Magical Beans

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What am I supposed to eat??

Submitted: March 05, 2018

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Submitted: March 05, 2018



Magical Beans


I’m hungry.

I check the fridge.

There’s no food.

I wallow

In self-pity

And utter despair


I’m not actually hungry

I’m just bored

And that void…

Can be filled

With treats


But there’s no food

I stand aimlessly

On the cold tiles

Sorta at a loss


Whats my next move?

Is there one?

I hadn’t planned

On stepping outside


Or the next two days


I sigh.

My keys are on the table

Wallet right next to it

A pitiful few dollars

Hiding in the sleeves

Is it worthit?


I turn back to the fridge

I slowly pull open the door

One more time


That bastard light hits me

Revealing an emptiness

That wracks me to my soul

Still no food.

What did I fucking expect?

© Copyright 2018 D. Nic. All rights reserved.

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