Be Captured.

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Submitted: March 05, 2018

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Submitted: March 05, 2018



Float in the valleys of eternally ravishing desire; letting each miserably tyrannized nerve of yours; being wholesomely consumed by the sensuously  velvet blackness that majestically ruled each inch,

Romance in the clouds of amiably handsome compassion; letting the mellifluously silken puffs of ivory white; rekindle the chords of flirtatiously newborn mischief in your soul,

Fantasize in the forests of unabashedly glorious enigma; letting the stupendously virgin dew drops of mother nature; ignite the ultimate spark in your drearily monotonous life,

Languish in the webs of inexplicably titillating creativity; uninhibitedly expressing every ounce of lazy energy entrapped in your bones; to the most unprecedented limits,
Bask in the sun of blazingly unfettered triumph; letting the rays of unflinching optimism; royally enlighten every pore of your penuriously diminishing existence,

Adventure in the sea of indefatigably roaring exhilaration; letting the waves of exultating freedom; liberate every incarcerated ingredient of your estranged blood,

Create in the cradle of innocuously untamed childhood; letting the unfathomably swirling energy of fresh creation; metamorphose you once again into the spell-binding aroma
of the wondrous birth,

Sleep in the belly of ubiquitously healing Mother Nature; blending even the most latent pore of your skin; with the most ecstatically pristine rudiments of your heritage and creation,

Gallop in the fields of ardently bountiful festivity; gushing past at a speed greater than that of turbulent wind; witnessing the melody of magical creation; ebulliently spawn at every step,

Embrace in the heaven of egalitarian companionship; shrugging even the most infinitesimal of your discrimination; to assimilate the oneness of God's creation in each pulse of your existence,

Sing in the breeze of brazenly unstoppable evolution; letting the infallible rhapsody in your sound; perpetuate a tingling newness; in an infinite more civilizations yet to arrive,

Scintillate on the apogees of timelessly impregnable freedom; letting every torturously enslaved ingredient of your countenance; perennially shimmer in the undefeated playground of this effulgent Universe,

Dance in the night of unconquerably enthusing bewilderment; wholesomely letting your gauntly impoverished bones; gyrate to the beats of the miraculously uniting Blackness,

Whisper in the wilderness of inscrutably untainted imagination; letting the fragrance of your poignantly cascading breath; melange and become wholesomely one with the vastness of the voluptuous atmosphere,

Flirt through the hillocks of vividly reverberating enthrallment; gleefully entwining your palms with those of every nubile maiden alive; to happily march the walk of spectacular life,

Procreate in the lap of tantalizingly timeless earth; planting the seeds of your unsurpassably endowed virility; to let the chapter of life continue for an infinite
more births as alive,

Rationalize on the streets of quintessentially inevitable practicality; letting each deplorably beleaguered and hackneyed sense of yours; get the real ferocious punch of life,

Breathe in the civilizations of candidly untamed openness; letting not even the most invisible insinuation of manipulation or prejudice; set abhorrent fire to your soul,

And  then eventually be captured in the unassailable entrenchment of perpetually blessing love; to ensure that this Universe fervently palpitates now; and continues to beautifully do so; forever and ever and ever

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