When the Flowers Bloom in Winter

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When the flowers bloom in winter

Have you ever beheld the sight of flowers blooming in winter?

It’s a rare and beautiful sight that most never get to see, but that people always hear about

They bloom and thrive in a special forest, and always in it’s dense center

If you see their beauty, and feel their magic, you’ll never feel the need to pout


In this magical forest, the flowers glow bright with stunning magic

But it is hidden away from the corrupt human destruction and disdain

It is only seen by the people whose lives have been tragic

And stories tell that everyone who has seen it has been released of all pain


Have you ever seen the wonders of the flowers that grow in winter?

Ever felt their warm magic flow through the cold air around you?

Once you leave the forest of the flowers, one may never re enter

Tales are told ‘about how after the encounter, a person say they had flew


So have you seen these wonderfully magical flowers,

That bloom in the dreadful, lonely, cold?

If you do, they say you’ll attain great powers

And stay young forever, never growing old or sick


As your life gets shorter, dearest sickly child,

I take you into my arms, to carry you to the flowers so you can run wild


Where you shall be rid of this illness and death that rages through your body

And spend the rest of eternity in the warmth and happiness of the flowers that bloom in winter


Submitted: March 05, 2018

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A very pleasant little poem. Lovely.

Wed, March 7th, 2018 3:05pm

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