Some Love

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Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



By Malik Williams
Waking up at six sucks, but today is the day I do it. I’ve been talking to her for about 4 months now consistently. And prom is at the end of next month. Yesterday she told me that she didn’t have a date, so I’ll as her today when I walk her home. Readying up never has been so tedious and hard. Doing my hair took forever, and I just felt like I would never get it right. I’ve been love with her for about a year now, and I got lucky with getting a class with her! If I don’t get her, I’ll probably die or something. I don’t expect her to tell me that she loves me or anything, but if I can get her to say yes. I wrote her a poem that I feel she will like. I didn’t see her walking to school, but I was also running a little late. Sitting through class, my excitement is at an all time high. After first period I see her in the hallway, not yet I have to wait till later. I simply smile and say hey to her. Her beauty always gets me, even though she really didn’t do anything special today, but I never care. She waves back and smiles, we pass each other and go to our next class. I see Andre run up to her and say hey before she goes in too class, she laughs kinda hard. I don’t know why she deals with that guy he always is fucking all the girls in school without care. It’s whatever though today is my day. At lunch I hang with the boys in our club room. We were able to snag a classroom and write it off as the alternative music club where we listened to Rap, Rock, R&B, J pop, and K pop. They were telling me that I shouldn’t be scared no isn’t the worst thing she could tell me. I understand that sentiment, but I know that no will hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt. My best friend Steve starts playing this song he’s been working on called Some. It was smooth and had an old funk vibe to it. Finally, my last class rolled around, and I couldn’t wait to see her. She sat by me as usual and we started talking about prom and what we were doing this weekend. Finally, she asked me if I had a date. The teacher then told us to be quite and I whispered I’ll tell you after school. She smiled and nodded, excited to hear about it. I had set it up perfectly. Success I could smell it. School was over, and we began walking home. She finally asked me about my date. I stopped walking, my heart was pounding so fiercely, palms sweaty and throat dry. I pulled out my poem. “The days never seemed to last long enough, then nights never dark enough. Thoughts of you feel the time of the days, having your smile replay, never ceasing always trying to stay. Your love something, I seek, your heart for me I hear it speak. Give me a chance with prom and I’ll give you the best night you’ll see.” I didn’t take my eyes off the poem and just wanted for her response. “Ummm, I’m going with Andre, he asked me earlier and I said yes I’m sorry, I really liked the poem though.” I was breathless, I waited too long. I feel the tears trying to escape but I didn’t want her to see me cry I dashed for it. So fast was the actions I heard her yell my name, the tires screech, the lights flash as I froze. Now when I think about it the blood was surprisingly warm, I guess her saying no was the worst thing to happen to me. Watching her cry over my casket hurt me more than I ever felt in life, and to think all I wanted was some of her love.

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