Finding Love

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You are an everlasting shining beacon of blessed hope....

Submitted: March 06, 2018

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Submitted: March 06, 2018



The reason you still miss and feel so tortured about a person who broke up with you 4 months ago is because you are a caring nurturing person who gave freely and lovingly of yourself in the relationship.

You really do give your whole beautiful heart to the person you love and your love is so strong, so pure, and so everlasting that it is difficult for you to understand how anyone else could possibly be any different, especially someone who was blessed with the priceless treasure of your true compassionate heartfelt undying eternal love.

You are right, the person who broke up with you is sadly losing the best gift that life ever offered him in the spectacular glory of you, the wonderful loving person you truly are.

I realize it may be difficult to conceive now, even more so because of your natural instinct of protective devotion, yet as time progresses, the pain in your elegant heart will slowly by gentle degrees begin to dissolve away and your joyous self shall smile again in the euphoric satisfaction of rewarding living.

I also realize that it may not be much consolation to hear that you are not the only one who suffers so traumatically at the hands of a lover who lacked the emotional capacity to appreciate you for the fabulous human being that you are, yet there are many who share the terrible pain of a shattered relationship which you are now experiencing.

For this compelling reason (to escape the agonizing torment of heartbreak) so many who find themselves dejected in a tragically dissolved relationship immediately rush into a new relationship with another person as an anodyne to the humiliating hurt, however, this is more often than not an ill-advised solution, because true lasting love, based on trust and thorough mutual understanding, takes time to grow.

What will help you most right now is to find a friend who understands you, someone you can talk to about what you are experiencing, someone who will show the same deep compassion you possess, someone who will not grow tired of hearing your sad song of lost love, because, this is a growing experience, and a true friend who understands personal human growth will be delighted to share in the spiritual ascension with you, and will be thankful for the opportunity to be there for you when you need them most.

It doesn’t matter if this friend of the heart is male or female, as long as it is a person of the same gentle understanding humanity as yourself.

You are a gift to yourself and the whole world. There are many people who appreciate you, the true you, the honest-to-goodness affectionate person you really are. You are not alone. On the contrary, you are part of a global community of kindred spirits who are cheering for you and who celebrate your goodness and your sweet caring human essence.

In the ballad Silver, Blue, & Gold, the band Bad Company sings lyrics which illustrate with incredible poetic accuracy the sensation of doleful melancholy which you are now experiencing. One of the most poignant verses of this memorable song of lost love says “the time that it takes for a love to grow cold is a wonder to me”.

Remember, you are a soul of love. The scintillating brilliance of your beacon of passion shines brightly to touch hearts and light the way through fearsome shadows of dark nights for others. You have the strength to endure.

The heart that will appreciate your heart is somewhere alive right now in this world. You will find each other. Until that blessed moment arrives, breathe freely in the conscious awareness that you are true and good and that the luminous charity of your supportive sensitivity is an inspiration and a guiding light that is needed, appreciated, and cherished by others who share your delicate yearning for true everlasting faithful devoted undying love.

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