Bangle Of Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 05, 2018

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Submitted: March 05, 2018



When I wore a bangle of pointed thorns on my wrists; they got apathetically scarred,
A series of raw bruise developed with the unleashing hour; and ravines of warm blood trickled down my fingers.

When I put on a bangle of live reptile on my hands; it tickled me voraciously,
The venomous creature hissed enchantingly for a while; eventually striking its
perfidious fangs indiscriminately in my flesh.

When I wore a bangle of dead frog on my wrists; there wafted an unbearable
stench in the atmosphere,
Also the skin in proximity with the contraption developed a plethora of
infection; catering to a host of abominable insects.

When I wore a bangle of sea shell on my wrists; it initially imparted me a
majestic look,
But the exhilaration soon faded; as a fleet of slimy worm came crawling from the inside recesses.

When I wore a bangle impregnated with ravishing honey on my wrists; it
glimmered tenaciously in the midday Sun,
Although after a few hours I found; the obstreperous humming bees encircling
it perceiving it to be their hive.

When I wore a bangle of insipid grass on my wrists; the frigid blades tickled me pertinently,
And every now and then; I had to scratch my flesh; executing overwhelming force of my finger nail.

When I wore a bangle of jingling metal on my wrists; it glittered profoundly under the creamy moon,
However it provoked me to the threshold of irritation; as it produced cacophonic noise; every time I moved my hand.

When I wore a bangle of pure gold on my wrists; it incarcerated the attention
of several pedestrians,
The penurious could hardly believe their eyes; immediately chalked astute plans of actions to steal it.

When I wore a bangle of elephant teeth on my wrists; it highlighted richness blended with rustic tradition,
Although I felt pervaded with remorse for the colossal beast; nostalgically reminisced the agony it must have felt while dying.

And finally when I wore the bangle of our love on my wrists; all my apprehensions vanished into minute oblivion,
My hands; my persona; and the coordination of my senses all got astronomically reinvigorated; and they seemed to be gaining strength as each day unveiled into perilous night.

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