Robby's Secret

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Paws For Reading

Robby Hare's hiding a big secret can you figure it out

Robby’s Secret


Chapter 1:

“Oh please, you’d have to be a complete block-head to actually

 believe those stupid stories.

About your dad’s store being haunted after it closes by

 some creepy creature.” Tommy Cub frowned

“Okay hotshot,

 why don’t you prove just how brave you are.

 I bet that you and your side-kick Sammy,

 wouldn’t last one hour inside my dad’s store

 after it closes.”

 Robby Hare smirked back


“Why don’t we make a bet out of it.

 If we lose, which we won’t but if we do.

 I’ll let you keep my favorite video game collection

 to keep forever.” Tommy told him

“You got yourself a bet. And if I lose which

highly doubt it,

 I’ll let you and Sammy take anything you like

 for free

“Out of my dad’s store,” Robby answered


we’ll meet you at your dad’s store tomorrow night.”

 Tommy agreed


Tommy couldn’t wait to go back to their clubhouse

 and tell

Sammy about the bet.

 He just made with Robby 

“Are you nuts?”

 Why did you make such a stupid bet like that

 without asking me first?” Sammy Turtle frowned


 don’t tell me that you believe in all those

dumb stories.

 He loves to tell?” Tommy asked



 Okay, I’m sorry that I didn’t ask you first,

 but I couldn’t help it

“Robby is such a dork I just wanted to wipe

 that smirk on his face.

 Besides, think of all the cool stuff

We’re going to get when we win.” Tommy smiled


Chapter 2:


The next night they met Robby by the back entrance

 to his dad’s store

“Okay, here’s a couple of flashlights.

 And boys it’s still not to late for you to change

your minds.” Robbie told them

“Don’t hold your breath.

 We got this in the bag, don’t we Sammy.”

 Tommy laughed

“Yah, in the bag,” Sammy mumbled

“Sure, sure,

 but don’t say that I never warned you!”

 Robby laughed as he unlocked the door

 and letting them in

“Good luck,

 trust me you’re going to need it.”

 He added



 bigmouth now what?” Sammy asked Tommy


“Well, we just can’t stand here.

 Robby’s watching us through the window

let’s go check out

 what we’re going to get.” Tommy shrugged.


 Once they enter the elevator they spotted

 a big duffel bag

Tommy picked it up there was nothing inside of it

 expect a note that read:


Hey, losers!

Just to prove that you guys didn’t just spend

 your time

Hiding in the bathroom

Your task is to bring me the items on this list at the end

 of the night

For each item you bring will be one that you’ll be

 able to trade

That’s if and a big if you survive the bet



What a tool!” Tommy snorted


 the first item on his stupid list is to take a teddy bear

out of one of the doll’s arm.” He added

“Why does he want that for?” Sammy frowned

“Does it really matter. Let’s just get this over with.”

 Tommy shrugged as he pressed the elevator button for

the first floor


Chapter 3:

As soon as they walked out of the elevator.

 They walked into a dim light that was filled with creepy

 looking dolls, holding different kinds of stuff animals

“You don’t think he wants us to take one of those

 do you?”

Sammy asked

“I guess.” Tommy shrug as he walked over to

 one of the dolls and said


 but I need to borrow your little buddy for a while.

 I promise to bring it back when we’re done.”


He pulled the teddy bear from the doll’s hand

 and was about to walk away

When the doll suddenly turned her head and growled

 at him




“Holy crap!” She came to life!”

 Sammy yelled before he turned and started to run

 towards the elevator

“Hey!” Stop those kids,

 they’re trying to steal my teddy bear!”

 The doll cried out


Suddenly every doll in the store turned their heads

 towards Tommy and Sammy

“Tommy, just give her back the dumb bear and

 let’s get out of here. While we still can!”


 you dummy if you want it back so bad.

 You got it!”

 Tommy yelled before he threw the teddy bear

 at them

 as hard as he could and quickly ran inside

 the elevator


“Oh wow, that was close.”

Sammy sighed once the door closed

“Yah, but at least we got the stupid thing.”

Tommy smiled putting the teddy bear inside

 the duffel bag

“How did you get that?”

 I thought you threw it at them?” Sammy asked him

“I fake- threw it.

 Then hide it under my shirt.” Tommy proudly


“Oh, I was thinking that maybe we should just leave.”

 Sammy began

“Dude, before you continue whining.


 how do we know that Robby didn’t rig those dolls

 to move like that?” Tommy interrupted

“Yah, you’ve a point. Okay, what’s next?”

Sammy agreed

“That’d be the second floor.

 get a bottle of perfume.”

 Tommy answered after he read the list

“Perfect,” Sammy mumbled

“Relax dude,

 how hard can it be to grab a bottle of perfume?”

 Tommy frowned

“Well, hopefully, it’ll be easier

 then to get a teddy bear,” Sammy smirked

Very funny


Chapter 4:


The elevator jerked as it stopped on the second floor

Tommy peeked out his head before he stepped

 out of it


“Okay, the cost is clear.

 I think the perfume case is over by the back.”

 Tommy told him

“How are we going to find the right one.

