Vampire Tales : The night skyline

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Below is the first in a series of short stories about a writer turned vampire, a misunderstood vampire.

Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



  He sat on the ledge of the balcony looking out at the night and the city scape below and thought about his life and how he had come to this place. Once upon a time he was human and had a soul and a fiancee and a somewhat normal life. His thoughts drifted back through a slew of memories. He could see his now departed love before that fateful night in the park when the dark figure would acsend upon them both, attacking them. He tried his best to save his love but he wasn't strong enough and would pass out only to find later that his love hadn't survive. He often wonder why. Why did he survive the attack only to become the nightmare of his own existence and she had not. Perhaps in the end she was the lucky one and wouldn't have to endure this existence, if one could even call it that.


  Now he was something he couldn't control, a creature that he only thought existed in fiction and horror movies. Of course even before that fateful night he had been possessed by a lust demon, an incubus and it had invaded his very mind and soul and had been the reason he did indeed survive the transformation to the undead. It was this demon inside of him that had made it so now he could walk around during the day in sunlight without it harming him although it did hurt his eyes and he would have to wear dark glasses. There were other changes too. He had been a fluff writer of romance novels before hand under a pen name and now his work had turned extremely dark, about a tragic vampire fighting his own urges and trying to understand himself.


  His books were now best sellers but the truth was he was telling his own life story through his novels. Only a vampire would truly know how it was to be such and it gave his writing such depth and pathos that it struck a nerve with the general public that didn't realize the writer was speaking from his own personal experiences. He did fight his hunger and his urges to feed much like a cigarette smoker trying to quit smoking and had only fed on those he deemed needed to be rid of out of society like rapists, drug pushers, child molesters and the like. Those he had hated before his change. He had always felt for the victim and hated the types that preyed on those weaker around them. Now they would be the ones preyed upon. He looked out at the twinkling city lights but in his own mind he was seeing something else. 

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