Next In Line

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An Old Doll store, An adopted girl, what's standing in between these two meeting?

Submitted: March 06, 2018

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Submitted: March 06, 2018



Snow fell around me in clumps, I skipped my way home, well my adopted home. Something caught my eye and held it. I placed a gloved hand on the cool glass. A doll, I walked to the door and shook the handle. “ Do you know what the definition of stupidity is?; Doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome” I remembered the words spoken by a new girl at our school, she had been picking on my best friend. Of course I stood up for her at the time. The door was locked. I looked once more to the doll, it was gone. “Where did it go?” I said aloud. It was further back in the room. I threw a snowball at the door. It crumbled and added to the pile at the foot of the door. I shuddered, despite the absence of wind. I wandered off; defeated.

Creak. I whipped around fast enough to see the darkened room open before me. The only beam on light came from the window, even then it was crossed by the shadows from the supports and figures. It took me a few seconds to realise they were all dolls. I wasn’t daunted by the sheer amount dolls surrounding me as I stepped in. It took a few moments to adjust to the dim light. My eyes fixed once more on the doll, she was in a beam of light from the window. She was exactly like me despite the eyes looking a shade or two off. Just weeks before I was at school talking about ventriloquism, we all got a go at it and each week one person got to take the dummy home for the weekend.

I heard footsteps coming towards me, all the horror stories from school, sleepovers, and my worried step parents flooded back to me. Since my adoption into a new family my new parents had filled me in on all the places I could go. I turned to run but found I was stuck in place in front of that doll. “My word, we have a customer” I flcked my wide eyed face to the voice, catching sight of another doll that  looked just like my old best friend, but she moved away. At least that’s what everyone says happened. “Well, aren't you the spitting image of my latest doll” I looked to the person speaking, she wore a white coat covered in what looked like red paint, her sandy hair was pinned to the top of her head, and she had only one moving violet eye. “My, what beautiful eyes you have darling, please do tell me your name” It seemed innocent enough, my step-mum always let me talk to the shopkeepers. “Alma” Nevertheless I stuttered the reply. I looked around and spotted the door, it was about 4 steps away. I looked at the other dolls, some of them were familiar others i had no idea. “Well, Alma would like to have a tour? It’s no trouble, besides we can have tea and cakes” I nodded slowly, unsure if I should trust this stranger. “Oh, how rude! My name is : Cylestia” She smiled warmly and walked to a back room.

We passed through the dark halls guided by a small candle held by Cylestia. I followed her into the room were a fire was roaring, tea was set out on a small antique table. I took a seat and Cylestia handed me a fine china cup. “Sugar or milk?” “Um, both” the fire crackled as if in agreement. I tasted the warm liquid with caution, I had never had tea before. “Do you make the dolls here?” I asked, taking off my mittens. “Why yes, they are all hand made” Chills ran down my spine, there was something sinister under her sweet exteria. “Where do you get the inspiration from, I saw a few and they looked a lot like some of the people I knew” “I visit schools sometimes, or visit their websites, More tea?” “No thanks” It tasted faintly of bitter almonds and I didn’t much care for it. “Well” Cylestia says standing from her seat “Would you like to see the workshop?” I nodded

As we entered the workshop a scent rushed into my face, it smelt of something rotting; come to think about it, it was the same out in the front room. I brushed it off, maybe she left something out, she did look quite old. “Take a seat, I can make you a special doll to take home with you”


The workshop was filled with sawing noises, banging, stitching and fabric. But all this Alma didn’t hear, the noise was drowned out. “Perfect” Cuts covered Alma’s body as Cylestia extracted her skin and eyes. “These were truly beautiful” Cylestia replaced the plastic eyes in the doll with the the real ones. The plastic on the bare parts of the skin were also replaced with real skin. “Now, to start the next ones”...


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