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love is everywhere, only we need a beautiful eyes & handsome heart to feel. This story describes short perspective and observation of love affection. story of unknown by unknown

Submitted: March 06, 2018

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Submitted: March 06, 2018





It was my first journey,
in Goa express 12779 from Vasco to Khandwa, one of the biggest journey & I was loner who enjoying his own company as I always do. I was too tired, as I passed my evening somehow with two Bihari’s who are sitting just next to me.
‘Talking to Bihari is always a head stunned’.

We talked senselessly. Laughed without reason.
As I woke up after completed my half journey, I felt fresh ‘coz
I passed my night somehow and half journey too.

Thanks to jio music!
I had fantastic playlist.
And my Romantic dreams which keeps me comfortable n joyful.
But the next stations being like dark jungle, beyond infinity.
I was doing, ??? both Hindi and English Suffer.

My train compartment start becoming a general boggy where luggage is more than passenger.
Poor people everywhere with waiting ticket & some with none.

I was lying at upper most berth with ease,
whenever I keep my foot downward it will either struck to people or luggage. Which makes me angry n frustrating but my kindness towards peoples takeover my anger.
‘I was looking at the poor and thinking about difficulty of their life’.

I was getting bore and feeling hungry,
my mood start turning into bad >very bad> worse.

Then I noticed something amazing.
The real truth about love that miracle which takes you in the new world where you will not only feel love but enhance its beauty.
Tipsiness of love,
Addiction get abroad inside the train and meanwhile I also get banana chips to eat, it seems like enjoying a movie with some snacks.
One young dynamic couple came,
Seated at the door with legs hanged.
Girl was not as joyful as boy were, but they complete each other.

‘Girl was brown, with golden messy dye hair and looks like didn’t bathe since ages’.

Dark Black boy with ultra slim personality, messy red coloured hair like someone spit pan in his head, wore golden bentex chain in his neck, open button shirt and the Salman khan’s Silver bracelet at his wrist with blue pearl.

Many dry wounds and scratches on his face and hand, he is not only looked poor yet scoundrel too but still they are a cute couple.

“Ugly girl with a super ugly boyfriend”.

Seriously! ‘God is great match maker’,

They were talking, laughing & enjoying each other’s company. All those who enter into the train scold them and treated them badly, that doesn’t affect them.

At that moment I realise ‘money is not important for happiness, not even education, sophistication.’ only feelings is important which is priceless.

After a moment- “Boy insert his hand in the pocket and got ‘Vimal Gutka’ kept it in his palm and offer her.
She gave him priceless smile,
she picked it up from his palm n eat that ‘Gutka.’ Romantically. He taught his gf the way mixing tobacco, rubbing, eating Pan Masala.
Suddenly “both become SILENT”,
the whole happiness in the train is like freeze everything starts in slow motion. That makes me uncomfortable, continuously forced me to think, thousands of thought starts coming into my mind.

‘5 min past’….,

‘10 min past’…..,

I feel curious to know “what exactly happen with these guys?”
I never ever get that much interested in any other’s life.
Don’t know why they hold my attention during whole journey and made me concern.

Then after 15 min
both spit and start taking again with same pace.

I laughed “haha – haha.”
They changed my concept about happiness and LOVE.

I start enjoying my journey again with beautiful smile.




******* THE END ********

© Copyright 2018 chirag. All rights reserved.

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