DragonLight Online

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dylan Bell, a young fifteen year old boy living in True Korea, is thrown into the biggest experience of his life. After using his families money to buy a virtual reality console, known as the
5Vision, he discovers a whole new world of swords, monsters, and fox girls. After meeting the mage girl known as Kira, her wolf sister Liru, a healer named Kieren and a succubus named Kora, he
embarks on a mission to become the Champion of the Game and defeat all seven bosses of the game...

Only question is, will he survive long enough to do it?

Table of Contents

A School Day Falls

Submitted: March 04, 2018

I stared at the screen, as it stared back at me.   My name is Dylan Bell and I am... well, just a normal kid. I was bor... Read Chapter

The Virtual World Rises

Submitted: March 09, 2018

  ........ ............. ............... ..................... ......................... "Huh?"   ... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 10, 2018

The sky was blue. The forest was a lush green. And I was surrounded.   I had taken a walk through the fore... Read Chapter

The Warlock King

Submitted: March 13, 2018

Birds fluttered across the skyline as the sun shined down on us, rays of bright light gleaming through the trees above us. Around us we... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 16, 2018

I laid outside the school, sitting on the stone steps. From afar I could see the soccer team playing another game on the fiel... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 27, 2018

The three of us ran down the path, a horde of creatures following close behind. Liru held Kira in her arms, the girl still pale and sha... Read Chapter

A New Friend

Submitted: March 27, 2018

BEEP "Ugh...." BEEP "Ah..." BEEP "Ugh what!?" I leapt from the bed, looking at the notification screen above me. ... Read Chapter

Bandora City

Submitted: April 01, 2018

There is was. In all it's glory... Bandora City. The four of us stood upon a small hill in the grass plains, staring out at the large... Read Chapter

Frost Wolf

Submitted: April 03, 2018

"Aldren-kun!" ........ "Ugh... what the... what the hell is he doing in your bed!?" ........ "We are not letting him slee... Read Chapter

Blue Skies

Submitted: April 03, 2018

Aldren's POV We left Bandora City shortly after, leaving Liru's blacksmith behind. She kept a few warp crystals on her in case she ... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 09, 2018

Liru's POV "Everyone ready?" We had all made a plan. According to Jack, the warp was at the top of the Hive Tree in the form of a... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 10, 2018

Kira's POV Time was running out as the four of us ran across the dunes. Kieren and I were holding up Aldren, Liru and Kora a few fe... Read Chapter

A Bottle of Wishes

Submitted: April 11, 2018

"Nyahhhh stop laughing!" We all sat in a circle around the green bottle, laughing at Kira. While Kora wanted for us to do spin the ... Read Chapter

Race Across the Dunes

Submitted: April 16, 2018

It was something out of a dream, a nightmare. Pure darkness. The ball of darkness floated in front of me, staring into my soul. It wa... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 16, 2018

*NOM* *NOM* *NOM* Kira sat across from me, gobbling down her chocolate ice cream. After Rick ran off I took her and Kora to ... Read Chapter

Once Alone, Never Again

Submitted: April 17, 2018

After four hours of driving, we were here.  My mother, Naomi's mother, me, Naomi and Chloe had all gotten into a minivan and dri... Read Chapter

Crystal Cove

Submitted: April 26, 2018

Finally, after the usual several second sequence of flashing black and white, I was in the game. My character slowly spawned in and t... Read Chapter

Bonded by the Devil

Submitted: May 08, 2018

Aldren's POV This was our time, and our final attempt to save Kieren. The five of us walked through the light, entering the boss ... Read Chapter

Virtual Soul

Submitted: May 11, 2018

Aldren's POV "Aldren-kun!" "Yeah?" "Hugs!" Kira ran towards me, jumped into the air and wrapped her arms around me after ... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 11, 2018

Aldren's POV Liru was going to be attacked and there was nothing I could do. I frantically messaged Kieren, Kora and Kira, but none o... Read Chapter

The Charmed

Submitted: May 15, 2018

Aldren's POV "I'm Aldren... this is- Liru interjected, "I'm Liru. This is Kieren and Kora. Your a swordsman?" The boy who's u... Read Chapter

Whispers in the Night

Submitted: May 16, 2018

Aldren's POV "We found her in the desert. She was being attacked by a sand creature so we killed it and saved her. No memory, no log ... Read Chapter

