Museum of Horrors Part 5

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Rose must endure the consequences of her actions during the Grand Opening of the Museum. Will this be the final straw that breaks her, or will she come out stronger in the end?

Submitted: March 04, 2018

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Submitted: March 04, 2018



Museum of Horrors Part 5

That hour with Diane seemed to last an eternity.  I thought I would be brave and fight through the pain, but there’s only so much you can handle while fully conscious under the knife.  I tried to look anywhere but where she was delving into my leg.  I tried so hard to distract myself, but the agony would rip me back each time. 

Finally, not able to stand the unknown any longer, I risked a glance down.  Never again will I make that mistake again.  She had peeled the skin of my thighs back and pinned them down with clamps.  I could clearly see each line of intricate muscle fully exposed in the bright lights.

I was unable to look any more when my head began to spin faster and faster.  My body shook with violent spasms as I began to vomit.  It happened so fast that I was unable to turn my head in time.  Immediately, I began to choke and convulse.  I couldn’t move to save myself, and then I thought, why should I?  What do I have to live for trapped in this place?

Spasms continued to wrack my body and all I could do was lie there helplessly as I choked.  Briefly I felt gloved hands tilt my head to the side to help me.  I tried to spit it out, but I was too weak and light headed to even do that.  Black spots began to creep in as I laid there on that cold metal slab. 

Just as I had accepted my end, fate intervened.  Latex fingers shoved themselves into my mouth to try and clear the debris.  My throat hungrily gasped for air that it had been deprived of.  I laid there panting for several minutes waiting for the pain and nausea to fade away.

Diane grunted in disgust and ripped off her dirty gloves for fresh ones.  The sound of her snapping on new gloves made me weep.  I hated myself for feeling so weak and pathetic. 

There was no clock in the room.  I had no way to know how much time had truly passed.  During the operation, I continued to fade in and out of consciousness.  Each time I awoke, I prayed Diane would be done, and I’d be sent back to my cage. 

Each time I woke up to see her still diligently working on me, I wanted to scream and thrash out at her.  At anybody just to make the pain go away.  Each time I felt like breaking an image of Jack would appear in my mind.  He’s counting on me to stay alive.  Then I thought of Seraphina.  I thought about all the women before me who had caved and broke.  I couldn’t give her the satisfaction of being right about me.  I wasn’t weak.  I wasn’t!  I’d live just to prove that winch wrong!

It seemed like such a petty thing to cling to, but I was desperate for anything to help me survive this with my mind intact.  I will endure this for me, for Jack, and even for Sera.  I’ll even prove to The Man that he’ll have to do even more to break me. 

A grim smile carved itself onto my face as I focused on my goal.  Now I could barely feel the rubbery texture of Diane’s gloves.  The knife seemed like a distant memory, just a faint itch.  I allowed myself to briefly float away from my body.

I’ll be back.  When I do, I’ll be even more hell-bent on seeing this place burned to the ground.


When I resurfaced, I kept my eyes closed and used my other sense to observe my surroundings.  My thighs throbbed with each beat of my heart, but I didn’t feel Diane working on me anymore.

I listened closely, and I could hear her somewhere to the far right.  The sound of running water and clanking metal reached my ears.  I breathed a gentle sign of relief.  She must be washing her instruments, which means she’s done with me.

I slowly open my eyes and squeal when I come face to face with The Man.  His golden eyes observe me, just watching my face and every expression that flickers across it.  A sly grin tugs at his mouth as he listens to my heart monitor betray me.  “Hello my little bird.  I see you’re still in one piece…for the most part.” 

He chuckles at his own morbid joke.  The surgery is too fresh for me to even consider retaliating back.  The Man sees my eyes harden at his comment, and he tilts his head.  His expression filled with wonder and curiosity. 

“Ah, I see that you’re still in a fighting mood.  That’s good!  I would hate to see you tossed out like a broken toy so soon.  I have such great plans for you.  Live, and I just might reward you in the near future.”

