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Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



The story of what happened four years ago. We wander in foreign governments for calling of one of a kind trick to make tiny planet explode, trees elapse its colours in the ground, people sink theyre face in the planets well known atmosphere, for an ideal way a childs name here is forgot, shack is empty of metal, and colors describe dieses of funk of its age, that ones going down for day now, but people are still interested in the situations, what to do when firehous goes bezerk in an evil make, its possesses an evict grade, that mollested you couldnt ressurect, fatality of spaceous endangerments, space seats are half taken, medicaments prescribed you alone and giving this planet another chance, or in singularity we will falsifie everything until you will prove us wrong, you thoughts are ment to last. I hoped what you see is real for everyone and meanings can be found in every word you touch. You will be living a free past life, alone in your memories, or within them, you will shine like crewmember derelict. Evolving in to well known novel of our kind, its preached a sandman, starring a new boy, youre choices arent made for your own sake but for humanities, all alike we start a new familiar beggining, but we tend to forget out abstract choice of willingess to possess this life, its meanings are drawings of fatal space jacked library, or we think differently in many of our thinking, others see things they would precieve as a essential part of our existance, yet its stumblings dumbing symbols of our apocalypse we called essential part of living. What you usually see next is apocaliptic demise of things, we ignored, such as commiting mas exploitation within our systems, or more clearly represented, goals that couldnt be treated. Such as painting of which ive written so many, the ideas placed are before you just dont take the gods chance. Forgeting things alone will seem as the easy deed out, for others a market, a god written scripture builds an inner demons disspossed, its own miracle is its stagnant, it does precuriate, such vicious kingdoms have roamed a parts of outer realm, its becoming visible to me now, its just been mind blowing, as a bunch of idiots could change your life so miracoulesly you cant switch it back.

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