The Fat Lovers

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Horror. Humour.

The Fat Lovers


  Two obese genderless bodies began to make love, but

their bodies wouldn't fit on the bed, they wouldn't fit in

the bedroom, they wouldn't fit in the house. Their flesh

poured ou the windows, surfing onto the footpath and 

road, as their body fluids soaked the suburban lawns.

The noise they were making was horrific, it was loud 

enough to wake the dead, and it did. In the near by

graveyard corpses rose from their graves, they came to 

see what all the commotion was about. They watched

the two behemoths sweat and grind, shout and thrust,

cracking the footpath and the road.

  The neighbours stayed inside their houses in fear. 

Finally the commotion ceased, the bodies died from

heart attacks before climax was acheived, and the 

corpses trudged back to the graveyard, dissapointed,

to rest again.

  The neighbours came out to inspect the damage. 

They decided to clear the footpath and the road

by cutting the flesh up with chainsaws, and getting 

the authorities to collect it the next day.

  That night the neighbours slept well from all their 

activity. However the lumps of flesh that had been cut 

up grew bigger and bigger, and also grew strange

appendages, and mouths, and teeth. They crawled 

over to the surrounding houses crashed through the 

windows and walls, and began to eat the neighbours.

They grew obese. As the sun rose they began to make 




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