The Outreached Hand

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Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



The Outreached Hand


A hand is always extended to us,

Whether we accept the help or not.

For some it is a lifeline,

To others a heavy burden.


From the first a hand always reaches out;

That of a child,

Then that of an adolescent,

Then that of a Love.


A leap is taken,

And a hand reaches out to us.

Sometimes the road is long,

Very often it is hard,

But only as hard as we choose to make it.


How we see this short, yet long Life,

Well that depends on us.

For not everything is true

And often what we think is the worst,

Can turn into our best.


Whether it is 3am calls,

Or 9pm fights.

Will we be willing to take the risk,

To grasp and take hold,

Of the Outreached Hand that is extended towards us.


For Love is not what we think,

Sometimes there is a lot of pain involved.

Because Hurt people will hurt others

And those who choose Love can heal wounds.


We all have our broken pieces and at times they interlink.

So know, we are not meant to live this Life alone.

For there is a tear for the broken

And comfort for those who have felt loss.


Always there is a Hand.

The Outreached Hand that grabs us back,

Pulling us out of our mess

And healing our wounds and scars.


The Hand takes many forms

And the interaction is different for all.

But there is and always will be,

An Outreached Hand,

For those Who do and do not call.

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