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Chapter 57 (v.1) - Stormy Skies

Submitted: October 05, 2018

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Submitted: October 05, 2018



Aldren's POV

I rushed home, my body beginning to die on me as I ran across the street and rushed past several houses. Unlike DragonLight, I was extremely unfit and starving. I spent my lunches sitting outside instead of actually eating so that didn't help.

Above me, lights flashed in the sky. A storm was brewing, and I could already feel the pitter patter of the rain coming down on me. I pulled up my hood to cover my head as I raced down the sidewalk and thunder crashed above me.

My phone began to vibrate in my pocket, but I didn't bother answering it. I glanced to the side of the road to see how far I was, and didn't notice the large gap in the sidewalk. I tripped and fell, splashing into a small puddle.

But I got back up, despite my knee cut up and bloody. I bit my lip and pulled off my jacket, wrapping it around my leg before limping down the sidewalk. I could see my house coming up down the road. I needed to go faster, I didn't have time.

I ran up to my house, charged through the front door, and tossed my backpack against the stairs. My mother was in the living room, but I didn't bother saying more then a hello before bolting up the staircase and shutting myself in my room.

After tossing my jacket to the side, I rushed to my laptop and began clicking buttons. My computer screen glowed bright and the 5Vision turned on. I jumped on the bed, slipped off my cracked watch, tossed my phone next to it, and placed the 5Vision over my face before tapping the side of the device and activating it. 

Several flashes of light covered my ceiling, and I could feel my mind being sucked away into the virutal world. And suddenly, after several seconds, I was no longer in my room. I was standing in the middle of a muddy path, swamps surrounding me.

The sky was dark, the grass was dead, and two incubus were stabbing a player to death a few yards away. My body immediately felt a little heavy, probably from the giant sword in my sheath. Being offline for almost a week took a toll on the body.

Nobody was there. Jyn's playerhouse was several feet away, but it didn't look like anyone was there. I opened the menu and scrolled onto my friends list. Liru, Kieren, Kora, Claire, Katie and Anton were all on. I tapped on Kieren's profile picture and found his location; a small cafe in Bandora City.

I ran forward and grasped my amulet, causing a blue Stardust Dragon to explode from my necklace. We ran side by side down the path, heading towards Bandora City. It was a long run, and I'd probably collapse halfway there, but I had to get there before Liru logged off...


After around thirty minutes, I made it through the plains. I ran through the tall grass across the hills, the Stardust Dragon trailing behind and leaving a trail of glitter behind it. Several slimes spawned around me, and one of them tackled me.

I drew my ruby dagger and stabbed one before activating my shield and blocking a tackle from another. I then smashed my shield and smashed one against the ground before slicing another into several pieces. The Stardust Dragon flew around in circles, biting through any that it got close to.

We then headed towards a hill, and stopped right at the edge. From that point we could see the entirety of Bandora City, or at least the parts that weren't blocked by tall buildings. I expanded my minimap and tapped on Kieren's blue marker, causing a blue light to shoot out from the ground into the sky.

I slid down the hill and the dragon followed, though halfway down I realized it was too steep and ended up falling. After a short tumble down the cliff, I landed on a small stone and groaned in pain. The dragon growled and began poking me to get up.

"You're weird," I told the dragon as I sat up.

The dragon simply responded with a cute noise before flying forward. I followed the dragon, and the two of us ran through the purple gate into the city. And as soon as I spotted the city center, I was shocked by what I found.

The large fountain sitting in the center was now black, and several cracks were extending out through the cobblestone from the sides of the fountain. Even worse, the water in the fountain had become blood. Several candles were laid around the fountain along with a few pictures, each of different people. A memorial of some sort.

The dragon tugged on my hood and I turned, following it down the road. We turned through several allies, until the dragon stopped at a building. It then jetted up the top of the building, flying along the side. I sighed, knowing I had to follow.

I ran into the alley between that building and the next and concentrated my strength. I then began jumping from wall to wall, making my way up the side. I almost fell halfway up, but activated my shield and let it expand between the alley until I regained my balance.

About eight stories up, I found the dragon floating on a balcony. The others were all sitting on the balcony, talking and eating several different kinds of food. I then slid around the side of the building, ran along the wall, and jumped onto the balcony.