His golden eyes turned molten again, matching his dangerous mood.  “Fight me again, and the next time you’re in here, today will feel gentle for what will come next.  Rest well little bird!”

With fluid grace, he rises and walks over to Diane.  When he places his hand on her shoulder, I can see her visibly shake.  Whether her quakes are from fear or revulsion I cannot tell.  Both seem just as likely.

The Man bends his tall height down to her ear, and whispered something softly.  When she gives him a timid nod for confirmation, he straightens up, and turns to look at me once more.  Those eyes remind me of a hawk.  Such predatory cunningness. 

Without another word, he quietly leaves the room to do Lord knows what else.  When Diane turns around to face me, she has a needle in her hand once more.  I’m too exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally to struggle.

The needle makes a tiny prick, and I can feel the sting of the medicine pushing into my body.  I allow myself to lie still and float away with the medication.  Whatever may happen next, at least I’ll have some reprieve from this Museum of Horrors. 


A deep voice reaches for me deep in my slumber.  I swipe at it groggily, refusing to be pulled back into reality just yet.  Still, the voice persists and I’m reluctantly pulled back to the real world. 

I groan as my weight shifts onto my healing thighs.  Delicately, I sit up to ease the pain from whatever Diane had done to them, and to ease the ache from my wings after lying on them for who knows how long.  Nausea, my old friend, accompanies me once more.

Slowly I turn sideways to the cage, and press my face against the cool glass.  Taking long deep steady breaths, I will my body to relax.  A few minutes pass and the sickness eases away.  I can feel it lurking and ready to come back in any second.  I force myself to be still to keep it at bay. 

With my eyes still closed, I smile as I hear my dear friend’s deep voice.  “…I was so worried about you.  I was afraid that I would never see you again.  Please tell me you’re alright!  Please Rose, I can’t stand the silence anymore.”

I try to speak, but my mouth is so parched and dry.  Time has been lost to me.  I cannot remember the last time I had any food or water.  Using my tongue to try and moisten my mouth, I reply with a raspy voice, “I’m alright.  Just a little sore and woozy.”

I can hear him breathe out a sigh of relief.  It felt good to know that someone was worried about my fate in this place.  To go through this alone would be too much to bear.  It’s no wonder that others have been broken here.  It’s hard enough as is with friends.

“You’re doing great.  Just hang in a little longer.  It’s almost meal time.  The food isn’t much but it’s better than an empty stomach.”  I continue to lie against the cool glass as I listen to his soothing voice lull over me. 

After a few minutes, I open my eyes and carefully turn my head to look at him.  A warm glow fills my heart as he gives me a cheeky grin that I’ve come to depend on and love so much…Wait what?  Love?  Oh crap.  I can feel my face burning and I quickly turn away.  Bad idea.

Nausea eagerly pounces and I scramble to the edge of the bed before I hurl once more.  The cramps are excruciating as my empty stomach rebels on me.  Once it settles down a bit, I collapse on the side of the bed in exhaustion.  From the distance, I can hear the tittering voice of Seraphina mocking me, “I must admit, I’m pretty impressed with you.  I figured you would be a goner.”

Without lifting my head, I growl back at her, “Thank you soooooo much for your uplifting words.  Have you ever thought of being a life coach?”  Seraphina giggles at my response and settles back down doing, well, whatever she does. 

Just as I felt like dozing off again, I began to hear a pot being banged from somewhere down the aisle.  Food!  Oh thank goodness.  My stomach roars in protest at the thought of having food so close.

I struggle to make myself sit up.  My body shakes with the effort to move in its weakened state.  Closer and closer comes Baxter the fat cook.  Never before have I felt so happy to see him.  With wobbling legs, I walk to the back of the cage and wait for him to reach me. 

Glee lights up his face as he takes me in.  “Oye!” he yells.  “Look at ya!  Not so high and mighty are ya love?  Lookin a bit rough eh?”  I force myself to hide my emotions from him.  There’s no way that I can skip one more meal.  My body has been through too much already. 