Troubles in the Virtual World

Submitted: May 16, 2018

Aldren/Dylan's POV My eyes opened as the notification above me flashed and I noticed someone was trying to wake me up from the outsid... Read Chapter

Demon Defense

Submitted: May 17, 2018

Kira's POV There it was, a figure right above me. As blood began to run down my body, I thought of many things. Aldren being one of ... Read Chapter

The Fox and the Warrior

Submitted: June 07, 2018

Kira's POV We retreated away from the area, haing collected the drops from the boss. According to the event board, there is a one i... Read Chapter

Fields of Snow

Submitted: June 07, 2018

Aldren's POV As the horses galloped across the fields, a growing annoyance began to bug me. I rode alone, my horse mount being seem... Read Chapter

Depths of Frost

Submitted: June 11, 2018

Aldren's POV My black horse galloped over the snow, kicking it up behind me while Kira and Liru rode beside me. The girl's hair ble... Read Chapter

Parties Clash

Submitted: June 19, 2018

Kieren's POV The very much irritating virtual snow smashed down in the distance and quickly covered up the path Aldren, Liru and Kira... Read Chapter

Cat Bells and Magic Spells

Submitted: June 26, 2018

Aldren's POV "We already have a cat where'd you get another!?" "It tried to kill me!" "It!?" Jack and I looked over to th... Read Chapter

Frost Guardian

Submitted: July 02, 2018

Aldren's POV "It's time." The six of us stood on the edge of the lake, staring down at the body of water that seperated us from o... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 02, 2018

Dylan's POV A boy sat in the classroom, feeling both defeated and bored. Last night's defeat was something I had never expected. Even... Read Chapter

Scythes, Swords and Shields

Submitted: July 07, 2018

Aldren's POV The freezing cold wind blew down on the small group of eight as we trekked through the snowy wasteland. Liru and Kira ... Read Chapter

Campfire of Lies

Submitted: July 11, 2018

Aldren's POV A small glitter of light appeared in front of us, and then was submerged into the pile of flames that kept us warm in ... Read Chapter

Severed Soul

Submitted: July 13, 2018

Aldren's POV "I got it!" "No I got it!" "Goal!" I stood on the dying grey grass while the others played, and the wind ble... Read Chapter

The Frozen Cave

Submitted: December 16, 2019

Glittering flurries of ice floated through the air as I stood in the middle of the battlefield, battle damaged but alive. Liru stood at... Read Chapter

Lingering Romance

Submitted: July 20, 2018

Aldren's POV The nine of us trudged out of the lair of the serpent, leaving behind a large amount of blood and a smashed up ic... Read Chapter

Under the Moonlight

Submitted: July 24, 2018

Aldren's POV The ball was everything I expected, and more. The building itself was magical, looking to be some kind of castle. Fo... Read Chapter

Battle of the Blue Moon Ball

Submitted: July 26, 2018

"Welcome fellow players, to the second annual DragonLight Anniversary Ball! I hope everyone has been having a good time, and I'm sure t... Read Chapter

The Fall of Bandora City

Submitted: December 15, 2019

Aldren's POV Across the world, hundreds of thousands of people suddenly dropped dead. I was not one of them, and I didn't plan to b... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 27, 2018

Aldren's POV Seventy two dead. Over a million in a coma. No solution. That was the headline of the news the next morning after ev... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 30, 2018

Aldren's POV Five long hours of walking through the boring old plains, traveling across the map. On the top left corner of the map wa... Read Chapter

Temple of Arkina

Submitted: August 26, 2018

Kieren's POV "Watch your back!" "Loosen up magic boy!" "Is this normal for you two!?" The three of us quickly departed th... Read Chapter

Honeybees and Lovebirds

Submitted: August 28, 2018

Liru's POV The two of us set off into the woods, and soon found our desination... surrounded by a group of monsters. Claire and I... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 07, 2018

Katie's POV If I had to choose between being here, and being in the most awkward situation ever, I'd rather be standing in front of... Read Chapter

The Black Web

Submitted: September 10, 2018

Aldren's POV The sound of the jungle birds chirping above. The glistening light gleaming through the cracks between the trees down ... Read Chapter

Caverns of the Skeletal Spider

Submitted: September 11, 2018

Aldren's POV Thunder crashed and lightning struck the ground as the rain poured down on our bodies. I laid on the ground, the man s... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 18, 2018

Dylan's POV Another day, and another grey murky sky. Chloe and I left home after getting a quick breakfast, which we were forced to... Read Chapter