And that only ended with me slipping on the wet floor and falling off the other end of the balcony. But several feet down Kieren casted a spell and froze the fall, levitating me back up. I fell into Claire's arms, and her and Kieren both helped me up.

Katie pulled up a chair and I sat down, looking over everywhere. Kieren was eating a simple sandwich and Katie as eating some kind of chicken curry with rice. Claire was simply playing with a ball of yarn, Kora was eating a stick of mutton and Anton was drinking a mug of beer.

"Where've you been?" Kieren asked me as I grabbed an empty plate and ordered myself two chocolate chip cookies.

"Dying inside. Where's Liru?" I asked him.

Kora took a chunk out of her mutton, "locked in her damn blacksmith. Keep trying to get in but she's locked everyone out."

"I'll talk to her. But Kieren have you heard anything from... him?" I asked the wizard.

He shrugged, "Takei? Nothing yet."

"Why are you so interested in spider kid?" Claire questioned as she knocked her yarn into the air. She ended up knocking it off the edge of the balcony, but my dragon swooped down and caught it. It dropped the yarn back in Claire's hand and she purred, hugging the dragon.

"Just curious to where he went," I told her truthfully, "where's Jack too?"

Katie answered for him, "off helping a friend. We know a few friends who work for the government so he's looking for news on the DragonLight creators. He's really worried about you though. He messaged me a few days ago and told me to tell you if you turn up."

"Alright well I'll message him later maybe. I may need you guys for something later," I told them.

Midori popped out from behind Kieren, climbing onto his head. The dragon floated over to the kitten, and watched as the adorable white kitten booped it. The dragon blushed and circled around the cat, spitting out sparkles to entertain the creature.

I nodded and got up, stuffing the two cookies into my inventory. The Stardust Dragon perched itself on my shoulder and I prepared to dive off the balcony. But before I could leave, Katie grabbed my hand. She yanked me away from the table and into the resturaunt.

Once we were out of earshot, she frowned, "Aldren what's going on? Are you okay? Liru? Kira? Seriously Jack hasn't spoken to me in days and I'm a little worried."

"A lot of shit is going on. I'm trying to fix it but I'm not sure if I can. But what's going on with Jack?" I asked her.

She shrugged, "he left his apartment the other day and hasn't come back yet. I see him going online on his games to play a few matches, but always disconnects if I try to join him. I'm not sure if he's running from me or something else."

"He loves you, trust me. Now I gotta go," I told her as I ran out to the balcony.

She grabbed my arm again, "okay all you did was make me answer your question. Now tell me everything because Jack didn't exactly explain what happened that night."

I sighed and looked down at the floor. If I tried to explain it, I would once again replay that memory in my head. But I told her anyways, "Drake ambushed us with his guild, killed everyone, and raped Kira in front of me."

She looked horrified, "what the fuck?!"

"I just told you what happened," I told her with a frown.

"Yeah and that's seriously fucked up. Alright what's his guild called?" she asked me.

"I have absolutely no idea. But it's near some place with fairies I think. Drake said once his HQ is near a place where fairies spawn so he can charge his JadeBlade," I told her. 

She looked towards the door, "well if we could hurry maybe we could hire a small group of mercenaries and engage with them. Drake seems to the powerful one, so I can take on him while you fight his guild."

"Or I could use plan A and take him out my own way," I told her as I bolted towards the balcony.

Before she could stop me I was at the edge. I dived off the edge of the balcony and rocketed down towards the blacksmith at the edge of time. Then I began to realize something. How was I gonna survive this!?

I smashed down into the building. But instead of breaking through the roof, I slammed into the glass and felt my right arm break upon impact. The black magic covering the window then faded, and I looked down to see Liru staring up at me.

"Oh um... hi," I said nervously as I tried to get up.

She scoffed and the magic once again appeared. I rolled over and stumbled over to the edge of the roof, falling onto the sidewalk. I slammed my leg against a small pointy light on her shop and cursed under my breath as I fell onto the steps leading up to her apartment.

