a land of peace

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a view of life from multiple people on what they wish the world was like.

Submitted: March 04, 2018

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Submitted: March 04, 2018



Tossed around from her first breath, and to her last.

When given the option, she had no choice.  

It’s only what THEY want.  Them, the controllers,

the ones who play her like an instrument, and cause unspoken pain.

There was never a problem with Them, though, if she kept quiet.

She had to accept their choices and pretend there was no grief.

It will be okay, once she cried herself to sleep,

dreaming of the day when her life will be at ease, in a land

filled with peace.


The world is aggressive and maybe never will see,

that the color of his skin had made no difference in reality.

He has the capability for that position in business,

but They won’t hire him.

“Your people are bitter, go back home, this is America,” They constantly say.  

“For your information, I have been here my whole life, and am just as ‘American’ as you.”

But for now, he cries himself to sleep.

He’ll dream about that day when he will be at ease,

in a land full of peace.

I am strong but no one can see.

I grew up dreaming and earning my way.

I took that job and I take those risks,

putting others needs before my own.

I accept the pain and I take the abuse,

so that one day my children will have the life they deserve.

But until then I will cry myself to sleep.

I’ll dream of the day when I will be at ease,

in a land full of peace.


We are strong but no one can see,

that the world is aggressive and doesn’t have to be

We are the dreamers, the fighters, the people

that will change this world for the better.

And that dream that we dreamt of a land full of peace

will finally be… reality.


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