Tales of Mythgaria: Journal #1

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Connor Fritzberg is a normal 16 year old boy who lives with his archaeologist father. While in Egypt, Connor is given a ring that whisks him away to Mythgaria, a fantasy world reminiscent of places
like Middle-Earth and Narnia. Can Connor find his way back home? Or will he be stuck in this world for the rest of his life?

Submitted: March 06, 2018

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Submitted: March 06, 2018



Tales Of Mythgaria

Journal #1

Chapter I

To be honest, I don’t know where to start. I never had to write in a journal before. I’m starting now because if I don’t, I will go insane. I think I’ll start with my name.


My name is Connor Fritzberg. I know, crappy name, huh? I sound like a dork. Ok, good start here, guess I’ll keep going. I am about 5’4’’ and 129 lbs (I think). I have black hair. I wear glasses. The only thing I like about my appearance is my eyes. They’re blue. Deep blue. They make me look like I’m wearing contact lenses.


Rex gave me this journal to write down my experiences. He says it’s a great way to vent. You might be wondering who Rex is. We’ll get to that.


Right now I’ll tell you everything that happened to me and how my life sucks right now.


Chapter II

I am the son of an archeologist. He studied Egyptian artifacts. He makes me go with him on all his trips. I usually just stay in the hotel room doing the homework he assigned me. My dad is really protective of me. I’ve been homeschooled my entire life. I have no friends because of this fact.


Well this story starts on my 16th birthday. Dad took me into a new tomb that was discovered a few weeks ago. He said he had a surprise for me. It turned out the “surprise” was a weird small box made of sandstone. It could fit into my hand. I heard a rattle inside. Like it had something in it. I could tell that dad is giving me an old artifact to get me interested in his job. So I could do what he does. Dig in the dirt all day.


I did what I call the “Birthday Routine” and faked a smile and told him I loved it only to toss it into my suitcase and forgot about it.


Later that night, I woke up to the sound of my suit case shaking. If I had known how things would play out when I opened it up, I would have thrown it off the balcony. But instead of that, I pulled it from under my bed and unlatched the lock on it. Inside, the little box was jumping around like crazy. As soon as I opened the case, the box jumped out backwards at the wall in front of me and shattered. The thing inside of it was lying in the floor in a pile of sandstone. It was a ring. It was made of a black metal. It was vibrating. I went to pick it up. Bad idea. When my hand was only inches away, it jumped onto my right middle finger. I jumped backwards as a searing pain went through my whole body. My screams were heard by Dad but it was too late. By the time he opened the door the pain had subsided and a ring of light had formed around me on the floor. It turned into a portal. The last thing I remember as I fell into the depths of nothingness was my Dad’s horrified face.


Chapter III

Darkness. That’s all I saw when I was falling. My own screams were all I could hear. After what seemed like hours, I started to glow a bright green. It only lasted a few minutes. After it faded, I was able to stop screaming long enough to look down to see a light rapidly approaching. When it got closer, I saw that I was going to fall into a river! The water was travelling fast, too. I barely had enough time to hold my breath before I crashed into the water. The ride was rough. I was slammed into rocks and thrown around. I was able to come up for air for a split second before more water crashed onto me. I eventually felt a vine brush up against my hand and I grabbed it. As soon as I did, I was pushed over a waterfall. The vine saved me. As I hung beside the fall, I look down to see a huge canyon. I was overcome with vertigo, but somehow I still held on. I realized it was life or death at the moment and I used all of my remaining strength to pull myself up. Once I did, I saw I was in a forest of some sort. So I ran forward in hopes of finding help.


I was overflowing with adrenaline and I kept running through the pain in my arms and legs. After a couple minutes of sprinting at full speed, I tripped over a root and started to tumble down a steep hill. When I hit the bottom, things started to fade to black as I heard footsteps.


Chapter IV

I woke up in a cave. It was warm due to a fire in the center of it. I was lying of a soft blanket made of some kind of fur. I was in my underwear. I looked around me and saw my clothes in a pile to my right. They were dry. As I pull my shirt on, I heard footsteps coming from the mouth of the cave. It was a guy wearing a red tunic. He had a bag slung over his shoulder. He had long silver hair, pointy ears, and brown eyes. He was at least 6 feet tall. He payed me no attention as he sat down by the fire.


“You’re awake now.” He says while pulling out some bread from his bag. He cuts the loaf in half and waves me over to the spot next to him. “Good, I have some questions to ask you.”


“Yeah.” I say as I take a bite of bread. “Same here.”


So we talked a bit and I learned his name was Calrexan Hawkensmith III but I asked if I could call him Rex to keep it simple. He was fine with it. He told me that he was out hunting when he sensed “powerful magic” and went off to find the source. He says he found me unconscious on the ground after I fell down the hill. He sensed the magic coming from me so he decided to nurse me back to health. I was asleep for 3 days. I had to ask him about the magic stuff to see if he was crazy. He acted like I was joking until he realized I was serious. He asked me if I knew where I was. I told him I didn’t.


I’m in Mythgaria. A place where magic and monsters exist. Basically, a Lord of the Rings-type of place. I told him where I was from. He only believed me due to my ignorance of this world and the fact my clothes were nothing like what they wear here. I was shocked. I thought I was having a nightmare. So since I thought this was a dream I calmed down and talked some more until it was time to wake up.


