The Forgotten

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Ernie rode the elevator downstairs in hopes of engaging the other residents in conversation over lunch.

"Do you remember when I got my reports mixed up, while I was crunching numbers? I think it was back in 1985..."

"Uh, sorry, bud, I  got an appointment with a lady friend," Ira said, as he wolfed down his food. He wheeled himself away from the table.

Several of the people sitting at the table had dispersed. The rest of them refused to make eye contact.

Ernie was a retired accountant. Most of the people in his building avoided him, claiming he was too boring to be around.

Ernie started going to support groups around his community for human companionship.

When the groups weren't meeting, he spent the day riding around on the city bus. Ernie was lonely, and miserable. He especially missed the sights, sounds, and smells of the city bus during the holidays.

Ernie stopped paying his rent. He destroyed every dollar he got. "What good is money to me, if I've got no one to spend it on?" he thought to himself.

A few months later, Ernie ended up in eviction court.

"Do you realize that you haven't paid your rent in 3 months?" the judge said, "Why didn't you speak to your landlord about this? If you were having financial difficulties, I'm sure he would have worked with you."

Ernie crossed his arms, and scowled. "I'm tired of living like this! At least when I was homeless, I wasn't so damned lonely!" He stomped out of the room...

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You have written a very compelling short story. I enjoyed reading it!

Love and Hugs,

Wed, March 7th, 2018 5:46pm

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