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Submitted: March 05, 2018

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Submitted: March 05, 2018



When i took a bath in red acrylic paint,
my body resembled the sun fading in murky horizons of dusk.

when i drenched myself with coal tar liquid,
snow white patches of my skin transited to ghastly black.

when i sprinkled buckets of rotten vegetable juice in plenty,
i smelt like i had last bathed in innocent childhood.

when i rolled wildly in mud lying in fresh pools of rain,
multiple pores of my body went berserk in heated euphoria.

when i poured large cans of honey extracted from bee-hive,
my body became a breeding place for red ant and worm.

when i swam in white icy waters of the mountain stream,
i shivered incessantly with a plethora of goose-bumps instantly formed.

When I submerged myself in a tank of steaming acid,
soft layers of flesh got denuded of silky hair.

when I engulfed myself in churned green chili juice,
i felt live currents of electricity circulating through my blood.

when I sprayed petrol with high pressured hose,
entangled mass of my intestine vomited settled food granules.

And finally when I stood beneath a shower oozing gold coin,
I felt this bath should go on for decades immemorial.

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