resident evil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

16 episodes

Story take place years after the c-virus war following a sciencist name ethan winter gets a record video of his wife who has been for 3 years 


207.Ethan winters- A woman name mia was missing for 3 years and contact her husband Ethan was goes looking for her of her whereabouts in lousianna


208.Welcome to the family-Mia attack ethan and the risidents of the home have ethan trapped with them as the horror begins


209.Come to help-Ethan meet a cop as the jack baker finds ethan;as he try find a way out


210.Jack is back-Jack body disapear from the garage back from the dead as ethan finds a clue for the last dog head


211.The last key to outside-Ethan gets chased by jack and find a video of mia;searches for the basement key for the dog key facing Jack in a chainsaw fight


212.Margurite-Ethan heads into the other household to find the serums for the infected while trying to hide from margurite as he look for the crow key


213.Bedroom part 1-Ethan finds a 3rd tape in the trailer of the camerman name clancy who must escape Magurite 

in a bedroom no where to go


214.Bedroom part 2-Ethan finishes off watchin the tape of clancy as prisoners in inside the bedroom and 


215.Hunting Season-Ethan heads Margurite into a greenhouse area to face her and to recovery the lamb that will open the locked door 


216.Key to the serum-Ethan heads up to the 2nd floor to find the arm to make the serum and finds 4rd tape of clancy


217.Until dawn-In this tape and episode Clancy must survive until dawn against molded creatures and jack in the basement area


218.The snake key to the party-Ethan after answers a phone Lucas calls and tells ethan locate the keycards to find zoe from lucas and finds a 5th and 6th tape


219-Insane poker night-Clancy and Lucas must play a game of 21 but things get crazy in this footage episode


220.Craze Game-Clancy enters to a room of terror solving puzzle in the video tape as the fate of the camera man is revealed;Ethan head toward 2 keycard gate to find zoe 


221.Mind game-Ethan continue with Lucas games as he closes in on Mia and Zoe playing the famous birthday cake game


222.No more-Ethan finding Zoe and Mia as jack come to finish the job having ethan as bait in his new form

Will zoe and mia be saved?

In this season finale  


Submitted: March 08, 2018

© Copyright 2021 unknown1993. All rights reserved.

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