The door opened and she walked out, grabbing me by the hood. She dragged me inside before closing the door again, the magic lock activating to keep everyone out. She tossed me a potion before walking back over to her bed, "drink."

After taking a few sips of the potion, the damage done to my body reversed itself. I then frowned and looked at Liru. She didn't need to explain what was going on with her. The bags under her eyes told me enough.

"Is Kira okay?" I asked her.

She shook her head and shouted, "of course not. She fucking got raped and I couldn't do shit!"

"Think of how I feel Liru! I was right in front of her! He mocked me while he did it!" I shouted back.

"Aldren that's the thing. This has happened to me before. Nick raped me, and I fought back. I swore I would protect my sister, except I protected her from the wrong fucking person! He seemed so nice at first I didn't suspect a thing! Then this happens!" she began to scream.

"It's not your fault! It's none of our faults!" I tried to calm her down.

"Aldren that's not true. If either of us had seen what he really was, we could've stopped him. After you, I began to think badly of myself. How I treated every guy I met between you and Nick. Anyone who tried to get close I pushed away, and after I met you I gave up on that. I let Drake in like nothing, and look what fucking happened," Liru began explaining with tears in her eyes.

"Look Liru none of us knew that this was gonna happen. Hell I don't even know if that man was really Drake. Looked like him, but he acted differently. Some shit must have happened, so I gotta get to the bottom of it. And to do that, I need your address," I told her sternly.

"You're in my house right now," she said as she laid down on the bed.

"Real address."

She sat up almost immediantly and looked into my eyes. The look I gave her told her I was serious. She raised an eyebrow, "why?"

"If we're gonna take down Drake and figure out what's going on we can't do it alone. And I... I want to see Kira," I admitted.

She sighed, walking over to her chest at the end of the bed. She opened it up and tossed out several items before finding a small slip of paper. She placed it on the coffee table, scribbled down an address, and tossed it to me. I caught it and looked over the paper, trying to memorize it.

1424 Beta St, Connet
True Korea

Connet was the next town over from mine. I looked up at Liru and smiled after stuffing the slip of paper into my pocket. I then ran into her arms, hugging her tightly. She blushed and hugged me back lightly, a bit unsure of whether or not she was doing it right.

"Thank you Liru," I told her with a smile.

"T-thank you Aldren," she said back nervously. She was still getting used to the friendly stuff.

We broke away and opened the menu preparing to log out. But before I could, I booped her on the nose. A blue light surrounded her hand as she prepared to knock me out with a punch, but I tapped the log out button just as she swung.


I awoke lying in bed, covered in sweat. It wasn't from talking to Liru, nor was it from falling off a building. Most likely it was from the fact I ran about fourteen miles from the swamps to Bandora City. I still managed to get up, and I rushed over to my desk.

I scribbled down the name of the address on my notebook, failing to remember the numbers for a few seconds. But once I had it written down, I tossed it in my backpack. I also tossed in a change of clothes in case the journey there went south, and dropped my butterfly knife in the side pocket. In the back pocket went a small bag of cookies, and I was set.

I ran down the stairs, seeing my mom waiting at the bottom. She frowned, "Dylan what's with you today? I think you have an addiction for that game if you're gonna run all the way home."

"I ran for a different reason. But Chloe texted me and asked me if I could stay the night with her and Naomi," I lied.

"Alright then. Tell Chloe to call me when you're there so I know you made it there safe," she told me before walking back into the kitchen.

I nodded and rushed into the garage. Walking across town and into the next one would take too long. I needed some kind of way around. I couldn't exactly take my moms car without her finding out, and since Naomi and Chloe were out together I couldn't ask her mom to drive me.

But a miracle appeared in the corner of the garage in the form of a glittery pink bike. It looked like it was for a seven year old, judging by the unicorn and butterfly stickers on the side. It was Chloe's old bike from when we were kids, fully intact. Mine had been forgotten back home, but she always brought hers.

I contemplated whether to do this or not. The bike still had training wheels. Would it really be any faster then walking?

EVentually I got tired of waiting and dug threw a toolbox. I unscrewed the training wheels and got on the small bike, opening the garage door a bit. I then rode out the door and onto the sidewalk, going pretty fast for this dingy little bike.