Snickering, he ogles me with his beady eyes, “Think ya might be more willin ta please ole Baxter now?Come on, I know ya want this lovely meal I’ve prepared for ya!”  Baxter picks up the full ladle from his pot and slowly turns it over.  Lumpy green goo slowly plops back into the mixture, making a sickening sloshing noise.  I can feel my stomach rise again and my body begins to break out into a sweat.

His mouth pinches tight in an angry grimace and snarls at me, “Still not goin to play eh?  Ya filthy little…”  Materializing from out of nowhere appears The Man.  Baxter, ironically enough, squeals like a pig.  His ladle goes sailing into the air and his face turns and even darker shade of red as he wheezes. 

“Baxter,” says The Man in a calm even tone. “what do I pay you for?”  Baxter’s eyes become huge at the soft spoken words.  He diverts his eyes, and tries to stay busy as he mumbles a response, “Ta feed ya collections sir.  I was only doing me job, but she didn’t want to cooperate! I…”

The Man steps closer to Baxter, and the fat man freeze his frenzied fingers.  His wheezing gasps seem to echo in the stillness as everyone watches.  “Don’t take me for a fool.  Do you really think that I don’t know what goes on in here?  I hear and see all.” 

Taking another step forward, The Man towers over poor Baxter and whispers softly, “I’ve seen your…indiscretions.  I know about your perverse appetites.  They have gone on too long.  Too many of my creations have been sent to the ‘Play Room’ as of late.  I don’t need you helping to send them that way.” 

The Man pauses to bend over, and places his lips close to the fat man’s ear.  “One more vile act from you and you will join their ranks.  Do I make myself clear?”  Sweat pours from Baxter and falls in big drops off of his face.  I almost feel sorry for him…almost.  He gives a fast nod and sends more sweat flying into the air.

“Good” says The Man as he straightens back up.  “Do let it be known that I become very irritated when I have to repeat myself.  Consider this your final warning.  Now, do be gentle with them and get back to work.” 

The Man glances at my cage and notices the little pile of bile on the floor. Like a pet dog, I feel like cowering and hiding out of pure reaction.  Disgust crosses his features and just as quickly it vanishes.  He reaches over to a button on the outside of my cage and waits. 

I can hear a crackling noise from outside of my cage as the intercom comes to life, “Yes sir.  How may I be of assistance?”  The Man patiently clasps his hand behind his back and looks up at the speaker, “Send cleaning personnel over to cage 32.  Oh, and a blanket as well.  That will be all.”  The intercom crackles over once more, “Of course sir.  Right away.  ETA is five minutes.” 

The intercom clicks off and I stare at The Man puzzled.  He locks his eyes to mine and walks a little bit closer to me.  The whole time his eyes never waver from mine, hypnotic like that of a slithering snake.  “Do not think of this as an act of kindness, weakness, or favoritism.  This is purely a business arrangement.  Cooperate, and I just might make your living conditions more enjoyable.”

Abruptly he turns and beings to walk away.  Before I can second guess myself, I rush to the cage on shakily legs and yell out, “Wait!  Stop!”The Man stops but doesn’t turn around.  Without looking, I know Jack is silently pleading for me to stop as usual.  I can’t.  Like before, some things are worth fighting for (no matter what the risks might be).  I guess you could say I’m a hard head.

“You said, if I cooperate, that you’ll improve my life here.  What about the others?  You said that more of your…”  I pause as I struggle to say the next word.  It pains me to call them anything but human names, but I know The Man doesn’t see them as such.  I swallow the bitterness down and force out the words, “…collections were being sent away more than usual.”

I stop to gauge his reaction.  He gives me none.  With no sign of his wrath trying to peek out, I plunge forward once more.  “What if you reward everyone for their good behavior as well?  Give them something to look forward to so they will be more willing to perform.” 