Chapter V

When I woke up, I kept my eyes closed hoping that when I opened them, I’d be on Earth. I only saw the roof of the cave. I was devastated. It was real. I can’t go back. When I wiped my tears away, I spotted the ring on my finger. I tried to yank it off and throw it at the wall but it wouldn’t budge. It was stuck. Great. Just great. I stand up to get my bearings. The fire was out and Rex was sleeping. I decided to wait until breakfast to assault him with questions.


After breakfast, Rex tells me I have to stay with him. He says it isn’t safe these days. When I ask why, he goes quiet. He then handed me a sword to protect myself with. It was a sabre with a very serrated blade. It was about 3 feet long. I took it since he knows more about this place than I do.


Staying with Rex means traveling. A lot of traveling. He travels so much because of his training. You see, Rex is a half-elf. He’s spent most of his life learning magic. He’s a sorcerer in training. He needs to complete a pilgrimage. He can’t go home until he has mastered his skills to his maximum potential. He can’t use magic as much as a full blood elf could. It’s because his father’s Mythgarian (the humans here are called Mythgarians) blood. Rex says when a person uses magic they use Mana. Mana runs through all living things. Some beings can tap into their Mana and use it as magic. But if they use too much without giving themselves some rest, they will start to use their very life force. And Rex’s Dad’s blood gives him a low amount of Mana. But Rex has a dagger in his belt he uses when he’s low on Mana.


Chapter VI

It was when the sun was at it’s highest when we got attacked. We came across an open field. In the center was a giant boulder. Rex instantly grew tense.


“Be quiet when we pass it.” He told me as we walked forward. “Any noise and we are in trouble.”


All I saw was a stupid rock so I didn’t take him seriously. So I leaned against it to mess with Rex a little.


“What are you doing?” He whispered. “We have to run for our lives now!”


I would’ve laughed at him, but the rock started to shake. I got away from it and turned around to see it unfold into a giant humanoid shape. It was like a natural Transformer. It was made of rocks held together with mud. Where its eyes would be were red lights. It opened its mouth and roared into the sky. I was paralyzed with fear. I thought I was going to die. I even forgot that I was holding the sword Rex gave me. I would’ve been killed if it wasn’t for Rex pulling me away as the beast swiped its hulking fist at my head.

Rex lead me into the woods. The monster was right behind us. Rex realized this and told me we couldn’t keep running forever. So we had to fight. He said we need to split up. He went left, I went right. The monster chased Rex. I watched as Rex shouted “PYRUS” and shoot a fireball out of his hands at the beast. So magic is real. But it didn’t do anything to the monster but make it angrier.


“Son of a-” Rex would have finished his curse but he was slammed into a tree. He was knocked unconscious. The beast was towering over him. It raised its fist high in the air. When it did, I realized something. I could fight to save Rex, but I could die. I could run away, but Rex would die. I didn’t have a chance to make the choice because my body already did it for me. It was fight or flight. Oh, I ran alright. Straight towards the brute with my sword held high.


I slashed the blade down at its back. I put a good size gash in its back as mud splashed in my face like blood. It turned around and swung at me. I dodged and slashed at it. It howled in pain as I ran away. I made sure it was following me so I could keep him away from Rex. I honestly don’t know how I learned to fight like this. Was it my instincts? No. I never fought anything in my entire life. But I didn’t have time to reflect then as I was hit in the back and sent flying into a tree. The beast was howling with victory. I was out of sight for now because I landed behind a bush. As it looked around for me, I gave up. I was waiting for it to find me and finish the job. I was in pain. Lots of it. But then I heard a familiar rush of water. I looked around me and found the cliff about a dozen yards behind me. I had a stupid idea but it was the only way I could kill this thing. I limped towards the edge and turned my back on it. I shouted at the beast who was looking for me. It turned and roared as it charged at me. Things felt like they went slow motion. I waited until it was close enough before I rolled to my left. It saw what I was doing and tried to stop itself but it was going to fast. It fell over the edge.


I grabbed my sword off the ground and heard a roar behind me. It must have caught something because it was about to climb over the edge. It was waist high when I got back there to finish the job. It looked at me with those blood red eyes as I brought my sword down on its neck. Mud squirted out like a fountain and hit me in the face. The beast was still there. It was dead. It just had a good enough grip on the rocks to hold on after death. So I kicked it over and watched as it disappeared into the depths of the canyon.


Chapter VII

I went back to Rex and showed him the head as proof that I killed it. He was surprised. He said that monster was a Stone Golem and they are usually peaceful just don’t wake them up. Their eyes are green when in a passive mood. But wake one up and its eyes turn blood red.


I was tired so we set up camp. At night he gave me a journal. This very journal I’m writing in right now. He said it would be a good thing to write down some things as I learn about this world. I don’t know why I would need to write about this place. I just want to go home. But until then, I’ll stick with Rex since he knows more about this place than I do. I don’t know what the future will hold for me. But it better involve me going home. I asked Rex if he knew anything about the ring stuck to my finger. He didn’t but he said he might know someone who might have an idea. He told me about a village about 3 days worth of walking away. Once we recover from today, we would go there. I hope this guy he told me about can help me because i’m in deep. Too deep.


Anyway, I’ve been writing for hours. I’m tired and in pain. I need some rest.


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