Becoming One In Mind; Body And Spirit-As The Sunlight Kissed

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As it kissed the frigidly shriveled leaves of the tree; they suddenly simmered with boisterous currents of rhapsodic life; abruptly ending
the era of all that was rotten with adulterated man-made filth,

As it kissed the lackadaisically stagnant swamps of water; they
suddenly metamorphosed into a fantabulous effervescent river; charming
one and all with its undulating ripples of unparalleled ecstasy,

As it kissed the sullenly polluted particles of dust; they suddenly
became the most poignantly enthralling breeze of victory; mesmerizing
living kind of all ages and shapes with the freshness of priceless life,

As it kissed the rocks miserably eroded with ominous bomb; they
suddenly stood with their chests unflinching and high; with an
alacrity now undefeated by any sinful artificial man or machine,

As it kissed the parsimonious layers of brutally pulverized soil;
they suddenly transformed  into an uninhibited womb of procreation;
now feeling relieved of all angst; fertilizer and robotized greed,

As it kissed the disdainfully trembling roots of the tree; they
suddenly started to glow in anticipation of a fearless next life;
forming the most blissful bonds of perpetuity with royal crusts of
sacrosanct soil,

As it kissed the lividly lame weeds aimlessly squandering on the ocean; they suddenly sprang up with an untamed leap towards the sky; saluting the Almighty Divine with every euphoric rise of the frosty wave,

As it kissed the silken webs shattered by barbarous prejudices of man; they suddenly coalesced together in the most perfect rhyme of all times; with each of their strand being an everlasting testimonial to the spirit of a united living kind,

As it kissed the sinister dungeons fretting and fuming in labyrinths  of dark; they suddenly blazed in the full fervor of optimistic existence; yearning to lead each instant of life with an untiring exuberance to embrace and not to jail,

As it kissed the pockets of clouds scattered into a boundless bits;
they suddenly radiated in the true Omnipotent Light of the Lord;
blessing an infinite raindrops of goodness upon every deplorably estranged territory of planet divine,

As it kissed the eyeballs submerged into a corpse of gruesome
blackness; they suddenly experienced the unparalleled fieriness to conquer each aspect of holistic existence; with the rays of compassion; peace; love and truth,

As it kissed the wavering eerie mists of the penalizing night; they suddenly beamed into a whole new chapter of a brilliantly lit tomorrow; whose rays enlightened the entire planet to unite in threads of perennial friendship,

As it kissed the non-existent shadow of the raunchily marauding devils; they suddenly entered the scepter of a new-found blessed life; whose aura of immortal love vanquished every trace of sin & lies-  forever and ever and ever,

As it kissed the umpteen blades of squeamishly fetid moist grass; they suddenly started to emanate the scent of victory; miraculously rising in unison towards the heaven- -in the most vibrantly united fortress of green,

As it kissed the irately squabbling religions of  Hinduism; Islam;
Christianity; Buddhism- -they suddenly became the most bountifully unconquerable religion of humanity—a religion which was made for one and all by the Omnipresent Lord Divine,

As it kissed the woefully wounded- -wailing every moment to somehow escape the grave; they suddenly levitated into bits of open blue sky; united hand in hand under just one Omnipotent Light of truth from the

As it kissed perverted minds rampantly ravaging the fabric of
impeccable humanity; they suddenly started to resound in the song of togetherness and calm; charring most insouciant iota of devilry to the invisible ashes,

And as the 'Sunlight' simultaneously kissed my heart whilst kissing all of the above;  I suddenly became one in mind; body; spirit and till the very last breath of my existence; with every element of the atmosphere; earth; sky  and Universe around me; and with every single one of them

Submitted: March 05, 2018

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