Type O Negative

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Do you know why you are here?


Your brother was in a serious accident.


Do you know what that means?

It means... he might go sleep and not wake up?

He needs a blood transfusion.  Someone has to give the blood from their body to make him OK again.


Are you listening to the doctor, sweetheart?

Yes, mama.

Your brother, he has a special kind of blood that can be used to make everyone else better, but unfortunately only people with blood like him can make him better.

Like a mutant?


What, mama?  The doctor said he’s special blood and mutants have special blood and—

Yes, like a mutant.  Very good.


Now, listen carefully.  Since you are identical twins, that means you also have identical blood.  What I mean is, your blood is the same as your brother’s.

I’m mutant too?

I can’t listen to this.

Go wait outside, Missus—

Where is mama going?

Don’t worry about that, you will see her again soon.


What I need you to understand is: only your blood can save your brother right now.

‘Cause we both mutants?

Because you’re both the same kind of special.


So, would you be willing to give your blood to save your brother?


You can take some time to think about it.


Do you have any questions for me about what I’ve just explained?


Anything at all.


Please, go ahead.

How long will it take for me to die and how much is it going to hurt?

Submitted: March 04, 2018

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