Still, The Man doesn’t turn around.  He stays silent and unyielding for a few minutes.  I’m about to give up and walk away when he speaks, “I’ve underestimated you, little bird.  That’s a mistake I rarely make.  I will consider your words.  I will make no promises though.” 

Now it’s my turn to stare in wonder and curiosity at him.  A loud bang takes my focus and thoughts away as I look back to the front of the cage.  Baxter refuses to look at me as he throws his little tantrum while serving my meal. 

With an angry shove, he pushes his cart away.  “Thank you Baxter!”  I yell at his receding back.  I don’t know what made me want to be polite to this sick man, but I tried anyways. 

He whips around and waddles back to my cage.  He presses one pudgy greasy finger to my cage as he forces out his words in a harsh whisper, “This isn’t over between us love.  Just ya wait and see.  The Man can’t watch ya forever.  One day, I will get my do.  Ya will be mine!” 

With one more evil glare, he turned back and headed to his cart.  I shudder in disgust and feel dirty after that exchange.  All well, at least I tried. 

Looking down at the metal shelf containing my food, I’m none too excited to dive in.  It’s a sickening green color.  Unidentifiable chunks lazily float around the revolting concoction.  Thick grease coats the top and the smell is atrocious! 

Jack chuckles as he sees me grimly starring at my meal.  “Don’t think about it Rose.  Just do it.  The faster you shove it down, the easier it will be.  After a while, you’ll get use to it.”  I look over at him with a disbelieving look, and reluctantly pick up my tray. 

Gingerly, I sit down on the bed and place the tray on my bed.  Before risking the food, I pick up my plastic cup to fill my stomach with a little water.  I jerk my mouth back as I look at its contents.  The water is more brown than clear, and particles float around inside of it.  I groan at the nasty water that The Man has forced upon all of us.

Closing my eyes, I quickly take a big gulp.  Well, it’s better than nothing at least.  My parched mouth greedily seeks for more, but I force myself to take small sips.  Steeling myself, I put the cup down and grab for my bowl.  Of course, there are no utensils.  First they feed us slop, and now they expect us to eat like pigs too?

Jack sees my face becoming angrier by the second and tries to soothe me, “It wasn’t always like this.  We use to have forks and spoons.  No knives of course.  I’m sure you can guess why.”  Not in the mood to be swayed over so easily, I give him a grumpy look. 

Not bothered in the least bit he continues on, “They stopped giving us utensils when someone hide one of their spoons and fastened it into a shiv.  She killed two guards and made it to the double doors before being subdued.”  His eyes have a faraway look as he recalls the memory.

I make a coughing noise to get his attention.  He does a quick jerk of his head and gives me an apologetic look.  “Just work with what you’ve got.  No one will judge you in here.  We are all in the same boat.”  Without any embarrassment, he dips his face into the slop and beings to slurp up his food.  When he looks up, his entire chin is dripping with goo.  I can’t help but giggle at his messy face and innocent expression.  Oh Jack.  I don’t know what I would do without you.

Looking back at my own bowl, I take a deep breath, and dive into it.  My stomach tries to fight me, but I force it back down.  It is beyond disgusting, but survival trumps picky eating.

I don’t know how Jack could ever get use to this.  Each mouthful is a fight to keep down.  Finally, my stomach is full for the first time in a while.  I put the bowl down, and place the tray back on the shelf.  Then, I walk over to the shower to rinse my face off.

While my back is turned, I can hear the click of a key being turned.  I quickly turn around and see three people at the door of my cage.  The woman walking in is wearing cleaning scrubs.  She’s about average height, slightly plumb, and I would guess around her early 50’s.  White peppers her black hair that is pulled back into a loose bun.  Behind her are two armed soldiers. 

I recognize one of them as the soldier who purposefully ripped my wing from the doorway the previous night.  I give him my best glare and remain silent.  The soldier just winks in return and keeps his gun gripped in his hands.

