Mr Christmas

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Horror. Humour.

Mr Christmas


  Mr Christmas wears a bright red T shirt down the park all

year round. Some of the other walkers tell him he's stupid,

that it's not Christmas, but he just laughs it off. He tells them

it's Christmas all year round.

  There are some of the lady walkers however who find his

preoccupation with Christmas amusing, they like to see him 

in his Christmas T shirt, and each day they wish him a Merry


  Mr Christmas finds it easy to strike up a conversation with

these friendly ladies, and after awhile he invites them back

to his place for coffee, and Christmas cake, and a chat. More 

often then not these ladies are lonely and gladly come back

and talk. Mr Christmas is a good listener.

  The ladies admire his flat full of Christmas decorations,

and cards, and other Christmas trivia. He has a resplendent

Christmas tree, with plenty of presents at the bottem. He puts

some Christmas music on his stereo, to get them further in

a festive mood.

  The ladies can't help themselves, they wish it really was 

Christmas, that someone would give them a Christmas

present. Such is the case with the lady who came back on this

particular day.

- I wish it was really Christmas, so I could have a present.

I wish I could have that present wrapped in red!

- Why you can have that one! Everyday's Christmas here!

  Mr Christmas tells her as he walks out to the kitchen.

- But isn't it for someone?

- It's forever I want it to be for. You can have it!

  Mr Christmas yells as he fumbles about in a kitchen drawer.

- What's in it Mr Christmas?

- There's only one way to find out!

  The lucky lady goes over to the Christmas tree, kneels and 

begins to undo the Christmas wrapping paper. She pulls out

a small cardboard box and screams...

- God! Yuk! Mr Christmas it's full of rotting meat and maggots!

  Mr Christmas who has walked up behind her, slits her throat

with a breadknife, and begins to dismember her body. He has a

lot more Christmas presents to get ready! Merry Christmas!




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