's a another to visit them! What a chore! "

  When Veronica got to the nursing home she secured her

bike to a metal railing with a chain and padlock, just in case

someone with dementia wanted to peddle off. She didn't

want to be responsible for someone escaping. Not today.

She took the bycycle pump with her in her shoulder bag, 

and went into the room where her ancient Nana lay, in

suspended animation. Her Nana was lucky, her parents 

paid extra so she could have a room to herself, not that 

she ever knew. It made her parents feel better.

  Veronica asked the sister if she could have some privacy,

to be with her Nana alone. The sister understood and shut

the door. Veronica took the bycycle pump out of her bag

and fitted it to the end of the tube that her Nane was fed 

her yukky food from. She pumped and pumped, her 

Nana's eyes bulged, and her tongue stuck out, her stomach

got bigger than a balloon, and she farted, the smell! Their

was a final scream, then...

  Veronica disconnected her bycycle pump, and reattached

the plastic bag full of nutritional liquid to her Nana's feeding 

tube. She closed the door of her Nana's room behind her,

and rode back home, to await the good news!


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