The woman in scrubs gently places a blanket on my bed, and quickly works to clean my floor.  I lower myself down to my knees, and instantly the soldiers yank their guns up to my face.  Ready at a moment’s notice to pull the trigger.  I slowly raise both my hands out to show them that I mean no sign of aggression.

Keeping very still, I try to converse with the older woman, “My name is Rose.  What’s your name?”  The woman freezes very briefly when she hears my voice, but doesn’t say a word.  Keeping her head down, she continues to diligently clean the floor.  Determined to try and talk to her, I gently probe on, “Ma’am, I’m really sorry about the mess.  I didn’t mean to make trouble for you.”

“That’s enough chatter.” Barks the other soldier.“Finish up in there Carrie and get out.  It’s my lunch break and you’re wasting enough of it as is.”  Carrie scrubs even harder and refuses to look at anything but the floor.  Like a timid mouse, she grabs her cleaning supplies and scurries out of the cage.  The door is slammed shut and I’m locked in once more.

I’m about to get up when I notice something.  I crawl over to the underside of my bed.  Pain flares up on my thighs but I refuse to acknowledge it.  I refuse to even look down and see what Diane has done.  Not yet. 

Upon closer inspection, I realize that it’s a toothbrush.  I quickly snatch it and fugitively look around for a place to hide it.  An idea pops into my head as I eyeball the drain under the shower head in the corner. 

Quickly I crawl back to the drain, still ignoring the now searing pain on my thighs, and peer even closer at the drain.  No bolts seem to be holding it down.  With my pinkie, I cautiously try to hook it into one of the little holes.  Slowly, I try to pull up.  Noting happens.  With a little more strength, I pull a bit harder.  It moved!  Not by much, but it’s a start!

I continue with finesse to try and gain more purchase when I hear Seraphina yell at me from behind, “What are you up to now princess?  Haven’t you earned yourself enough trouble for one day? Are you just trying to prove me right?”  I ignore her pesky questions and continue my work.

After another minute, I can feel it wiggle loose just a bit more.  Determined more than ever now, I muster all my strength and pull hard.  “Eck!” I squeal as the lid comes flying off unexpectedly.  My back slams to the ground hard, but I don’t feel a thing.  I’m too excited at my progress to notice and scramble to my new hidey hole. 

Slowly, I lower the tooth brush down the pipe.  It’s perfect!  The pipe is just long enough for the toothbrush to slide in before the pipe curves in a bend so it doesn’t fall down too deep.  I glance around to see if anyone has noticed.

Satisfied that my work has gone by unseen, aside from my nosey neighbor, I cover the hole back up.  With the lid securely in place, I stand up and take a few back to observe my work.  Nothing looks out of place.  I can’t help but to smile at my cleverness, that is, until I see Jack.  His face has gone white.

“What have you done?” he whispers.  “If The Man finds out, things will get much worse for you.  How could you be so stupid as to risk something like that!?  If anything happens to you, I’ll lose it.  I can’t bear to see one more person I care about die in here.  I just can’t!”

I’m stand there confused as I listen to his outburst.  I thought he would be happy.  Not scold me like an ornery child.  “You said you wanted to escape, did you not?  That’s what I’m trying to do.  Anything at all that we can use could be vital to our escape.  No matter how we plan this out, it will involve risks one way or another.  Do you trust me?”

Jack looks at me for a little while, his beautiful green eyes shimmering with so many emotions.  With a huff, he gives me that cherished lopsided grin of his that I’ve come to count on, “You’re right, and I do trust you.  I just don’t like seeing you put yourself in harm’s way.  Can you at least promise me something?  Be smart about this, ok?  Don’t take any unnecessary risks without weighing the odds out.  Deal?

Hope flares up in me bright and blazing once more.  We may not have a plan just yet, but at least this is a start.  With the help of Jack, and yes, maybe even Seraphina too, we just might be able to make it out of here.  Not just us, but the rest of the poor souls trapped along with us. This is our time now.



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