 There has to be a million brands?” Sammy asked

“It doesn’t matter.

 We’ll just grab the first bottle then move on.”

Tommy instructed

“Okay, but let’s.” Sammy began

“What’s the matter?” Tommy asked him

“My leg is itching something must have bitten it.”

 Sammy shrugged


Tommy looked down at Sammy’s leg

“Oh gross,

 your leg is covered with a whole bunch

of little bugs.” Tommy groaned


“Well, don’t just stand there.

Help me get them off.” Sammy cried out

“Okay, okay, stand still.”


Tommy opened one of the perfume bottles

 and started spraying Sammy’s leg with it

“Stop stretching your leg.

 You’ll only make it worst.” Tommy scowled him

“I can’t help it.

 I can still feel them crawling on me.”

 Sammy whined


“Okay, now our next stop.” Tommy began

“Out!” I had enough of this place.”

 Sammy interrupted as he pushed the button

 to the

 ground floor

But instead, the elevator went up instead of down

“Perfect,” Sammy mumbled

“This isn’t going to take long.

 I was here with Chuck last week I know exactly where

 to find a silver arrow. Tommy smiled.


 Sammy was going to answer him back when

an arrow

 suddenly zipped right by their heads


Chapter 5:


“Whoa!” Where did that come from?”

 Tommy yelled out before Sammy and he

 hit the floor then crawled behind the cashier


A few seconds later they peeked their heads up and

spotted an old fox dressed in old fashion clothing

 planning his next move

“Oh, terrific,

 we’re getting attack by Robin Hood.”

 Tommy smirked

“Not funny dork, instead of making stupid jokes.

 Why don’t you try to make peace with him?”

 Sammy frowned.


Tommy was about to answer when a voice yelled out

“Show yourself!”

 Why have you entered my kingdom?”

“Umm, sorry sir,

 but my name is Sammy and my friend Tommy

 and I.

we know it was dumb,

 but we made a bet with the owner’s son of this store


Sammy began explaining


the old fox started laughing as he interrupted


 When I was much younger I too would often make

 dumb bets

 with my lads

But my real question how are you going to keep this

 from the evil beast?”

“The evil beast?” Tommy asked frowning

“Oh my,

 didn’t this sir Robby tell you about the evil beast?”

 The fox asked them


“I see, then let me aid you in a small way.

 Please take this silver arrow it will help you

in your fight

 to defeat it.” The fox smiled.


 Sammy didn’t want to take it but didn’t think that

 he had much of a choice

“Sir, we can’t thank you enough.” He smiled

“Yes, thank you,” Tommy added

“Farewell my young lads, and the best of wishes!”

 The fox bowed before he disappeared into

 a big cloud of smoke




Chapter 6:

When they got back into the elevator Sammy looked

over to Tommy

“Okay, let’s do this.”

“Are you sure?”

 We can just find the exit.” Tommy mumbled

“No, we might as well.

 You still have the duffel bag with the stuff

 in it?”

 Sammy asked

“Yep, it’s all right here.”

 Tommy smiled holding up the bag

“Then let’s finish it, last floor coming

 right up!”



Chapter 7:



When the elevator doors opened it was

 pitch black

“Great, talk about your total blackout.

 I can’t see anything.” Sammy mumbled

“Me neither.

 Hold on let me turn on the flashlight from

 my keychain.”

 Tommy told him


Seconds later an eerie light glared over

 the darkened room

“Oh wow, Tommy look!”

Tommy pointed the light at an

 ugly beyond fat creature that looked sort

a lot like Robby

Smiling at them


Hey guys, what took you so long?” He asked them


 is that really you?” Tommy asked him in disbelief


” I told you guys, that my dad’s store was cursed.

 But what I didn’t say was that the curse turns me into

 a creature every night until the morning.”

Robby sighed

“That’s why I keep telling those silly stories hoping

 Whoever took the challenge.

 Would also figure out or help me

figure out how to end the curse.” He added

“Oh wow,

 maybe if we spray you with some perfume

 it’d wash it away or something.” Tommy told him

He opened the duffel bag and took out

 the small bottle of

 perfume and started spraying Robby with it all over

“Oh gross,

 you just sprayed it in my mouth!” Robby chocked

“Dude, I really don’t think that’s working.

 Why don’t you try something else?” Sammy added 


“Wait. I think I got it!”

Tommy searched the duffel bag

then took out the silver bullet that the old fox

 gave them

“There’s some kind of writing on it.”

 Tommy said before he began reading out loud

Robby just looked at him with a confused look


 it’s working he’s starting to shrink back to size!”

 Sammy cried out


They watched as this cloud suddenly surrounded

 Robby’s body for a few minutes

Then walked out like his normal self again


“You did it!”

 I can’t believe that you guys actually did it!”

I don’t know how to thank you enough!”

 Robby cried out happily

“Oh, I believe I know of a way.

 For starters;

you can start by making good on your bet

“Sammy and I will meet you back here bright

 and early ready to shop.” Tommy smiled

copyrights © belong to jack 2006




Submitted: March 04, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Cookiestorys. All rights reserved.

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