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Submitted: March 04, 2018

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Submitted: March 04, 2018







My Dearest Silver Elf

My apologies for not writing for so long, but something incredible occurred that took me off on an adventure of an extra-ordinary nature.

First I must tell you about the southern community, which in itself is imagination boggling.

The community is in fact a huge and elaborate structure as magnificent as any medieval castle on earth. I tried to count the rooms more than once but failed miserably because of their sheer numbers. But that is not all. There is a population here of a bipedal nature, though not at all human, into which Llil merge with, much like Luther merges with me.


I cannot really say I understand the reasoning behind the merging because the hosts for this symbiotic union are rather simple and mundane. They are not an advance species and technology is reduced to that indicative of our pre-industrial age.

I might also point out that only half the Llil unite with these creatures, which I have discovered is the younger generation. There are two generations of Llil existing at one time. Someday I will try to explain how that all works but for now I am bent on relating my most recent observations and adventures.


Luther and I have can I put it? Out of place being that we are unchanged. For the most part we live apart from the community, which, according to Luther is something a Llil has never done. What he is observing through my eyes is as weird, wonderful and strange as it is to me. Luther is a member of the younger generation.

But that my dear is only the surface of this new discover here on Draven's World.

Once the younger generation was all tucked away in their symbionts the older generation began to disappear, which was a mystery to both of us until one day I went for a stroll in a nearby wood.


Most of the older generation was gone. Curiosity sent me searching for them and indeed I found them. They were hanging from tree branches in Cocoons, like caterpillars do when they are mutating into moths and butterflies. I could feel Luther's astonishment. He actually did not know any of this happened. Until I came along he joined the others in their mundane state of existence during which time I believe the Llil are dormant. Their hosts are merely vehicles that maintain them in that state.


About three kilometers from the community is a huge grove, maybe big enough to call a forest, of trees with leaves shaped much like Dutch Elm but are multi-coloured ranging mostly from pale pink to fire-engine red, with the occasional brown thrown in for contrast.

Now here's the thing. Hanging among the leaves fixed to the most tender branches were the older generation and many had already begun the transformation.

Luther and I decided to camp out in a hut I built in order to watch this phenomenon occur.

Day by day we watched them develop and to be honest I have never seen anything so spectacular.


The days worked their way into weeks and finally 3 full months, which would have made the entire process 4 months in the making. Then at dawn one glorious brilliant morning with a red sun and two silver moons fully in the sky the cocoons began breaking open.

I was totally dumbstruck by the phenomenon and Luther had a moment of enlightenment never realized by any Llil....ever.

The creatures that emerged had translucent, blue bodies born through the air on silver wings. They looked in fact very much like winged unicorns about the size of a Blue Jay. There were thousands upon thousands of them, half the Llil population, which I guestimate at 20, 000.


In the light of the day they seemed to glow, which made the entire experience even more spectacular. Interestingly, though they flew about for a bit the first ones out took up perches on the thicker bows of the trees where they could stand, having hooves and not taloned feet. It only took a minute to understand that they were waiting for the entire flock to emerge, but when they were all hatched the entire flock rose from the trees, circled twice and went in an enormous wave southward.


"Where are they going?" I spouted.

"I do not know. This is as new to me as it is to you Draven Dash."

"Would you like to know?"

"So much has happened that is beyond the conscious knowledge of any Llil I feel it is imperative that I learn who we really are. This could well be an orchestration of nature in the evolution of our kind and you are not here by chance. It could be that you were brought to us by fate so that I might see the world ahead."

"Maybe, but it could just be a phenomenal coincidence."


We returned to the Castle to find our mundane counterparts going about their day to day lives that could have been medieval earth except that these bipeds looked more like black Ants with two arms and two legs, no third set of appendages. And yes, the castle operated much like an ant colony. Their method of communication was a clicking sound made by their mandibles. It reminded me a little of Morse Code separated by shrills and shrieks.

As soon as we returned we began preparing to set out in search of the winged unicorns. We did not want to much time to pass and hoped they would need to stop and rest.

We loaded up two flyting carpets with food and supplies and employed a third for our own use.


Seven hours after the great exodus of the winged unicorn we were in pursuit with hopes of being capable of catching up, but I will tell you now, not far from the Southern community we came to a vast expanse of water over which the flying carpets would not fly. We also came to a village.

Well Silver Elf I am afraid I have used up all my space for this time round. I will send another letter soon describing our adventure upon the sea and after, in search of the Winged Unicorns.

Til Then, be well.

© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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