Town of the Succubi

Submitted: September 12, 2018

Aldren's POV My sword met the body of the large monster, and then my second sword stabbed into the creatures eye. I jumped back... Read Chapter

Steamy Relations

Submitted: September 21, 2018

About thirty minutes later, we arrived. It seemed like a long walk and I questioned why a playerhouse was even available out here. But ... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 25, 2018

Dylan's POV Days and days went by, and still we found nothing. We all searched day or night, scouring Mordere City for the boss. ... Read Chapter

Missing in Succubus City

Submitted: September 25, 2018

Aldren's POV More and more came, and we had to fight them all. We all rushed back to the house, but the monsters came onto the pa... Read Chapter

Lies in the Mist

Submitted: September 27, 2018

Aldren's POV "Hurry up! We aren't far now" Drake shouted as we jogged down the path. The others were captured and under the contr... Read Chapter

Duel in the Mist

Submitted: October 01, 2018

Aldren's POV We all drew our weapons, backing together as the others formed a circle around us. They all drew their weapons, ready ... Read Chapter

Stardust Warriors

Submitted: October 01, 2018

Aldren's POV I split my StarBlade in two. Kira created a white blade at the tip of her wand. Liru dual wielded her old katana... Read Chapter

The Dare that Changed Everything

Submitted: October 03, 2018

Aldren's POV "Alright alright alright let me guess... you're imitating Aldren?" Kieren asked as we walked down the path. K... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 18, 2018

Aldren's POV The moon shined down on the tall grass as we trekked across the plains. We were only twenty minutes into our jour... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 03, 2018

My body began to burn, but the fatigue wouldn't stop me. I ran and I ran, crossing across the plains as I sweated throgh my cloak. I un... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 05, 2018

Kira's POV I shivered under the colt blankets as the flashing of black and white faded from my eyesight. I grabbed the visor and to... Read Chapter

Stormy Skies

Submitted: October 05, 2018

Aldren's POV I rushed home, my body beginning to die on me as I ran across the street and rushed past several houses. Unlike Dragon... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 18, 2018

Dylan's POV The bike ride was long, tough, and really really annoying. At the edge of town, I took a detour through a small bit o... Read Chapter

The Dark Knight

Submitted: October 23, 2018

Dylan's POV I slowly reached to the side, grabbing the water bottle from my backpack. I gulped down a bit before turning to Kira wh... Read Chapter

Under the Stars

Submitted: October 24, 2018

Aldren's POV "K-kira... you're here... I didn't think you'd be able to show your face after what happened," he said as he looked at h... Read Chapter

A New Home

Submitted: December 02, 2018

Aldren's POV "There's a lot of them. Spawn rates have been up lately." "Mhm. I'll take the ones on the right, you take the ones o... Read Chapter

Plan in Action

Submitted: December 04, 2018

Aldren's POV The next day of school went by fast. I spent lunch with Naomi, the two of us eating outside near the soccer field whil... Read Chapter

Under the Spotlight

Submitted: January 07, 2019

Aldren's POV "HA!" "TOO SLOW!" "SHUT UP!" I slashed my sword downwards at Kora, and she held her bow staff up to block. M... Read Chapter

A Hundred Floors of Fiery Death

Submitted: January 08, 2019

Aldren's POV "Well shit." We had finally made it. The past month of running, training, looting, and fighting, all lead up to this... Read Chapter

It Should've Been Me

Submitted: January 10, 2019

???'s POV "Wake up." I stood in the large room, staring out the large glass windows. The peak of the tower, where I could oversee... Read Chapter

The One Who Lied

Submitted: January 11, 2019

Aldren's POV Six days went by. We were coming up on our deadline, and I was preparing to leave this world. We were all freaked ou... Read Chapter

The Labyrinth of Fire

Submitted: January 14, 2019

Aldren's POV The labyrinth doors opened, and I found myself face to face with a wave of enemies. It had been a long time since I'd ... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 14, 2019

Aldren's POV We arrived back at the tower, and found ourselves amongst many other groups all looking to challenge the tower. They w... Read Chapter

Golden Wings

Submitted: January 16, 2019

Aldren's POV We had conquered the fiftieth floor, and in the process found ourselves with fifty more floors in front of us. We fought... Read Chapter

Duel on Dominus Tower

Submitted: January 16, 2019

Aldren's POV The nine of us stood at the top of the stone brick tower, in a pile of rubble and blood pools. Most of the top floor h... Read Chapter

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