About thirty minutes had gone by, and it would be another hour and a half to the next town over at the rate this bike was going. I had to arrive before sunset if I had any hope of arriving back before midnight. I couldn't lose my chance.


Jack's POV

Crowds of people surrounded me as I moved down the sidewalk, covering my face with a black hoodie. I glanced out of the hood and spotted two familiar figures standing outside a small cafe. A young filipino boy and boy with short brown hair and white sleeveless hoodie. I stopped next to them and we all headed inside.

"Hey guys," I greeted them solemnly.



We all walked inside, getting out of the cold enviroment waiting outside. The capitol seemed colder lately, and a bit less fun and good looking. The stress of the DragonLight incident seemed to be getting to everyone. Even people who didn't play were effected.

"You hear anything about the devs?" I asked the younger boy.

The filipino boy shook his head, "actually yes. One of the remaining two was killed in a shootout while trying to escape the country at an airport. He killed a woman and her baby in the process."

"Sick fucks. If the last one is killed instead of captured we don't have any chance of making it out of this alive. He's the only one who can potentially start the countdown," the other man said.

We all sat down at one of the booths as the waitress came by. We all ordered a coffee before I pulled out a notebook and dropped it on the table.

"Alright twenty four are dead, two and a half million in a coma, and in a few days it'll be four million. Five of our own are in a coma as well. The last one has been missing for over a week, and there hasn't been any trace of him. What do we do?" I asked them.

"What can we do? At most we wait and see what happens," the filipino boy said.

"Not true. There's this huge group of like forty people trying to beat the game. They're gonna attempt tommorrow. Maybe we can join up with them and-"


They both looked at me, "no? Why not?"

"I have an obligation to my own group. We're gonna be the ones to conquer Dominus Tower," I told them.

"Dude this is life and death. There's like eight of you," the other man said.

"Do I have to remind you that eight of us traveled across the country in a banged up RV while being shot at by literally everyone?" I told them.

"Yeah but you were fighting idiot cops now you're fighting giant mummies and snake people," the filipino one said.

"Whatever. I believe my group will win, and I do believe that you guys will help Katie and I," I told the two as the waitress brought our drinks.

Eurie sipped his blue drink while Ryan chugged his bottle of coke. I stared down at the coffee they made, my mind wandering to other places. Eurie then posed a question I didn't exactly want to answer.

"What's going on with Katie anyways?" Eurie asked me.

"Yeah you've been staying with Rey haven't you?" Ryan said.

I shook my head, "I don't want to talk about it. All I know is that if I go home, she's gonna notice and be at my front door."

"Well Spencer and I can distract her if you want. Maybe then you can-"

"No. Until the issue between my group is resolved, I cannot go back. One issue at a time. First Kira, then Katie," I said to them sternly.

Eurie smirked, "issues huh? So the reason you ran off is because you two are having issues? Lemme guess... you can't get hard for her because you always jack off to anime girls? Spencer keep trying to get between you two? Maybe she wants sexy time but you live by the ravioli motto so she doesn't get shit!"

"Ravioli motto?" Ryan questioned.

Eurie announced along with most of the other bartenders in the anime cafe, "RAVIOLI, RAVIOLI, DON'T LEWD THE DRAGON LOLI!"

I facepalmed, "none of those Eurie! I'm not sure if I'm ready."

"You're nineteen," Ryan said as he began munching on nachos the waitress brought.

"Ryan you were there. You remember what happened between me and um... you know who," I told him as I tried to hide my face.

"Oh yeah... you mean the thing with the lapdance?" Ryan asked.

I nodded, "yeah... look I'll explain later but we should get back. I need to get on DragonLight as soon as Katie's offline and see what's up with the others."

The two agreed and after finishing our food, we got up and left. I broke off from the two as they walked home together and disappeared into the crowd, pulling out my phone. It began to vibrate and I answered the call, putting it up to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked the caller.

"We have bad news."

"What's up?"

"There's something else the developers didn't tell anyone."

"What is it?"

"Dominus Tower. If you fail to conquer it three times, the entire party dies."


Next Chapter...

Dylan rushes to find Kira and save her from suicide.

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