Chapter 2: The Prostitute.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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As the curtain close our old Liberian waddles his way back to the stage.
Wasn't that just lovely? he asks as he continues: but, if you ask me : young people are just morons. Playing games with lust and greed is the quickest way to war as they say.

Next we have the Tale of the Prostitute . he giggled while he waddled back off stage leaving to curtain to open once more. Hey! she still owes me from last time he shouted from off the stage!

As the lights turn on we see a beautiful, but clearly broken down woman. Her hair is brown and ratty, she is thin and uneaten, but her eyes were as young and beautiful as freshly clean rained lakes of yesteryear. Her name was Monica, Monica The former princess of Naples:

Monica: I was born to the life were I thought the world was kind, and no one could be questioned in my mind. I was loved, oh how I was loved, both  by the people and country. Now all I have are stories and songs, Take this as another memory I've lost. 

{She strokes her hair as she looks to the moon walking aimlessly}

 was living a dream which I thought would never come to die, 
I would drink with hopes as tall as the sky, How foolish is the young 
and the blind. Would you believe once all men loved me, I thought I was blessed,
I thought fate had protected myself and my family, 

{Monica begins to take off her clothing piece by piece as she walks in the moonlight}

But like a Greek wine, tears came with each tasting, and then tragedy found it's
way one night, To my bed where I always kept the angels singing, And he turned my beauty into a mark of Cain,

My kingdom and father cast me from their sight, Even mother wouldn't cry,
I was innocent and full of wonder, Learning of the world and collecting each new type of flower, Even now I want to believe I'm still asleep, All the stares and pain are apart of the dream, I'll awake as the still proud daughter, untouched and safe with my honor,
I won't accept this as reality, I was supposed to be my nations daughter, I was supposed to be the Summer queen, but this shame damned me forever,

Cheer for me, Cheer for me, all phantoms of my former life, 
I remembered how you loved me, and this is how I still fight,
Even as a whore of the night, if you look closely I'm still your summer queen,

{ Monica tired lays herself down on the soft ground, seeing a image of her
to be husband. she smiles in her delusion and happily says '' Gabriel'' as the image
cradles her in his lap allowing her to rest}

Gabriel: Poor child forced in darkness, You were never truly rejected, 
All the angels watched and still cared, Nothing can truly taint such innocence,
Monica you're still a beauty to remember, A true queen the crowds will cheer,

Monica: Kind delusion thank you for caring, thank you for coming, You were always there
to guide, hold, and protect the girl I kept inside me, 

Gabriel: It is time to finally let yourself be selfish and to be free,
I am here because his almighty has sent me, Let him take the pain of all
your memories, A final trade of shame for wings,

Monica: Gabriel I'm strong only because you are here, 
I only live because I pretended each touch was from you,
And I hate the devil that made me too filthy for you,
Even now as you did back then you chase regardless of
all worlds you could lose, and for that I must eternally thank you,

Monica & Gabriel: I kiss you goodbye my endless night,
I return to my true lover, my true life, 

And as the curtain closes and we see both Gabriel and Monica share a kiss .
and next to Monica lays both bottle and feather.

Submitted: March 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Gabriel Woodworth. All rights reserved.


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