The Tomb - A Chronicles of Elyria Short Story

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I was inspired by Chronicles of Elyria to write this story. It's about a sorcerer, and a lich battling each other.

Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



Part 1: The descent

Eedus had entered the darkness of the tomb alone. His colleagues had died before even reaching the entrance, an ambush of skeletal warriors had utterly overwhelmed them. Eedus was lucky to be alive, hopefully this luck could carry him further.

Eedus sprinted inside and was immediately rewarded with pain. A dark pool opened up beneath his feet. Moaning skeletons reached through it, clutching at his legs, their grip strong enough to crush bone into powder. Eedus slammed an arcane blast into their skulls and stumbled free.

Traps, eh? Eedus thought to himself, this could get interesting. Eedus knew this trap would likely be the first of many but pressed on anyway.

The darkening corridors he descended felt endless, until he came across a large chamber. The chamber was empty, or so he thought. He took a step inside, and suddenly the skeleton of a giant tore through the ground. Good lord, Eedus thought to himself as the giant skeleton let out a thundering roar. He summoned a bolt of arcane energy and fired it at the giant. Tsk, It did nothing. As expected.

“So, your master must’ve granted you nullification to magic, huh?” Eedus said, “If it’s only nullification, then that must mean there is a limit, hmm?”

Eedus prepared a flurry of volatile energy and launched it at the giant. The chamber trembled, and the giant skeleton collapsed. With that, Eedus continued, descending deeper & deeper into the tomb.

The hallways soon curved in the same direction. Eedus let them funnel him inward, toward the source of power that lay beneath the tomb.

A narrow, ornate doorway led Eedus into a towering chamber, its ceiling lost in the shadows above. And there, in the center, was a throne. Sitting on the throne was his prey, the source of power he sensed beneath the tomb. “Alucard…” said Eedus, his voice filled with rage “It has been too long, old friend.”


Part 2: Old friends

Alucard was nothing like the man Eedus once knew, he was a husk, his skin had shriveled away leaving nothing but bone. “So, the rumors are true.” Eedus said bleakly, “you turned yourself into a lich.”

“This is true power, Eedus. The fools at the college could not elevate you to heights such as these.” Alucard said in a tone that could only be described as vile, “Power is what you seek, no? Join me, Eedus. And I will grant you power.”

“Tempting. But I think I’d prefer to keep my skin.” Eedus said, lethal energy erupted from the sorcerer’s hands. He launched a bolt at Alucard, but to no effect. The bolt simply vanished upon contact with his bone.

“Pointless.” Alucard hissed and summoned a bolt of vile, green energy in return. He launched the bolt at Eedus, who barely evaded it. The bolt whizzed past him, and exploded the entrance behind him, caving it in. Welp, there goes any chance of escape he thought to himself.

The two casters prepared another attack, volatile energy met with green fire. The tomb quaked and trembled. The fight had begun.

Part 3: Power meeting power.

Colossal waves of energy crashed together, spinning into a bulging vortex of arcane and dark power. The massive chamber pitched and heaved, torrents of fire billowing through it, yet Eedus and Alucard did not waver, did not flinch, did not even blink.

Instead, Eedus smiled, showing teeth. His arms were thrust forward; his chin was raised. There was no trickery here. Just an endless rush of pure, raw power.

Where their fury collided, fire erupted. The air itself threatened to ignite. If it did, everything inside the tomb would be destroyed. Including Eedus. Eedus realizing this ceased his flurry at once. This, however, was a mistake as waves of death magic washed over him. Alucard too ceased after he realized he had gotten a clean hit on Eedus, who was lying still on the ground. “I am victorious.” the lich said while managing a smile.

Alucard shuffled over to Eedus’ corpse, as he got closer he realized something was off. Eedus wasn’t dead! The sorcerer turned over, arcane energy blazed across his body. The lich stepped back, but it was too late. The sorcerer had ignited his very soul and began imploding himself. The resulting explosion obliterated the lich, the tomb and most of the surrounding forest. If the liches phylactery was nearby, it was certainly destroyed. However, so too was Eedus erased. His soul was the price for this power, and he gave it up gladly.  

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